BREAKING! Larry Birkhead Wins Paternity Battle!

Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, according to DNA tests, and the late reality TV star’s former boyfriend emerged from a court hearing Tuesday to proclaim that his daughter would soon be home.

“I told you so!” Birkhead said as he jubilantly announced the DNA results after the closed hearing. Then he hugged his rival, Howard K. Stern. Smith’s lawyer-turned-companion has been caring for baby Dannielynn since her sudden death in February.

The hearing left unresolved who will have custody of the girl. Another custody hearing was scheduled for Friday.

Stern said he would not fight for custody.

“I’m obviously very disappointed but my feelings toward Dannielynn have not changed,” Stern said, adding Birkhead can come to his Bahamas home to visit Dannielynn at any time.

A joyous Birkhead said, “My baby’s going to be coming home pretty soon.”

Even Smith’s mother, Virgie Arthur, who had also sought custody, seemed appeased by the DNA results. “I’m happy that Dannielynn will know who her real father is,” she said outside court.

An expert in genetic evidence said DNA analysis proved Birkhead is Dannielynn’s father. Dr. Michael Baird, who analyzed the results of a March 21 DNA test, announced the results outside court. “Essentially, he’s the biological father,” Baird said.

Birkhead, a Los Angeles photographer, began seeking custody before Smith, 39, collapsed and died in a Florida hotel Feb. 8.

The baby, whose full name is Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, was born five months before her mother’s death. She could inherit millions from the estate of Smith’s late husband, J. Howard Marshall II. The former model had been fighting the Texas oil tycoon’s family over his estimated $500 million fortune since his death in 1995.

Well…thank goodness! It was always so obvious that Larry was the father! He was recently snapped stocking up on TONS of toys and supplies for little Dannielynn…that is so sweet!



  1. Angie Dominguez says

    I read everything, some of them I disagree, but happy for Danielynn’s that she has a father to take care of her.

    Everyone just leave them alone!! let them live a happy life togehter.

  2. Angie Dominguez says

    I read everything, some of them I disagree, but happy for Danielynn’s that she has a father to take care of her.

    Everyone just leave them alone!! let them live a happy life togehter.

  3. dori says

    I don’t know thats not what I read in my psychology books but I suppose of there is a traumatic experience it would stick with you. I guess it’s news to the psychologists who wrote the books. But I agree in certain situations where something traumatic happens you would remember it.

  4. Jenna says

    Dori, yes, humans do have memories before the age of 4. I’m studying Higher Psychology in school and there are various studies showing that children often have memories from as young as a year and a half old. My own first memory is of my little brother coming home from the hospital when he was born, I was 2 years old at the time.

  5. carleigh says

    Dori– yes children do have memories before the age of 4 yrs. old, I am not trying to argue w/ you but my parents divorced when I was younger than 4 y/o and I remember the whole thing the tears, the fights, the move, the new babysitter after having never been at a babysitter before in my whole entire life…I remembered!….children might not remember every day experiences in early life, but from my own personal experience I can tell you 100% w/o a doubt that children 4 yrs. old and younger, do have the capacity and do remember traumatic events and I am living proof.

  6. dori says

    and you have no faith in mankind if you don’t want to believe Larry honestly doesn’t want the best for his daughter.

  7. skrug says

    In response to #42, children can have memories before age 4 (I can remember as far back as being a year old-and I amazed my grandmother when I described an incident that happened when I was that young) if the memory is one that is important enough to stick in the mind. And a baby that is 5 mos. old is already adjusted to his or her familiar surrounding- babies are not mindless little creatures, they are very much aware of who is in their lives. I just hope that Birkhead will be as much a loving father behind the scene as he is claiming to be in public-that being said I hope the child can be raised away from the public eye because her father is not a celebrity, and the publicity surrounding her family is not positive -she deserves to grow up in peace…

  8. dori says

    you are right Carleigh and Thanks for the understanding. I am sorry about your grandfathers illness. It is very hard on a family to watch someone you love suffer and feel unable to do anything about it. It’s a very helpless feeling.
    I’d like to believe Danielynn is now going to get all that love for there’s a man there who genuinely wants to be her father.

  9. minkysmom says

    I don’t think Larry is that great of a guy, he was after all a skeazy who was looking to capitalize by sleeping with Anna. I don’t think he is any less greedy than any of them.

  10. Jenna says

    Wow I’m so glad… Howard Stern is a creepy guy. I think that he killed Anna and Daniel (obviously just my speculative opinion but there you go). Such a shame on that little girl, she’s not a year old but she’s lost her brother, her mother and been subject to all this drama with the identity of her father.

