Britney Getting Her Groove Back!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped looking cheerful and pretty on Easter Sunday. She shopped on Robertson Blvd at Lisa Kline and LK Kids. Earlier in the day she went to a Lakers game. Obviously she probably did other things…I imagine a lot of family-oriented festivities, but those were not photographed.

She looks amazing, and Life & Style is reporting that that may be partly due to her recent LipoDissolve injections that she had on March 31st. She reportedly wanted to have the nonsurgical treatment LipoDissolve to slim her thighs. “This is part of the new Britney,” says a pal. “She’s going through a makeover and wanted to get rid of the bits of fat on the tops of her legs. The lipo was a step toward making her feel happy about herself.”
Her has really undergone quite a transformation…blue contact lenses, Zoom teeth whitening, and a whole array of real-hair wigs that can even be highlighted. She has cut back on red meat, and desserts. She has also cut out alcohol and “drunk-eating”. And she is doing an impressive 300 sit-ups a day!

Good for her!
Source & Life & Style Weekly


  1. Loving Mother says

    She must have got that dress at the thrift store or borrowed it from the brady bunch hahaha. She’s white trash. Take your nasty a$$ home

  2. Zbella says

    HORRIBLE outfit. TERRIBLE wig – and hat. They are so fake looking. Either do the Sinead O’Connor thing, or wear a realistic looking wig already.

    I have never hated Brit. Now recently, I think she has gone off the deep end. I have had my bad stretches too, and having 2 kids in 12 months, plus going through a divorce, cannot be easy. I want to root for her, but she is acting like a jackass.

    She used to hang with her little man all the time, now I think she has them with nannies 24/7. Sad, poor Jayden must feel terrible. I have a 7 month old baby and I can’t imagine being with out her. I take her with me everywhere! I also have 2 other kids, and don’t get me wrong, we’re together most of the time, but to leave an INFANT to go party every night? She is messed up.

  3. dori says

    she is a great artist singer and dancer she’s trying to make things right in her life The media hounds this poor girl to death It’s really sad.

  4. Ann says

    All I have to say about the whole thing is WHO REALLY CARES. In the grand scheme of things, there are much better things and much more serious issues to deal with than Brittney Spears’ head or her children. Best of luck to all of them and much happiness.

  5. oriana says

    Saw on TV where she was back in Vegas again, to me, if a person is trying to get back on their feet, has an addiction problem, Vegas would not be the logical place to hang out. I am sure the three days a week she gets her kids she is with them most of the time. I wonder if that arrangement is only temporary?

  6. Lauren says

    Nice to see Britney healthy and smiling. But, she never seems to be with her kids. I hope those kids are being taken care of.

  7. sharon says

    thanks Carleigh, Princess and Boo for your support. sometimes I feel like I am surrounded bye a bunch of jealous babies on this site. It is nice to see Brit on her feet adn doing better. I hope she keeps it up!

  8. carleigh says

    This girl can’t put a foot right no matter what she does and she can’t dress herself either. Those two things are what EVERYONE on this thread can completely agree with…however, who are we to comment about her sobriety and commitment to her kids? If you read the article that accompanied the pic’s you would see that she indeed bought several items and spent hours picking out things for her sons and herself (that article is not part of what is posted above but I read it somewhere else here’s the link:,,20034142,00.html

    She’s at least making an effort and after all this time I would think people would realize it’s a futile effort to expect to much to soon from Britney..leave her alone.

  9. princess says

    We don’t know her situation. All we know is what the media throws in our face everyday. Everybody goes throught hard time even celebrities. Everyone should just give her a break. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t have a life and it dosen’t mean she loves her kids any less just because we don’t see them with her alot. We should hope for the best for her and her family in her time of need.
    We love you Britt!

  10. erica says

    Also has anyone ever seen a photon of Jayden or Britney with Jayden for that matter??? She was always photographed with Sean in his first year but now shes hardly ever seen with Sean and never seen with Jayden. I think she saw a baby as an accessory like her dogs used to be but now the novelty of having children has worn of so theyre left with the nanny. I’m not being mean to her because she does appear to have a lot of issues but I think she needs to step out of the limelight, spend time with her babies and family and find herself again, not Britney Spears the big celebrity but Britney the sweet girl from Louisiana. She has definately lost touch with her old self!!

  11. erica says

    I’m happy to see Britney back on her feet and hopefully she is on the right track now. However if it is true that she has been taking drugs since she first hit the pop scene then its probably unlikely that a few weeks in rehab has squashed her addiction. I think this is an example of a person who has let fame and celebrity go to her head. I hope she has managed to turn her life around but I’m sceptical. However time will tell. I think the best think for Britney would’ve been to step out of the limelight and go back home to Louisiana till she had compeletly recovered. But I think making a comeback seems more important to her than her children and her health!!

  12. lauren says

    the dress is way too small for her!! its like squeezing her armpits and she looks like she wants attention! she should go home and be with her kids

  13. :) says

    Does Britney have draws on under that there dress? Washed up is what she is! I do agree, she does love the attention!

