Jordan & Peter Andre Have Landed In The States!

An expectant Jordan (Katie Price) and Peter Andre have landed in the states! They were snapped shopping and dining in LA over the Easter weekend.

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price

Jordan and Peter will be starring in a new reality TV show….that should be fun! Katie and Peter: The Next Chapter airs April 19th on ITV2 in the UK and April 21th on E! in the US.

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  1. lynsey says

    Have you all got nothing better to do than discuss slutty Jordan and her half wit husband all day !! Jesus.

  2. courtney says

    AMERICA IS A SHIT HOLE!!! we hate the country and so does the rest of the world so get over yourself !! THE ONLY REASON I LYK AMIERICA IS BECAUSE OF JENNIFER ANISTON !!!

  3. courtney says

    why are you slaggin her off wen u dont even no her!! your not from the uk , your from FAT LAND !! so dont even think to judge her!! when the rest of the world judges you and your country!! she has had a hard time !

  4. Emma says

    43# your comment about us brits dumping our junk in your country. Get over it and stop being so rude this is suppose to be a friendly site for everyone to enjoy. You have just made yourself look very silly indeed. HOW RUDE!

  5. amy says

    #43….can’t believe you made those naive comments about Jordan and the Beckhams….they were obviously made very tongue in cheek by Jordan, as anyone in the UK will tell you that there is a looooong history of bitchiness in the UK between plastic posh spice and plastic jordan…both women are trash if you ask me…the difference is that they just have slightly different taste to SOME of their clothing choices, lets face it, victoria might not have her enlargements as big as jordans..but they are just as fake looking and just as often ‘on show’, and both women have the same orange glow, at least we see jordan smile sometimes as opposed to victoria’s continual lemon sucking face…as for the beckhams ‘seriously high profile’ company….hmmmm…are you sure that this ‘company’ equates to real friendships??… and lets not forget the driving force behind the beckhams move here..YEP!! Victoria plans to make it ‘big’ in the USA via a reality show based on her life….so, i think they are both very similar….

  6. Miapocaa says

    #42..sorry to dissapoint you but she didnt come here because of her son..Europe is just as well advanced in medicine even more so than the states and a lot more affordable

    She was on e news saying that she came here becasue people in England were more judgemtnal about her boobs and english peopel hide out about thier plastic surgery…
    she came here to get famous, to most enlgish celebs making it on the american screen menas you hit the big time..

    so yes hopefully there are thoughts of harvey swimming out there somewhere…they also asked her if she will be hanging out with the Beckhams and she gave an all telling response laced with jealousy..she said she didnt know them well enough to be having tea with the couple, and she heard beckham is a footballer ansdvicoria is just a footballer wife..hmmeven people in america know who the beckhams are hahah

    Unfortunately she forgot that the spice girls were famous before beckham becam a football sensation and his spice girl wife helped give him a high profile in the media…so victoria may not be overly talented but obvioulsy a lot more than this hack who wants to share her usless life with the rest of america.

    Also Beckhams despite their eurotrash background strive higher..and keep some seriously high profile company…none of which these two fools can claim…
    Simple, whats the diffference between Catherine Zeta jones and the girl from I love NY…Thats the difference between the beckams and these twats.

    The english are repeating history by dumping their junk to america!!

  7. carleigh says

    God everyone is just so mean..hasn’t anyone ever heard what Dolly Parton says about herself and her “signature look”……..”honey it takes a lot of money too look this cheap”! Leave Jordan alone, she’s come to America for whatever her reasons, maybe she’s sick of England and wants a change, maybe Harvey can get better medical treatment over here, who know’s why…..maybe it’s just for the reality show, but it’s her choice. I agree w/ the HOLY BOOBS comments because I agree they are quite overinflated, she should have something done w/ those. Pamela Anderson has a “serious” movie career………is this remark serious??? which movie are we talking about???? Her Baywatch series, Barb Wire movie, her recurring role on Home Improvement as a “Tool Time girl”, or her other TV show that bombed called VIP?? OR maybe the illustrious “video” she made with Tommy Lee or the “video” she made with Brett Michaels?? This woman has built her entire career off of her breasts and sexuality which has made her a name for herself. If that’s a woman’s goal there are ways to go about getting a name, just ask yourself if it’s the name you really want. Katie Jordan Price is more than welcome to come to America and try her hand at fame and fortune here, who are we to say that she will fail or succeed, but she’s certainly allowed to try. As for the remark someone made about “stupid Yanks”..well stupid is as stupid does and I don’t believe that American’s are any more or less smarter than anyone in England, so please watch what you say because I am very proud to be an American woman and wouldn’t deny my heritage anymore than you would.

