1. Zbella says

    sick children? don’t think so. But doesn’t he have 4 or 5 kids with his ex-wife? I don’t respect him for leaving his wife and kids. Didn’t even know he was remarried…

  2. carleigh says

    I wonder where you get your information from? It’s the integrity of the woman’s egg that decreases after age 35, so I am just wondering where you are citing your information from, please provide a link as I am interested in what you are saying here. Thanks

  3. Anzhelika says

    honestly he looks more like her father..i found it disgusting when man is much older than a is said there is much possibility to have sick children from a man who turned 40..

  4. lia noelle says

    aww! im so happy for the both of them. i’ve always been jelous of Christine’s beauty, she looks amazing pregnant! 🙂 im sure they will make amazing parents. best wishes!

  5. sharon says

    Personally if I was 52 I would not want to start all over again with a new baby. I would IF I ended up in that situation, but I wouldn’t hope for it or anything. He must be going through a midlife crisis. He has a daughter who is almost as old as his wife for pete sake. That is CREEPY

  6. boo says

    He is HOT, especially when you consider he’s in his 50’s…he looks good!!!
    As for her covering her belly up, Give me a break, the pregnant body is a beautiful thing and she should have every right to show it off if she feels like it.~*

  7. ShiftingSands says

    Ahhhh why is her belly showing ? Do these woman not know how to cover it up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like her dad because she’s 20 years older then her !!!

  8. amy says

    she looks beautiful, he looks like he is trying very hard to be ‘young and hip’…but hey, they BOTH look happy…good luck to ’em both….can’t wait to see their bub…

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