  14. sharon says

    Nikki you say Britney is a “Slut who first aims her music at young kids then acts like a total bitch making her fans be like her producing slutty 10 year olds around the world”
    Brit does not make her fans into sluts especially at 10 years old. If there are 10 year old girls walking around all skanked up then that is their parents fault not hers. Lets place blame where blame is due here. and “a snobby whore who sings like garbage, and has absolutely no self-esteem all her music sucks, i dont see how it sells. it consists of repetitive beats and lame sound effects in an effort to enhance the already lame lyrics. lyrics, i might add, that have no real depth or meaning” I wonder why anyone would have low self esteem with “fans” like you to pump up their egos. You are the one who is bringing up the kiss with Madonna, apparently it excited you. Quite honestly I had forgotten. Get a life and I’ll say it again, if you don’t like hearing about her then take it upon yourself NOT TO READ ABOUT HER.

  15. Sarah says

    For all you people on here bitching about Britney not being a good mother, You are all sitting on your butts at your computer when you should be worring about your own kids, so why don’t you go take your kids to the park or do some laundry it is way more productive

  16. Amy says

    Great Artist! Are we talking about the same Britney Spears? She can barely carry a tune but she is great at lip syncing!

  17. dori says

    The girl had a rough time she obviously had post partum depression and I wish some of you would give her a chance to prove she’s still the great artist she was before she came apart at the seams. Try to show some compassion.
    I agree with Boo.

  18. dori says

    I’m just glad to see brit smiling and looking happy. With her new life style I am certain we will see great things from her again. And I’m sure you’ll see baby pics very soon.

  19. Nicki says

    Britney Spears =

    Your worst nightmare, white trash with money.

    Slut who first aims her music at young kids then acts like a total bitch making her fans be like her producing slutty 10 year olds around the world.

    A mechanical pop robot; basically a puppet; a whore; a talentless pop star who thinks that showing skin increases record sales.

    a snobby whore who sings like garbage, and has absolutely no self-esteem. all her music sucks, i dont see how it sells. it consists of repetitive beats and lame sound effects in an effort to enhance the already lame lyrics. lyrics, i might add, that have no real depth or meaning. supposedly she lip-sings, but it wouldnt matter, because her music is terrible either way. she is very full of herself, and isnt worth her weight in piss. for some unknown reason, kids idolize her, and would rather listen to the crap she puts out then something quality. and remember the kiss with madonna? people would rather talk about that bullshit, then be concerned with current issues that migth actually affect them.

    Kevin Federline’s meal ticket

    The Politicaly Correct term for “White Trash”

    Idiot girl who thinks she can sing and dance. She’s not talented enough to be a stripper or to be in porn.

  20. sharon says

    if you don’t like her then stop reading about her. Go find someone you do like and read about them instead.

  21. boo says

    People really really need to lay off this girl… I’ll be the first to admit that I was with you in agreeing that she was messed up before, but she has sought out help, and actually looks as if she’s trying to clean herself up… just give her a break for crying out loud, who knows maybe she is for real and wants to get better for her kids.~*

  22. sharon says

    LOL what’s the matter honey? Don’t like being wrong? Stop being a bitch and I’ll stop calling you on it. k?

  23. sharon says

    wow Jen you seem to be a text book example yourself. What the hell did Brit ever do to you personally, to make you so inclined to bash the shit out of her?

  24. fifi trooper says

    I love britney. I just wish with all that money she has, that she would hire a personal stylist!!! every friggin time I see her, she’s always in something soooooo tacky!!! get it together!!!!!!!!

  25. sharon says

    Oh yes and just to add. If you are all sick and tired of hearing about Brits situation, then simply don’t read about her. Or turn on ET or don’t buy the rag mags that have stories about her. You do it to yourselves.

  26. maggie says

    I think she looks great and happy, not like crazy and a freak like before, I hope shes better now because her kids need her. Now that shes better I hope that we can see her more often with sean and we can meet jayden, I really want to see him

  27. sharon says

    Wow doesnt take much to get some of you girls fired up with a hate on eh? Yes Brit is a celebrity, yes she has been through a lot lately, yes we have seen it all….every last bit of it. She has been under pressure to be perfect for so long of course she is going to snap. Good lord I would of fell off the deep end years ago. She was a child star. Look at how many of them get into drugs and alchohol at a young age. She just waited a bit longer then most. Oh and personally I still stand by the whole PPD bit. She might be famous, she might have a tonne of money, but that can not buy you perfection. Once you have made a wrong move the press is going to be feeding on you like vultures. Why do you think there are no pics of Brit with her kids? because if she isn’t doing anything wrong people don’t care. The only time you see pics of her with her kids there is a controversy. The manny, kevin not around again, almost dropping SP, wasted and half naked with Paris Hilton, there has GOT to be other times, when nothing is going on that they just don’t care to show the public. Personally I think she should get a handle on who she is before she tries to parent her boys full time. I think right now they are actually better with Kevin (yes I said it) he seems to be the more stable of the 2 right now. Just because the guy came across as a total ass munch of a husband doesn’t mean he can’t take care of the boys while Brit gets herself together. So to sum up my rant stop with the hate ladies (you know who you are) and spread a bit of love around. Compassion, understanding, that kind of thing goes a lot further for someone in need then being a total bitch.

