Tori & Dean Admiring Little Liam

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and husband Dean were snapped adoring son Liam (who turns 1 month old on April 13th!) at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday. Awwww!



  1. Bev says

    Such a beautiful family. Congratulations. You’re a lovely couple and I am really enjoying the show. Good luck with the Bed and Breakfast. Gramma Bev

  2. Zbella says

    Nice to see the new baby. They are so adoring of him. Every baby deserves as much. It’s just great that he is so loved. Not a fan of Tori’s but the more babies the better IMO! I love babies!!! Oh, and I have that blanket in pink for my baby girl – or at least one like it – mine’s from Target. 🙂

  3. S says

    Just one question for all of you holier than thou, self-righteous do-gooders: Would you prefer if Tori and Dean kept lil Liam locked up behind closed doors not to be photographed by anyone? Hmmm. Then you would wonder: ” Well, he must have some kinda birth defect since she’s not showing him out in public.” Or, “well, he must have 2 thumbs on one hand” or “he probably got a head like a horse”. Do I have a point? You bet I do and it’s this: THERE’S NO PLEASING SOME OF YOU PEOPLE! Perhaps you need to reflect on your own pathetic lives and maybe you’ll realize you ain’t so freakin’ perfect after all. Peace!!

  4. carleigh says

    I think it is a sweet picture and Liam is very loved and it’s precious to see how enarmored they are with their little guy…you can see they are both very loving with him and he’s been long awaited. Enjoy them now, they grow so quickly.

  5. sharon says

    you know I have to say that it is nice to see a star with a 3 week old baby who still has a bit of a baby belly. You don’t see that very often. It seems most celebrities have babies and there is no show of it at all the next day other then now they are carrying them around in their arms. congrats to tori and dean. I hope they enjoy him, they certainly look like they are in love with him. 🙂

  6. Celine says

    i posted this as it has to do with notions of beauty and normalcy. their families have taken actions and spoken out with their daughters. the university has also taken action. these girls are starish basketball players and children so i thought some might be interested.

  7. Celine says

    I’m sure everybody has heard about this. You can sign a petition online if there was something in this that bothered you: On the April 4 edition of MSNBC’s Imus in the Morning, host Don Imus referred to the Rutgers University women’s basketball team as a “bunch of nappy headed hoes.” This is not the first instance where Imus has made derogatory comments and it more than likely won’t be the last. Our society should not let insensitive comments go unpunished. It’s unacceptable to make these type of comments without repercussion.

  8. Emma says

    #17 thats wonderfull news. And so is the birth of Liam.Good luck to them i say cause its not easy raising a child and it must be even harder in the pubic eye .!!!

  9. Celeste Saunders says

    Wow some people can really be NASTY on here…..Tori and Dean Congrats on Liam he is an adorable Baby and you both look like you love him!!

    Keep up the Good Work…..and Liam will grow to respect everyone!!!

  10. Aditi says

    well she cant help her face now can she? its OK that she isnt pretty, not every woman is..
    but the point of the picture is to show how happy father & mother are to see and admire the miracle that is a new life..
    my suspicion is that they’re looking for resemblances

  11. maggie says

    yeah this pic looks fake to me, they dont look like being normal, I think that tori is going to be more phtographed than jen and violet. But liam is such a cute baby, its not his fault that his mom uses him to do publicity

  12. dori says

    I never thought Tori was pretty , but maybe she has a personality that makes her more attractive. I’d like to see her show to get a feel for her personality…when is it on?
    They do look like they are really enjoying their baby. I don’t believe it was staged they probably just wanted to take the little guy out.

  13. lia noelle says

    to #7, be nice! I’ve never really been a Tori Spelling fan but i find her new show hilarious. She really is a pretty mom, im so happy for her and her new addition with Dean! 🙂

  14. Janie says

    That picture definitely looks like it was staged. Those two deserve each ohter – two idiots!!!

  15. Monica says

    Tori Spelling = butta face

    A woman with a body ranging from decent to slamin, who’s face looks like it was struck with an ugly stick then run over by a truck, filled with ugly sticks. A face not even a mother could love because it may not even look human but a pervert would hit from behind.

  16. Jackie says

    Is it me or they went out purposely so that their picture would be taken? I got a feeling that Tory could not wait to have a child to pimp around like other celebs. Just imagine, if she did not have this child, no one would be talking about her.

  17. s gunn says

    i love her new show!!! I love when people are in love, and love showing it!! congrat’s on the baby!!!

  18. maggie says

    awwww that is a cute pic, they seem really in love with the baby, I cant belive hes one month old

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