    I hope she settles in to a happy life with Larry Birkhead and gets her mother’s share of Howard Marshall’s money because god know’s she deserves it!

  11. carleigh says

    I just think it’s heartbreaking for any child especially for one so young to have to go through life never knowing her mother and brother. Dori, I am sorry for you having lost your parents, I understand as I am now losing my grandfather to terminal illness and he was like a father to me…I am sorry for your loss I truly am. I am kind of emotional right now, I just think it’s the whole issue of just losing someone you love is never an easy thing to go through. I just hope that Dannielynn is showered in love and doesn’t get subjected to the same type of media circus that her mother had to endure. I hope that Larry can protect her better than anyone ever protect Anna. Dannielynn deserves to have a happy life no matter what and that’s the most important thing.

  12. tasia112 says

    I new he was her daddy they look look so much alike you had to no he was the dad. the Bahamas court was just wasting time they new he was the father of that baby.

  13. Libraesque says


    I don’t know why they needed a paternity test, that kid is Larry’s twin.

    I have to agree with Dori, it was the best thing that ever could of happened to that kid. Daniel was ANS’s world, and I think she never could have properly loved and cared about that little girl after his death.

  14. dori says

    oops she doesn’t need pity
    Don’t you believe this is a joyful situation and believe this is the best thing that could have happened to that child?
    As far as memories… children don’t have a memory until 4 years of age.
    Think about all the adopted children in the world….They don’t recall anything about their birth parents… even if they are adopted at a year old. All she will know is what people will tell her and what she see’s on videos.
    That was my point.

  15. dori says

    Carleigh ….Of course it’s heart breaking I have lost my parents and I understand it very well. But how do you assume she has an understanding of her situation at 5 months old? Sure a mother suddenly gone is sad But think about it how much of a mother was ANS to this child Did you see those videos of her all stoned out and handling the baby in a doped up ,blur It was infuriating to watch. She was a horrible and incompetent mother.
    It’s heartbreaking to the people around her, and will be heartbreaking to her when she is old enough to comprehend but now? No it’s not. And Anna dying and Larry getting custody( although I hate to seem unkind) was the best twist of fate that could have happened to this child.
    Danielynn is extremely lucky to have Larry as a parent and now has a chance of a normal life. She doesn’t need. Just wish wish her well …..

  16. carleigh says

    Just because this baby isn’t “aware” in a mental sense of what she’s been through, does that mean losing a brother and mother before you have any memories of them isn’t heartbreaking? Since when is the death of a parent/child a heartbreaking situation? Just wondering so I can understand what you consider to be heartbreaking so I can get it straight in my mind??? Yes, I think it’s very sad this little girl is going through what she’s going through and you think she doesn’t have some sort of memory of her mother? ANS was there one day and gone the next, and while DL may be young that parental bond is still missing. Now she’s going to be transitioned between HKS and Larry Birkhead, at a time in life when babies are very much depedant on familiarity and routine. If this whole situation isn’t sad then I don’t know what sad is apparently??? As for the money, I am quite certain that DL will inherit something, I would never go so far as to say that ANS had no money and this baby won”t get anything.

  17. says

    I’m so happy Larry is the father!Imagine if Stern had gotten away who knows what he could have done with the baby!

  18. dori says

    I am just delighted that the one person who loves and wants the baby has custody.
    I wish Larry and his family all the best.
    In my heart I believe the only reason Howard changed his mind and cooperated is because he knew he wasn’t the father and realized he had no chance to get custody. Don’t forget just a wek ago he tried to block the dna testing but lost his fight in court.
    Sorry for the caps in the last post the lock was on and i didn’t notice it. ooops!

  19. dori says


  20. carleigh says

    Some of the points posted are very good and valid, but then others are just misinformed and misunderstood.
    Anna Nicole was on drugs, many, many types and kinds of drugs…that’s obvious. How could she know what she wanted and make sound decisions in any capacity if she was on drugs??? We all know that drugs make people do stupid things and make rash decisions that they wouldn’t normally make if in their right mind. She hated her mother, was that Anna’s sober voice speaking or maybe drug induced paranoria?? Who is to say? Who is to judge?
    Howard Stern did love ANS and couldn’t stop her from doing her drugs, anyone who has had any type of experience with an addict knows you can’t make them stop what they are doing. I believe he loved Anna very much and had nothing to do with her overdose. Who protected her more than he did?? ( I don’t know what to make of the “clown video” but, it didn’t bolster my opinion of HKS at all). I believe he was both a protector and somewhat of an exploiter at the same time, but in some other ways he was as much a victim of ANS celebrity as was she herself. I hope that HKS will continue to be involved in baby Dannielynn’s life and keep the good memories of ANS alive for her, I sincerely believe he does love the baby and he loved ANS in life as well.
    As for Mr. Birkhead, I hope that he is NOT in this for the fame or monetary gains to be made from being Dannielynn’s daddy. I guess time will tell if he’s motives and efforts are sincere and in Dannielynn’s best interest…this baby has been through enough heartbreak in her life and now that her paternity has been established I hope from this time forward that Dannielynn has the love, peace and stability that her mother never had in her life. God bless little Dannie, may she grown in love, joy and happiness.

