Reese Helping Deacon Gather Eggs On Easter Sunday

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Just some sweet pics of Reese helping Deacon, 3, gather his eggs at the Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday at their church in Beverly Hills.

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  1. Zbella says

    These are wonderful pictures of Reese & Deacon. I agree that Reese seems so genuine. I have loved her since “Man in the Moon”. Deacon is so sweet and I also love that annoyed expression on his face in pic #2.

  2. oriana says

    The little baby in the pink is just precious!!!! Deacon is cute as can be, looks just like Ryan. Well, Ryan, guess Reese didn’t overlook your cheating, out drinking binge drinking with your buddies, too bad! Very sad bust up!

  3. karol says

    What is up with the girl in the second picture in the black shirt with white stripes? It looks like she is pushing him out of the way to get an egg or something, lol

  4. prisonguard122 says

    My best friend is in the second picture w/ short brown hair in the green sweatshirt. Her and Reese come long ways.

  5. lawstudent922 says

    My sister is in two of those photos, she’s the one w/ the long brown hair and the flowered skirt. She volunteers at the nursery at All Saints. She’s know Reese et al. for a couple years but this is the first time she’s turned up in a paparazzi photo.

  6. Daze says

    Deacon is going to be one of Hollywoods resident hotties when he is a little older. I can see him replacing George Clooney and Brad Pitt on the magazine covers as handsomest. He will be battling with Sean Preston and Kingston, though a few years later. (He has a year or two on them in age.)

  7. erica says

    Reece comes across as a very genuine person and I admire her for not being sucked into the whole celebrity lifestyle craze. She seems like a great mum who always puts her kids first and isn’t an attention seeker like most other celebs these days. She seems happy to live her life as normal as possible and bring up her kids in a stable environment unlike some people I could mention lol. Its true Ava is a miniature Reece and Deacon is a miniature Ryan. There just so adorable and appear to be very healthy, happy children. I hope the divorce doesn’t affect them. Its such a shame. Does anyone know why these two seperated in the first place, they always seemed a perfect little family???

  8. stacey says

    i really like that baby next to them in the second pic, i like the babies little animal print shoes.

  9. oriana says

    I love those little pink boots on the little girl next to Deacon! He is a cutie, just like his dad!

  10. celine says

    she seems like such a sweetheart, and she’s a very pretty woman. i just love her in vanity fair, though the movie itself is a little patchy but warm and beautiful with reese and colors. and i love her politics of appearing in certain movies with certain themes. seems like strong women is one of them.

  11. dori says

    She has two really cute kids one is mini Reese and one is mini Ryan. It’s really kind of sweet that the two kids look like the two of them. It’s a shame they aren’t together. I don’t know if I understand what happened to those two. They seemed like the nicest couple. Guess you really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

  12. Twy says

    I find it an utter shame that while she and Deacon are enjoying a nice Easter Sunday (AT CHURCH!!) some freako finds it necessary to take their picture!!
    Can’t a girl get any peace? Out in public, at the ice cream store, no. Church, i should think she could, but I guess NOT.

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