Tori & Dean With Liam At The Beverly Hills Hotel

Tori Spelling

Tori and Dean were snapped admiring their new son at the Beverly Hills Hotel.



  1. jerri says

    Okay, Everyone that is saying that why were they at the hotel when there pictures were taken instead of at home, Well Duh, Because even though they have a baby, they are actors, you dumbass’s and Actors travel!

  2. says

    I was never a tori spelling fan, but i see nothing wrong with her. just curious of why was she dis inherited.? becasue she did not marry they way they wanted her to or what.

    inquiring minds only wanting to know becasue on mothers day i a sitting her watching OXGYEN……

  3. Paulette says

    What a beautiful little guy, Liam, is. Good luck to the family with both their new baby and their B&B. It looks like a beautiful place to stay. Love the show! I think Tori is a crack-up, she makes me laugh and laughter is good for the soul! Again, lots of luck to the McDermott family.

  4. Tia says

    I cant stand Tori…i never have, and never will..there is just something about her that annoys me. Last week i was watching the sons of hollywood and her brother was crushed that she tried to sit away from the family at her fathers funeral. Poor guy.

  5. Amanda says

    Why do people have to bitch. If a star hides there kids you bitch. They flount there kids you bitch. If you don’t like hearing about them turn the T.V. If they are on the frount page don’t buy the damn thing. Iwish I was rich so my daughter would nrver wont and my husband would never worry how he’ll pay the bills or buy food or get my medicen. But I’m not and I don’t hate people who are. She’s rich but does that mean she can’t live a normal life. You take your kids in puplic why is Tori or anyone else so different.

  6. tasia112 says

    ya ll need to stop hating on people they happy so leave them alone so much bad things to say about people and not your self.

  7. Midge says

    Even though these pics are totally posed, and done for publicity I do think it is a sweet picture. It is also nice to see parents actually taking care of their baby rather than paying someone to do it for them. #25 Amy – that is hilarious!!!!!!

  8. Miapocaa says

    The past are roadsigns to future..look to the past to guide you on your future journey…lest you mak ethe same mistakes in the future..hopefully tori is watching with hawk eyes what her futre holds with this man based on their past history.,.her parents were marreid for 38 years..that quite a record to break

    She is very funny…I watched her on that inn show ans her personality really is somethign to take note off..I stillthink she did BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAddddddddddddddd by cheating on her husband.,.all she had to do was hold on , break the news, get divorced and then move on to the next man..RESPECT!!!

  9. Xenafan96 says

    I say to Tori, Dean, and Liam, congratulations on beoming a family. I cannot recall anyone in the public recently that was so joyous pregnant. I remembered the exquisite feeling of carrying this whole new person and counting the minutes until we met. Her dad and I have always told her she is loved every day. Hasn’t anyone given thought that Tori was not raiesed that way, and now she has the chance to have it all and know that she worked for it? Children don’t known what happened before they came to being, and why should they. I marvel at the utter love they share so

    AS for the past, what was done is done- Now it is Liam’s time to shine and his parents to revel at the miracle they have made.

    Blessed Be Tori, Dean, and Liam

  10. oriana says

    I would think if they wanted to be closer to her mother and brother for the Easter holiday they wouldn’t have to stay at a hotel, isn’t the house her mother has like a 100 rooms or something? I would think there would be enough room for them and her mother’s only grandchild.

    And Amy, that is soo funny!!!!

  11. EveLina says

    All that matters is……… They love their baby just as much as shown in the picture. You could just see it in their eyes…. Bless their hearts!

  12. carleigh says

    This is their first child together so let them be happy together and enjoy their son. Did anyone stop to think maybe they were staying at that hotel to be closer to her mother and brother for the Easter Holiday???OMG…everyone bitches if they don’t see a celeb baby and then turn around and whine and complain if they perceive too many pic’s as overkill. Tori and Dean are out and about w/ their baby boy, it’s a sweet sight and the pictures are sweet! Like her or hate her, she appears to be very in love w/ her baby and her husband, leave her alone.

  13. Just me says

    Go home! GO home!! GO HOME!!!
    Good grief, these two act like they’re the first people to ever have a kid!

  14. Daze says

    That baby is the cloning of Aaron Spelling. In the People photos, he looks exactly like Aaron Spelling.

  15. kristin says

    first, #14 Amy, you are SO RIGHT! Also, these two don’t have a Bev Hills home, they bought & live at that B&B, remember? I just wonder if they are over running that B&B, too much work or something.

  16. sweetie says

    that babie has a big nose. any ways they are just proud to show him off. what is so wrong with that?

  17. Amy says

    Oh Good Lord People you bitch and complain for months “wheres Suri, wheres Suri?” and then you bitch when celebrities do show you their babies. They cant win with you guys.

  18. Jacquie says

    Has anyone ever seen the show than Dean’s wife was on What’s For Dinner?? If she was anything like her personality on that cooking show I would have ran too!

    Liam looks sweet.

  19. Sandra says

    It is a cute picture. At least they are spending time with their child, instead of dropping him off at daycare or with a nanny. Most of the people freak out on here saying they are horrible parents for not displaying it in public, now you have a couple that does and you guys are still complaining! Jeesh!!

  20. fifi trooper says

    well, I do think that she had the baby to get tight with her dad’s money!!!! that was a calculated plan. I also think her mom is stupid!!! How can you turn you’re back on your own flesh, and blood?!!!! SO I think that she had that little man, because she knew that her mother could’nt refuse her first grand child!!!

  21. Monica says

    Why aren’t that at home with that brand new baby? Why are they hanging around a hotel? Because they want their picture taken that’s why. THESE TWO ARE DIPSHIT MORONS!!!!!

  22. rebecca says

    I’m with the haters. Don’t they have a house in Beverly Hills. Why do they need to hang out at hotels in the public eye with their baby?

  23. Molly says

    Tori and Dean are two talentless nobody’s. All that Tori has going for her is daddy’s money. I am sick of the baby pictures already. She will be whoring that kid around everywhere looking for attention!!!

  24. fifi trooper says

    I do think that no# 1, 2, and 3 is truly so haters. I think that it’s hot that she had this baby. If that woman was doing her thing right …. then maybe he would still be with her. As for the kids, that is messed up, but things happen. He still can be apart of their lifes. That depends on if she’s woman enough to let that go!! SHE HAS TO, SHE HAS KIDS WITH HIM!

  25. Cynthia says

    I am already SO damn sick of these two. Tori stole another womans husband, two young childrens father, then she has a baby just to smear it in the other womans face yet again. Women have babys every day, she did not do anything extraordinary. Just because she comes from a money family and Dean can sit his talentless ass around without having to work does not make them newsworthy. Poor Liam ( nice name though) he can’t win in the looks department since neither of his parents (or maternal grandparents at least) are attractive.

  26. Amy says

    Do they just hang out at the Beverly Hills hotel waiting for their picture to be taken? These two make me sick!!

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