  8. Miapocaa says

    Kendra has a college degree??? I thought that was bridgette

    You don tseriously think heff actually does anything with those kids..that will be criminal

    I of the opinion that ppl in that industry pretty much arent as sexually active as the avg person…that is reading Anna Nicoles Diary, she basically prefered the men who didnt want to have sex with her ..interesting…

    I just cant imagine Heff with that little girl kendra…hilarious ahahhaahh

  9. oriana says

    If the story is true she turned down Hef for one of his girlfriends then good for her, guess she wanted a life of her own! He may be a nice man but he can’t blink without Viagra and everyone knows it. I think some of those girls are stupid, especially Kendra. The one has a college degree but she is the biggest crybaby I have ever seen!

  10. Miapocca says

    You may not respect baywatch , but its was the #1 tv series in almost every country and David Hasselfhoff himself admitted that people tuned in to watch Pamela.

    She produced and starred in her own movie, was a flop but she gave it a shot

    she currently has a show where she produces as well

    In short none of her shows are about her life,,they are movies, Whereas jordan wants to stick her crappy life up our throats on tv

    I really am not a big pam fan, but I will vouch for her any day against this tranny. Sister girl is FUGLY as Lucifer himself.

    Genetic defect is simply like turning an on and off switch in the biological systems….a host of chemicals can contribute to turning on the on switch…once again this is not in reference to this woman, its a general observation, I have no knowledge of what she did or did not do during her pregnancy. I will make the assumption that all mothers to be love their babies enough to abstain from all harmful toxins but botox and silicone hahah:)

    Dont get me wrong Emma, but I believe the British and Europeans are a little more tolerant of certain lifestyles than Americans are. I have heard Jordan speak on E as well as British tv and I can only assume they will be writing out whatever she is saying for viewers to follow…she just across as uneducated and trashy..the host was bemused….she also came in a skimpy dress that showed off some fugly legs….

    All in all , America has seen better beauties in this line of work, …..they may not be role models just as jordan is not but their appeal was definitely something to talk about…eg Anna Nicole Smith./….now how can Jordan hope to compare herself to such gorgeous women..I believe American are in the closet sex freaks , but they do have extremely beautiful women working in the industry…even marilyn manson ex wife to be is a sight to behold..I don’t see how jordan compares to see people..

    I hate to burst your bubble, but she made choice that brought her to this point..she was not stunning to begin with and she botched it up good. plus she doesnt dress sexy, she dresses trashy…she needs a good clean up to succeed in LA. I will take Samantha Fox any day over this one……………..FUGLY is being kind!!!

    And if its Jordan pretending to be Emma, I advise a new stylist to upgrade your look a bit..the white trousers and blue top were almost..there is was Tyra banks calla a thin line between trashy and sexy..I am sure Jay maneul will be willing to consult with you on your upgrade

  11. says

    Serious acting gigs what baywatch!!! . Katie price son was born with a genetic growth problem, he is blind , autistic and has serious medical problems. Nothing to do with drugs or drink. And know its not the same percon as ulrika Johnson thats another story.

  12. Miapocca says

    She cannot be a pamela anderson!!!

    Sorry Pamela had serious acting gigs..this one is just pushing her trashy life down our throats….

    I feel bad about her son, however I wonder what she was doing during her pregnancy..all this crap they inject into themselves , alcohol and drugs comes out the wrong way….not saying I know what she did , but frankly anytime I see the kid I wonder…..I wonder if she is the same person who was with the footaballer who knocked her about a bit or was it Ulricka “I dont know how to keep my knickers on will fuck anybody inlcuding other peoples men” Johnsson.

  13. says

    i cant understand why everyone is slagging her off when you dont know her and just go by looks .Give her a break. She is proberly the only glamour model in the uk who has a real head on her shoulders, holds down a job and cares for her very sick son as well as her family..She also is writing a couple of childrens books at the moment as well as being 6 months preggs. Yes her boobs are huge and i dont think they look right, especially as they have got even bigger due to pregancy but she has made a mint from it and has been very successful here in the uk. She doesnt want to be the next pammy she is her own person.

  14. Miapocaa says

    Thats when she was normal looking…now she just looks a little over the top and she doesnt come close to the girls next door…

    She used to look pretty…now its jsut overconsumption of bad surgery…I dont know who is doing the boob jobs in England, but have you seen victoria beckhams chest as well…two hard nuts sticking out …I wouldnt be suprised if the husband is trying to feel up on the real thing..he has made headlines a time or two with other women..

    WHy cant women just be happy adn confident with what they got

  15. erica says

    Katie was in playboy in the USA and in her autobiography she says that Hugh Heffener actually asked her to be one of his girlfiends (which he also admits to) but she didnt like his lifestyle of having so many girlfriends and said she wouldnt be able to give up working and have to live by his restricted rules. Also she had a young son.

  16. lauren says

    she should go back to being a brunnette, reduce her boobs alot!, stop fake tanning! than at least she’ll look a bit more human

  17. Miapocaa says

    Paz vega is pregnant and look amazing on the newer pictures…very hot…now thats what I call a glowing pregnant woman!!!