  21. dori says

    Yay!!!! I knew it all along!!!! I just knew Larry was the father. Danielynn looks just like him. He wanted the child long before Anna died and I don’t believe he’s in it for the $. Those of you who believe that have some issues of your own and lack trust . (It’s Howard who was in it for the money and it was sooooo obvious!)
    Larry just wants his child and I thank god he is getting custody.Howard is just an opportunist.
    As for her mother… you’ve only heard Annas version of the story. Anna was alienated from her mother by her own choice because her mother didn’t approve of her drug use. Just as she alienated Larry because he disapproved of her drug use. The only person she kept near her was Howard because he was her enabler and allowed the drug use.
    So I applaud Larry and know in my heart that Danielynn now has the chance for a normal life. She should know her grandmother because thats all she has left of her blood line on her mothers side.And Vergie has no one left either with Anna and Daniel gone Danielyn is all thats left. Anna would never have been much of a mother to the child and now she has someone who loves and wants her. There is a god and he is watching over Danielynn now.

  22. oriana says

    I don’t think that Larry is in this for the money, I think every child should know who their biological parents are.

    Anna had a trashy family, yes, she was taking drugs but she knew how her mother was and she wanted no part of her! I hope that Larry and even Howard, both fight to see to it that Larry has sole custody of the baby. It is as it should be, and I do think Larry and his sisters will be a loving support system, along with Howard, for this baby. It is an unfortunate situation all the way around.

  23. onatear says

    How anyone could not celebrate a natural father/parent finally getting to the first step of raising his child, since her mother is DEAD, baffles me. You must not be a parent. Howard Stern kept Anna Nicole drugged to keep her away from her own beloved son. AND away from Larry, and probably poisoned her against her own mother. Howard Stern is a diobolical self serving person. If he weren’t , he would have created a life for himself when Anna and Larry were a couple, AND he would have included Danny in their lives. HE gave Danny the drugs…Anna said “This is your fault, what did you give him”…read up.

  24. Lisa says

    #24 I’m with you, Larry has wanted that baby since the get go. He is going to make a terrific father and I’m so happy for the 2 of them.

  25. Brenda says

    I am so happy that Larry is Dannielynn’s father. I said from the start that she was not Howard’s daughter. Dannielynn looked just Larry from the day she was born. I feel that everyone else that tried to claim that they were her father were just after the money that this beautiful little girl has coming to her. I also feel that Larry was the only one that was not in for the money because he said from the begin that he was her father from the day she was born. I wish Larry and Dannielynn a very Heathy and Happy life together. Congrats Larry . You will make a Great father.

  26. gw says

    YES!! When I heard the news I was really glad that Birkhead was the biological father of Dannielynn. It was soooo obvious that he was the father considering Howard Stern’s behaviour towards finally getting a DNA test. I hope they live a very happy and fulfilling life as father and daughter.

  27. hp says


  28. mombojumbo says

    i feel sorry for howard and the baby. Howard is the only one who really knew Anna. He has been by her side for 10+ years. Yes, he knew about the drug abuse, but you can’t make someone stop if they don’t want to. I hope Larry allows howard to visit and share memories of anna with dannielynn. I hope that larry follows Anna wishes of keeping vergie away. I don’t get along with my father and the thought of someone letting him near my children after I die makes me sick!

  29. Sandra says

    Nisa I can see your point; however it isn’t like she is being adopted out. She will have her biological father there to tell her about her mother, along with many of Anna’s friends, photos and videos. I think Virgie could do more harm than good, since she was not a good mother according to Anna. Even if Anna was drunk, on drugs when making the statements that she did, obviously there was some strong distain for her mother that is an engraved memory, not the effects of the drugs. Virgie still wants joint/sole custody of the child, why most likely because of Dannielynn’s inherited fortune. Being a single man raising her doesn’t mean anything. There are tons of thousands of men that stand up to the line and do it everyday. I hope he takes care of Dannielynn and is there for his daughter and not for the money.

