Johnny Depp & Family Out For A Stroll Along The River Thames

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and girlfriend Vanessa Paradis were snapped out for a stroll along London’s River Thames on Saturday with their two children, Jack, 5, and Lily-Rose, 7 (not pictured). Lily-Rose is reportedly doing much better now after a health scare in which she had to be hospitalized.



  1. tori!!! says

    once again tori: is vanessa paradis and johnny depp married???? please say no! but i saw some article in a magazine that said WHY JOHNNY WONT MARRY.

  2. tori!!! says

    i am absolutely obsessed with johnny depp! if you could only see my room! there is not an inch of wall that doesnt have his face on it. i love him i love him i love him I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! all hail johnny depp!!!!!!! he is sooo hot! im rooting for ya lilly- rose! (and jack!)

  3. Kayla says

    OMG !! Such a cute pic [=

    I Totally love Johnny – he is my life, my everything, my WORLD !!

    i have been obsessed with him since i was 9 and i’m 16 now and i just fall more in love with himeach day that passes – its so hard not to [=

    I’m so glad Lily-Rose got better, i just can’t imagine what poor Johnny went through, Poor Lily-Rose had E-Coli and her kidneys failed and there was talk of a kidney Transplant but then she got better [=

  4. EW says

    Johnny Dep is an amazing man. He is extermely talented, sublimely humble, and beyond in love w/ his girl Vanessa and devotes as much time as he can to his wonderful kiddies.

    I was lucky enough to meet him last summer and he is beyind anything one could even imagine. He truly appreciates and respects his fans he is great!

  5. ana says

    that was a good one dori =]
    and i have a huge crush on him too
    and he does make one sexy pirate.
    thank God Lily is better, i felt so bad for her, she is so little =[

  6. says

    soy chilena hablo castellano y soy una seguidora de johnny, hasta el fin del mundo =)
    me encanta van al principio no mucho.. pero avrigue sobre ella y es una mujer admirable, completisima que ha logrado cosas en la vida con muchop exito y la que pudo hacer más feliz al hombre mas hot de la tierra dandole a sus hijos.

  7. carleigh says

    Yes Dori I saw it several time and I thought Johnny was perfect for the part of Gilbert. Brooding, pensive, torn between wanting his own life and the guilt he felt because he loved and was the head of his family, the embarrassment, the whole movie was just a tear-jerking, comedy and drama fest all rolled up into one…I watch that movie every chance I get. Leonardo was totally perfect for Arnie and did an excellent job portraying the mentally challenged young man…the whole movie was very well written and I thought Johnny Depp was absolutely and fabulous in the role of Gilbert. For those who haven’t seen it and want a totally different appreciation of Johnny Depp and to see Leo DiCaprio spreading his acting realm..this movie is a definite must see. I love it, but I am a dork sometimes so some may not like it because it is kinda of like a movie about lower class people struggling to survive, that may not appeal to some but I just enjoyed all the different interwoven plots in this whole entire movie, it was quite a story to watch unfold. I loved it!

  8. dori says

    He is a greta actor too gilbert grape with him and leonardo dicaprio was an incredible movie. Have you guys seen it?

  9. Jenna says

    He certainly shivers my timber (sorry for the cheesiness)! I am so jealous of Vanessa. I would have him in a second if only he was ten years younger lol (I’m 17), I have fancied him for years. Even overlooking the sexiness he is a great actor and seems like a really cool guy.

  10. dori says

    I don’t know about you girls but I watched that Pirates of the Caribbean 1 many times and never got tired of that gayish drunkish walk…he was incredible.

  11. dori says

    He’s got a scruffy rugged yet boyish sexy all rolled into one thing going on I don’t know but it’ hot … very hot.

    I’m getting shivers just thinking about it

  12. fee says

    Johnny and Vanessa aren’t legally married, but they consider themselves to be. Johnny has said that he doesn’t want to ruin her last name by making it Paradis-Depp.

  13. carleigh says

    I love Johnny Depp…….have ever since 21 Jump Street, he’s just so cute!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe he’s going to be 44 this year, he’s got that baby faced look I adore!!!!! He is original, flamboyant and not afraid of being who he is..he’s a devoted father and he is with the woman he loves. Family and fatherhood have made him even sexier!!!

  14. melissa says

    She does wear a diamond ring, though. Johnny’s said that they’re basically married, but not legally. He also said that he’d marry her in a second if she or the kids wanted them to get officially married. Though, there was a thing in the news back in October or November saying that they were planning on having a wedding at their home in the South of France this summer. Who know if that’s true or not? But they’ve been together for almost 9 years and they seem really happy, so why change what they’ve got going?

  15. keni says

    Ok, I dont get the Johnny Depp appreal!
    Umm Edward Scissorhands, Crybaby, What Eating Gilbert Grape…
    Whats the appeal.
    I do love the way he loves Vanessa and their kids though. He is intensely private and protective of them.

  16. maggie says

    OMG I agreed with all you girls, hes so hot, I dont know why because hes not handosme but he has sometihng.

    I glad that the little girl is better

  17. fee says

    they are a really adorable family. Johnny Depp is very smexy(not a typo-he is smart and sexy, hence smexy). I am not married or seeing anyone, but anyone who knows me knows that if given the opportunity, I would leave a boyfriend/husband for Johnny Depp…sigh.

  18. oriana says

    Now this is a nice picture! A loving father and family! I do think his girlfriend isn’t all that cute but am happy for them!

  19. amy says

    sorry dori, you have to wait your turn…i have had a crush on him for DECADES now…. and seeing how devoted he is to his partner and children…well…what a guy!!! lucky lucky them I say…

  20. dori says

    God I have a wild crush on this actor anything that has to do with him gets my attention. He’s so gorgeous. And what a sexy pirate… he can take me away any time.
    Oh yes …he’s in love in someone. darn!
    Glad to hear his sweet little girl is ok.

  21. erica says

    Poor Lily, at least shes getting better now thats the main thing. Jonny Depp seems like a very caring father who always puts his children first.

  22. kim says

    I saw the rusty nail story, too…but the mainstream press was basically saying “undisclosed illness…”

  23. erica says

    Im so pleased little Lily-Rose is doing much better. Does anyone know why she was so poorly, I red in one English newspaper that she had stood on a rusty nail and got blood poisoning and in another that she had food poisoning!!! What were the American press reporting??

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