  18. fifi trooper says

    i hate to say this, but I think she is ugly as hell!! I thought that being pregnant wa suppose to bring out that inner glow!!!!

  19. Tyler's PROUD mom says

    Yes, Kay…they are more “stupid” yanks and if you don’t like “stupid yanks” you are more than welcome to leave our “stupid yank” website(s)!

  20. oriana says

    Well she does have a pretty face. If she is a model, has she been in any magazines that are sold in the U.S.? What does she model? And what does he do? Don’t know too much about either of them.

  21. Miapocca says

    Frankly one picture is enough..its just digusting looking at this frog … stinks too bad!!!

  22. Miapocca says

    # hilarious 17 ahahhaha
    Calm down and take a step back , and breathe..I am not saying smut does not exist in the US…

    In short what I am trying to get across it the classification of SMUT.

    In short Jordan is somewhat the British Pamela Anderson. However there is a notable difference between Anderson and Jordan. The point is whearas Anderson will sell easily worldwide, Jordan doesnt have the classy smut look that Anderson personifies.

    Its like a Jenna Jameson Vivid movie compared to home made low budget porn movie..

    In short although jordan has appeared in playboy already , she might not make it with her current looks…she has sunk to the bottom smut feeder…believe it or not even the porn industy like the fresh looking babes……

    The english tabliods glorify her looks, however in the US compared to the likes of Jameson and Anderson, she does not rank..her whole get up is just too trashy….
    and more interesting for the uk tabliods, who cannot have Anderson on a daily basis.

    She might want to rethink her makeover, wardrope etc…the world basically gave approval to Anderson in accepting her classy slut look…however trashy PLUS slut just stinks up a place bad!!!

    PS. Anderson and Jenna like most plasticized women are not aging too good…they shrink and leave gaint bulbs standing up….thats when you gotta think reduction, imagine a 60 yr old with ginormous boobs like this JORDAN..SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  23. The voice of reason says

    PMSL at Miapocca – ‘ However I think her trashy formula works way better in England than for US tastes.’

    Have you taken a LOOK around you?!?! The U.S. is trash personified. Americans invented trash for gods sake. I am LMAO at you! They never ‘tried to make it big in movies’ Miapocca. They are a pop singer and model cum business woman. You REALLY need to open your eyes, get your facts right and take a step back out of your bubble my dear.

  24. Emma says

    #14 Katie and pete arent movie stars and dont see themselves as that. They are just doing what most of the usa celebs do and make money out of being followed around by cameras.I think it it rude to call them trashy by judging a picture.

  25. Miapocca says

    # lord no Mindy…

    These two are the epitome of cant make it big in movie s etc so will do anything to get themselves in the media…they are about to “conquer America”. However I think her trashy formula works way better in England than for US tastes. Who knows, even Flavor flav caught on with that reality show, there must be room for these two…………..


  26. Emma says

    Hi Lauren they used to be on channel 5 i think. I only used to catch the odd one or two but the last show that was on was there wedding.

  27. Mindy says

    So….are Jordan and Peter the English equivilant to our Rob and Amber (America’s reigning Reality TV “super” couple)?

  28. lauren says

    omg she should really get rid of those giant assets!! and her face looks kind of masculine in these pictures… dont know why

  29. Emma says

    I do agree with you all about the reality tv thing its getting a bit boring now but these too do provide quite an interesting show. They are quite a hit here in the uk. Jordan ( kate price) is a super mother and deals with life as it comes i.e modeling, caring for her sick son ,looking after her 2 year old . She also looks fab pregs.

  30. ShiftingSands says

    Katie Price (born Katarina Alexandra Infield on May 22, 1978) is an English glamour model, television personality, magazine columnist and businesswoman commonly known as Jordan. She is mainly known for her large surgically enhanced breasts, and her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines.

  31. amy says

    i think she looks better as a brunette….yeah she looks like a big titted bimbo..but you know what – she appears to be a good mum…i know you can’t beleive all you read, but it must be damn hard having two sons, one just over one and the other disabled like she does….from what i have seen what you see is what you get with her, unlike victoria beckham for example…they have both survived the curse of a reality show in the UK, hope they are able to when they start their USA show…lets just wait and see hey?!

  32. erica says

    Katie and Peter have done a reality show almost every year since they got together (infact they met on the english reality show ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’), they had a reality show during the time they got engaged and then
    up until and including their wedding and theyre still going strong 3 years later so I doubt another reality show will cause their marriage any harm.

  33. DMITZ says

    Mindy, I was just going to say the same thing. It’s almost like getting a name tattooed on your body.

  34. Mindy says

    Ut-oh…Another “couples” reality show? Didn’t they learn from Nick & Jessica, Carmen & Dave and Britney & Kevin? Do a reality show and your marriage is doomed!

  35. DMITZ says

    I’m sorry (not trying to be sarcastic), but who are these people? Sorry it’s probably a dumb question… ?

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