  30. Think About It says

    I KNEW IT!!!

    I do not think that Larry was in it for the money. He stressed that Dannielynn was his way before money was an issue. It’s his daughter! He wants her home.

  31. boo says

    For starters…Anna and Larry were an item and looked very happy in photos that I saw of them…Maybe after the breakup, she was angry, any number of things could’ve been a reason for her not wanting his name on the BC..Or maybe she truely did feel in her heart that Howard was the dad…Anna Had alot of emotional problems in life, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she led herself to believe that HKS was daddy.
    I believe that Larry truely loves his daughter and wanted her to be his because of that very reason “LOVE”..The Day DL was born he was Going crazy not be able to see her and the custody issue started then…before the death of Anna, and at that point the Hundreds of millions of dollars from Anna’s estate were not an issue because she was still alive…He has always just wanted to see and be apart of the life of the little girl that he has always felt was his own.
    I wish them all the best… and HKS to, it will be hard, but they will get through it.
    I’m glad the test was done now while DL is still a baby, so it may not make the transition from HKS’s home to Larry’s home as difficult and she will likely adjust quickly..
    Bless that little baby!~*

  32. Granny says

    Anna Nicole seemed to run people in and out of her life at a fairly quick pace. It is possible that in a year she would have tired of Stern and not wanted him for the father. A person should consider strongly sleeping with someone without being certain that you wouldn’t want to share a child with them.

    And at least unlike the Prince, Larry was claiming that he was the father before the death.

    Everyone really should know who their biological parents are.

  33. maggie says



  34. Nisa says

    Sandra you have a point but you have to remember that Identity is a very important issue in someone’s life. I think Anna may not have liked her mother but remember she has been under the influence of drugs and alcahol and for over twenty years, she has not had a clear mind to think rationally for herself. Am not saying we disregard her feelings totally, but I think Dannielynn should be able to visit and stay over at her place from time totime so that she is in contact with her mother’s side. Remember Larry is a single man raising a girl. He needs all help and support from female relatives of the baby and am hoping that by Virgie staying in her life, Anna’s sisters will get a chance to play a role in her upbringing.

  35. Sandra says

    I strongly disagree with Virgie being in that child’s life. Anna hated her mother, has been captured on camera for several interviews saying she despises her, I hope Larry will follow thru with the wishes of Anna and keep her out of Virgie’s life. She couldn’t raise 2 kids correctly all she is seeing $$$ from that little girl!

    As far as Larry being the father, I think he is thinking this is his big meal ticket. I hope he proves me wrong, because nothing is sadder than this baby losing her biological mother and then being ripped from the arms of the only father she has known. Just a very sad story all the way around!

  36. Nisa says

    I am sorry but I will disagree with you KT.

    I know Larry is not the best father I would have chosen for Dannie Lynn and if it were in my power, I would have chosen a foster parent for her. In most pictures we see Larry and Howard together with Anna so these two men were not strangers to each other. Any one who is not Howard Stern is better as the father of this girl. Two people have died Anna and Danny; these two people were very close to Howard and were under his influence and control.

    Anna may not have wanted Larry to be the father because of the influence and advice form Howard. Remember Larry wanted her to stop doing drugs during her pregnancy and she run off to Barbados to escape and continue her drug habits, through it all, she was with Howard who did not advice her otherwise.

    From the cocktail of drugs in her fridge, you can see that Howard was aware of Anna’s drug abuse and yet he did nothing about it and she ended up overdosed in his care as she was staying at the hotel with him at the time. Of course no one will give any one a child in case of rape just because the rapist wants to be recognised as the father. The law is such that the child’s welfare comes first and that would not be in the child’s interest.

    Larry is not the best, but remember for as long as this has been going on, he has insisted that he is the father, which is surprising since she slept with virtually all men around her. I think he is less money driven (of course he will want to get some of Dannie Lynn’s money) but Howard pimped out Anna’s body to big execs for money telling her it would help her acting career.

    Anna’s mother failed to raise her own kids so she is no fit person to raise a child but for the sake of identity, she should remain the baby’s life.

  37. baby says

    In the end it is that poor little baby who will suffer. All she’ll have are pictures/film of her mother drugged out, incoherent and the circus that followed after Anna Nicole’s death. She’ll never know that her mother truly loved her and wanted what was best for her. It is all just so sad.