  28. Janie says

    4. princess , Are you for real??? No ones knows Britney’s situation. We are all sick and tired of hearing about her situations!!! She is an idiot. Britney, please stay home and take care of your kids!!

  29. DMITZ says

    Kim, I don’t think people necessarily pick reasons to dislike Britney. The media shoves her revealing pics, partying, and crazy decisions down our throats. Normally you don’t hear those types of things about other celeb moms (or most moms for that matter). Someone on this site once mentioned that these people live in the limelite. If the don’t like it, they shouldn’t do things others will judge. I think people wonder where her kids are b/c when she was w/K-Fed, we saw her with Jayden. But now that she has been single, we only see her doing her “me time”. You would think (especially since she was fighting custody) she would make more time for her kids. We all heard from her nanny about her passing the kids off on her. Plus, she relinqueshed her kids to Kevin by ignoring everyone’s pleads to get help for her kids. I personally think her going out and partying and her lifestyle changes were to get attention from Kevin. She just lost herself and went overboard.

  30. Emma says

    I dont dislike her far from it, if anything i feel sorry for her and im sure she is a great mum who loves her kids as much as we do.

  31. oriana says

    I would like to see more pictures of her children and her oldest son is adorable! I am glad she is looking better and seems to be happier.

  32. Kim says

    Enough with where are her kids already! I think that is just an excuse people use to dislike her. Her kids are fine. I seriously doubt they’re neglected. Although I haven’t seen Jayden I can tell by looking at Sean that he hasn’t missed a meal lately. Britney is beautiful-leave her alone and let her get better.

  33. Emma says

    #19 yes i agree but like most celeb mummys on this site you at least see them out doing normal things like going to the park or shopping.

  34. mememe says

    Maybe she is just keeping the kids out of the limelight… which is what I think a mother should do…

  35. Emma says

    I have to agree with you. #17 as much as its nice to have some me time i find it hard being away from my son as he is my life. But all our situations are so different and for me i wouldnt wont to swap my life for all the money, stardom and wigs in the whole world.

  36. DMITZ says

    This site is about mothers, and yet we have information on Britney’s moving on and doing better for herself. what about her kids?! I couldn’t imagine only having 3 days a week w/my daughter. Hell, I can barely stand to be away from her when she spends the night at my in-laws. How can she hold her head up and continue doing things for herself and not her children? You can tell me all day long that recovery is one step at a time, but c’mon. Why don’t we ever see her walking out of a toys r us or target or some rich celebrity toy store with a handful of toys for her kids? Why doesn’t she ever even have her kids with her? All we see her Britney partying, Britney coming from a Lakers game, Britney holding some fru-fru drink in her hand w/a new purse and short ass skirt and a new manicure (and a different wig). Britney doesn’t deserve being on this site w/all the other moms.

  37. jen says

    She’s cut out ‘drunk eating.’ Aww, what a trooper. Let’s give her a medal for that one.

  38. Carole Danielle says

    That’s true, why did she shave her head, if it is to wear
    those horrible wigs and hats.
    What’s the deal….

  39. Carole Danielle says

    That’s true, why did she shave her head, if it is to wear
    those horrible wigs andh hats.
    What’s the deal….

  40. Emma says

    After having one child i dont like to get my legs out ,so good on her if she wants to show of her legs after having too children.At least her top half is covered up and her boobs are not hanging out!!

  41. KT says

    You would think she could afford a better wig. PLUS why does she always wear her dresses so short?

  42. says

    Amazing, for a girl who wants to get rid of fat in her thighs, she sure doesn’t mind showing off WAY too much of them!! She looks totally ridiculous in those hats and wigs…we all know you shaved your head, Britney, now show if off!! She’s not fooling anyone, we all know how this life will turn out.

  43. jane says

    As for K-Fed, guess who gets custody of the children 4 days a week? He does. Kevin gets the kids 4 days a week and Britney gets them for 3. That says a lot right there. The judge deemed it best for the kids to be with Kevin more time than her. She probably wishes he got them 6 days a week, even 7.

  44. Tia says

    Where are her babies? Are they still with K-Fed? lol

    Man, what a life those poor children have had thus far. Passed off on this person, that person…man, oh man.

  45. jen says

    No one knows her situation??

    Pulease. The whole friggin’ world knows her situation. We all know more about her than we want to. We’ve all seen more of her body parts than we ever wanted to, as well. And who can we thank for it? Her!! She lives for this shit. I’ve seen many a picture of her pouring over copies of In Touch with her face slapped on the cover. She gets her validation from this kind of thing.

  46. princess says

    Leave her alone. Everyone goes through things. No one Knows her situation. Stop judging people.

  47. jen says

    Oh, it’s so good to see that she has her priorities in order. by concentrating in her thighs and teeth. Because that’s what is important. That’s what life is all about. Screw the kids and damn the sobriety issues. Just worry about your thighs.

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