1. Jenna says

    “Me”, you might think that you are an expert but you shouldn’t state so matter-of-factly that they simply aren’t her biological children, you have absolutely no way of knowing that. It might be unlikely for a 45year old to concieve with IVF using her own eggs but it is absolutely NOT impossible.

    You shouldn’t make such bold statements about other people when you really don’t know the truth.

  2. kim--original kim says

    I like the comment Marcia made about having wanted to join the (Mommies) “club”—I became a member of that club 3 years ago and am SO thrilled to be in it! Being a Mom is the BEST!

  3. Tempany says

    I really can’t see any of Marcia in these babies – as they both look exactly like their father, its quite difficult to tell whether her eggs were used or not – they are beautiful babies though x

  4. carleigh says

    I wasn’t trying to offend you or come off as sarcastic so I am hoping that you didn’t perceive it that way, me. Thank for sharing your information, I was curious, honestly if I don’t know something I am not afraid to ask an open question and I appreciate your response. My cousin had three cycles of IVF and wound up having twins who just turned 3 in January, Jackson and Nicole, also another cousin had triplets 13 years ago using IVF so my family has had it’s share of infertility also. Marcia is just lucky to have carried these pretty girls to term w/ no apprehent serious complications other than high-blood pressure which is common in multiples. Best of luck to her and to me, thanks for the information.

  5. Me says

    Where do I get my information from? I’m an expert in IVF (I’ve had 12 IVF cycles). I have 4 babies. Women over 40 have a 90% failure rate of conceiving with IVF, what do you think the odds are for someone 45? She was asked if she used donor egg, she didn’t comment, didn’t refute it but wouldn’t say she did.

  6. carleigh says

    Me have you read the article in people magazine? She stated that she and her husband did In-vitro but nothing about whether or not her own eggs were used…where do you get your information from? Just wondering.

  7. Me says

    They aren’t her genetic children, she would have used an egg donor. A 45 year old woman cannot conceive with ivf using her own eggs, it’s so unlikely.

  8. oriana says

    She looks gorgeous but the one baby’s head looks like it is mishapen to me, I am sure it will be better as the baby gets older. Very cute babies!

  9. kim--original kim says

    don’t know who the other kim is…
    these babies look like the father… Marcia looks fabulous!

  10. kim says

    Pretty babies, but I hope that ones heads shape becomes normal. I don’t think they really look like her.

  11. boo says

    Those are a couple of very beautful little girls and Marcia Looks amazing for being not even 2 mos post partum.~*

  12. Julie says

    I know they’re fraternal, but they look just alike! And Marcia looks fabulous! I can’t wait for this weeks people magazine.

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