  38. oriana says

    I really hope that Larry allows Howard to visit the baby as she gets older, I do think that Howard loved Anna and I think he will be a good Uncle Howard to her. As for Virgie, maybe now she will sit down and shut her mouth, and I hope whomever has been paying all her expenses going back and forth to the Bahamas has lost out on all that money!

  39. kt says

    i totally agree with you, miapocca! i think it’s a bit like the story of the baby and king solomon, when the two women were fighting over him. good call!

  40. kt says

    to add on to what i’ve wrote, consider this: what if the baby had been conceived via a rape, or a drug-induced sexual assault, etc? would he be considered the baby’s father and have the same legal rights that larry b now has, despite the fact that the mother may have named another man the baby’s father to protect her child??? i’m not saying larry b is a rapist or manipulated anna or anything, i am just pointing out that anna clearly made a choice when she chose to list howard as the baby’s father. it just goes to show how important it is for women to be careful when they are sexually active b/c you could end up pregnant by someone whom you do not want to be the father of your child!

  41. Miapocca says

    Larry is just another gold digger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He already racked up bills for the Baby to pay

    I say whoever has the baby should not be the trustee

    Seperate baby and money among the two\

    Then we will see who really wants the baby without the money

    If larry goes to battle over the money..we will see his real colors come out vividly!!!!!!!!!!11111

  42. amberlee says

    I am so happy for him. I truly feel that he is doing this solely out of love for his daughter. It was unfortunate that Anna had to die, but maybe this all happened for a reason.

  43. kt says

    i agree with ‘baby’ #8. i am having a hard time with this situation. when howard was in court he explicitely said he would waive any fees associated with dannielynn and daniel that he would have been allotted due to his legal connection via the handling of the will. he was named BY ANNA as the father of her child. how do we know went on behind the scenes that made her NOT name Larry as the father. doesn’t anyone else see how weird that is? she clearly did NOT want larry to be considered the father of her child, let along raise the child. she was smart and so is howard, and I seriously doubt they would have named the child’s father otherwise if they didn’t know for sure that they didn’t want larry to have rights to her. secondly, i can’t imagine how we can take larry b seriously. ok so he had a relationship with her in the past. ok so she wanted to get pregant with him. that’s not uncommon at all! lots of people have very intimate relationships and don’t marry, and lots of women say they want to get pregnant and don’t marry the father! the fact is, she did NOT marry him, nor did she stay with him. she was committed to howard, had been with howard over a long period of time, through many ups and downs, and even if we did not know of them as boyfriend and girlfriend or even lovers until more recently, that does not mean it wasn’t true. we have pix to prove the committment they had with eachother, and i truly believe that howard felt he was dannielynn’s father, he just knew realistically that larry could have been as well, b/c they had both slept wth anna aroudn the same time. it is so sad that one event has led to such uproar and legal strife, to say nothing for the fact that dannielynn will now be raised by a man whom her late mother did not consider to be her father. that is just so sad.

  44. Denise says

    I just hppe he is going to be a good dad to her, and keep her away from Anna Nicoles mother. She is probably gloating right now knowing she’ll get to see her. I think they are together on all of this. I feel sorry for Howard. And I hope he sues the media like he said he was going to do for all the bad things they’ve said about him.

  45. baby says

    I am very mixed about this! Not that any of the potential biological fathers were any that I would want for my kids but I just feel that Birkhead is in it for the $$-if he loved Anna Nicole so much he should have respected HER wishes that he not raise that little girl-even if it’s going to be a nanny raising her in the end. She was very vocal about her disdain for him. I hope that he never gets his hands on any of the money little Dannilynn inherits and if he truly was not in it for the $$ he should sign off stating that he will use any of it. I think he loves the spotlight and hopefully it will not shine on him anymore.

  46. fifi trooper says

    I think that is good that she knows who the father is, but I pray that he treats her right, and love her unconditionally!
    I also think that he needs to watch out for he greedy ass mother!! I don’t think that her mom is up to being good!! So I wonder what going to happen to stern!!!!

  47. Terry says

    It is good to finally know who is the father of Anna Nicoles baby ,and all this contraversy has come to a close!!

  48. Janie says

    Best of luck to Larry. I hope that he will be a wonderful father to Danielynn. She deserves to have a happy life!!

  49. Shae says

    Yay for Larry !! Makes all the rest of the wanna be’s look like the asses they were. Larry has stressed all along that he was the babys father and I think Howard knew it all along too…he just was not willing to give up on a potential easy paycheck. Best of luck to Larry and his daughter, may they live happily ever after, and keep Anna Nicole in their hearts and prayers.

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