Crown Prince Willem-Alexander & Princess Máxima Welcome A Third Daughter

Princess Maxima

Princess Maxima

UPDATE: They have named their third daughter Ariana! What a beautiful name!

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander proudly showed off his daughter who was born on Tuesday night at 10pm. The little girl is another sister for three-year-old Amalia and Alexia, who turns two in June.

The name of the newest member of the royal family will be revealed when Willem registers the birth. The little girl is Queen Beatrix’s eighth grandchild!




  1. Jamie67 says

    OMG!!The Dutch Royals have lots of babies these days!!
    This is the THIRD baby,it was like yesterday,when they had their first one!!!!
    Anyway,i remember i had an argument with one of his brothers, or was he a cousin???
    Geez..its a long way from home(it has been more than 20 years now:((
    Babies look all the same to me,she is ok!!

  2. carleigh says

    Yeah I read the prince wanted to continue with the triple A threat…I thought that was cute. Sweet Princess Ariane, I am sure she’s going to be as precious and cute as her elder sisters. God bless this precious child!

  3. Cheetah says

    Finaly.. she has a name!!

    Ariane Wilhelmina Máxima Ines

    She is named after several family memebers. Wilhelmina and Maxima are the names of the grandmothers of both parents, Ines is Maxima’s youngest sisters name.

    Because Ariane’s sisters are called Amalia and Alexia they chose for another name with an A. (lovely thought!)

  4. Granny says

    And this baby looks absolutely normal and gorgeous to me. I love their fresh look with their little curled fists.

  5. Granny says

    One should realize that the trisomy 21 tests have a very high false positive and negative ratio. My daughter was tested and had all the ultrashounds. Showed nothing. Indeed the heart issue (AV canal) showed up only after birth and even then until the surgery they were not aware of the extent. My grandson was hard to diagnose because he had proper spine formation in the neck area, no sandal toes, average number of palm creases, small tongue vs. the usual large, etc. , and his ears are not low. Took 3 days to convince the doctor to test.

  6. carleigh says

    Diagnosis of Down’s in a child can happen before birth by amnio or by doing a chorionic villus sampling of the umbilical cord. Usually this is done between 14-18 weeks into the pregnancy and only done under certain medical circumstances. I think this baby is healthy and a beautiful new little life, welcome to this world, baby Princess.

  7. celine says

    she would have been born in turkey, if she had come a while earlier. they were visiting Turkey when her mom was 8 months pregnant.

    down syndrome can be diagnosed much early these days, and as far as i know, ppl usually terminate their pregnancies if this is the case. A rich family like this one I’m sure must have undergone all kinds of tests, including this one.

    I agree, tiny babies do look a little like little aliens…

  8. Cheetah says

    @. carleigh LOL.. i wasnt.. other people were.. i was defending her and saying it was very rude to say she had down.. so please read my post cause you have the wrong person here.


  9. Gesa says

    Prince Willem-Alexander has shown all of his three baby girls to the press just after birth. All three of them were still a bit red and you could see that birth is a stressful happening for a little baby. But he did it to show his pride and happiness and called his wife a true champion to go through all the pain….. I like him and his family and am happy for them that they have a third healthy baby!!!

  10. maggie says

    She isnt down , I saw pics of her other sisters and shes just like them. Her sisters are really cute, and thanks for understand what I was trying to say # 12 marla

  11. Granny says

    My daughter and I both knew at my grandson’s birth that he had Down although none of the rest of the family caught it. But it took three days to convince the doctor to test for trisomy 21. It can be very difficult to diagnose by appearance only

  12. Miapocca says

    That man in the picture is rich and has done all he can to look his best with best tailored clothes and grooming…I can only imagine if he were poor…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    And I guess thats a polite way of saying…MAN YOU ARE FUGLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The chid will be cute though,,children always turn out adorable till they hit the akward teen years then bloom again in their late teens. SOME CHILDREN!!!

  13. Miapocca says

    This is an embarrassing picture for this child to look back on….should have waited for the air to fluff her out a little

    I am sorry but new borns only look cute to their own parents
    After a few weeks they are simply irresistle..thats when they can air out the pic…………

  14. Emma says

    #12 sorry but my newborn was beautifull and even more so now. Every child is different and beautifull in its own way.

  15. carleigh says

    Cheetah, I am going to assume from your post you may not be familiar with the term Down’s Syndrome or Trisomy 21, if so forgive me for misunderstanding? It’s when a child receives 47 chromosome’s instead of the normal amount of 23 chromosome’s from each parent for a total of 46 chromosomes. It leads to mental retardation, some mild and some cases being severe. For someone (not you cheetah) to allude to this child appearing to have Downs Syndrome, well it can be ascertained in some children’s appearane that they have “characteristics” that may allude to Down’s Syndrome, until genetic testing is done, it cannot be 100% confirmed by appearance alone. I think this baby looks healthy and normal by all appearances and yes newborns are a bit “funny” looking at first because of being all scrunched up inside for 9 months, but to say that any baby is ugly………shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s perfect, healthy and a beautiful new little life!

  16. cheetah says

    i dont feel bad to say stuppid b*tch to someone who is so nasty to an infant. those kids cant defend someone..

    and even when a baby is ugly.. yes its a real world, so there are ugly baby’s.. still you dont have to say it.. how would any off you feel if someone says your kid is ugly..

    speculating about down syndrome is even worse.. and i live in the netherlands. i never ever heard that!

    @donna.. its confirmed.. Friday we will hear her name.

  17. marla says

    Dont worry Maggie I completely get you, newborns aren’t really beautiful are they ;P But they are cute though. Congrats to the little princess! I would love to visit Holland one day, it sounds like a nice place

  18. Emma says

    Calling someones child UGLY is a horrid thing to say even if it was speculated that she had downs. That makes them even more special , how could anyone say she looks ugly she is a inoccent baby.

  19. maggie says

    Heyy I was not trying to be mean or ofend the baby, but lets be real newborns are not the cutest thing , they are weird (for not to say ugly), and I know that a baby is a blessing, calm down girlss

  20. Shae says

    well I think she is cute, and precious. Nasty people are SO ugly and its even worse when the nastiness is directed at a child.

  21. Sacha says

    Oh come on! In the Netherlands it was even speculated that she had down syndrome, she was that odd looking. And calling people stupid bitches isn’t very nice either Cheetah. Triest hoor!

  22. Cheetah says


    we dont know the name yet. its sort of an tradition that the name is anounced when the father does all the legal stuff. . in the netherlands this has to be within 3 days (exclude the weekends) so i guess we will hear her name friday.

    she looks just like here little sisters and her father when they were born..

    @sacha.. verry nice to call a kid ugly!? what kind of person are you!.. stomme trut.

  23. Sacha says

    Her eldest sister is actually pretty ugly. The middle sister takes more after her mother. Let’s hope this one does too!

  24. maggie says

    no I think is nothing cute, she looks very ugly, but thats just beacuase shes a newborn, I know she will get cute when shes older, her sisters are very cute.

  25. onatear says

    Awwww. So cute. THIS is the kind of baby news I like to see on here…Congratulations to the entire family.

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