Uma Thurman & Son Enjoy A Day At The Beach

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, 36, was snapped relaxing on the beach with her five-year-old son Roan. Roan is Uma’s son with ex-husband Ethan Hawke. Uma and Ethan also have an eight-year-old daughter named Maya.


  1. carleigh says

    Amy-the positive thing here is that I am quite positive Uma could use a better supporting bikini top, other than that she looks pretty good.

    I don’t think she’ s intentionally trying to have her chest fall out of her top here ladies so why are we all getting so hostile yet again?

    It’s not Europe and it’s not Africa, it’s not being perverted as opposed to being unperverted..she just needs a smaller, better lifting top and she would look even better.

    I wish I had legs that long……..Uma’s got a kick ass bod!

  2. shelley says

    amy- first of all- mind your own business. You need to read what sane said about me before you go giving your opinion of me. I personally think its tacky to walk around topless-that’s my opinion. Also, we’re no in Africa. If that’s the sort of thing you like to do, then move there. I just don’t liek to be considered a pervert-it’s disgusting. That’s why I got so mad at Sane.

  3. amy says

    kim, what about the women in africa who walk around topless as part of their culture? it’s not a big deal.

    plus, you do not have to express your opinions in such a derogatory manner. it’s not very nice.

    uma looks great. she’s always had big boobs, and i’m pretty sure she’s not trying to look trampy around her kids. come on people, let’s focus on the positive!

  4. Kim says

    Sane-you are completely insane. Try reading my blog and really understanding it stupid, before you accuse me of being perverted. That’s a heavy accusation. I never said anything about breast feeding being bad. You need the life. Go FVck yourself.

  5. Sane says

    Kim, you must have a really perverted mind to automatically connect nudity to molestation. I suppose you think breastfeeding is gross and indecent, as well, yet obsessing over a stranger’s body is not? Get a life.

  6. Anzhelika says

    why dont you all like her bikini? Probably you are envy that she has got great body after giving birth to 2 children..Hope one of you can have the same body..

  7. Kim says

    amy- you are really disturbing. You probably think it’s ok for little boys to sleep in the same bed with a grown man too-kind of like Michael Jackson. If the human body is beautiful in its natural state then why aren’t we all walking around naked? You’re right, it is a beautiful thing, but there is a difference in culture between us and Europe and there is such a thing called modesty.

  8. amy says

    Ugh, everybody is so negative!!! The human body is a beautiful thing in its natural state. Her son is not going to be traumatized by her breasts, ok people? She looks great. I wish everyone would stop nit-picking, nagging, and overall complaining on these (and other) boards. People go topless in Europe in front of children — does that mean they are traumatized for it? Nooooo. Let’s celebrate the fact that she’s a hands-on mother who looks great in her natural (sans silicone) body. Thank you!!! Geesh!

  9. kim says

    I think she looks fantastic, and if I had that body, then I’d be wearing that bikini, too!!! Hell, yeah. After 2 kids, I wish I had a bikini body again, but my 1-piece “suits” me just fine!

  10. erica says

    Women go topless on the beach here in europe all the time, although in america people are more reserved so it is illegal. Uma seems to have adopted the free spirit way of thinking like people here in Europe so if it was legal in america she would propably be topless on the beach, however because it isnt she wears the skimpiest of tops she can find. Anyway who cares what you wear on the beach you should be comfortable, not worry about what you look like and just have fun! Uma is always with her kids on the beach playing with them which is more than you can say for som self obsessed celebs so we should be praising her for staying grounded.

  11. Lacy says

    i agree it’s not working for her, but she doesn’t “look like crap.” and about her son hanging around her with her boobs like that, i think it’s fine. remember that pic with pamela anderson topless around her boys? this is so G rated compared to that.

  12. Kim says

    This woman is homely in the face. She has manly looking hands and she needs to find a swimsuit that will fit,…….but I’m sure she is a great mom!

  13. Amy R says

    She’ll probably be mortified when she sees these pictures everywhere. Poor girl. It’s sad that with a body like hers , she still manages to look like crap.

  14. dori says

    Did she get a boob job? it seems to me…. not all that long ago….. she wasn’t that voluptuous.
    The pic may have been taken in motion and she was flopping around. This woman sure likes the beach … has anyone else noticed that? There are many pics of Uma on the beach! Lucky son of a gun I sure would like some beach right about now. It’s still freezing here in the midwest!

  15. mars says

    thanks!!!!!!!! i was just about to comment on her boobs… that is soooooo not classy… se has a great bod but c’mon girl… cover yourself

  16. carleigh says

    She should pack UP the girls a bit and give em’ a rest, the bikini is NOT working out for her and the twins at all….at least she’s wearing a bikini bottom though…lol

  17. boo says

    Yes that Bikini is NOT working for her……A little too much Boobage is showing for being in front of her 5 year old boy…. I think she is Beautiful and has a great Body but She could cover up a little bit and look a little more classy~*

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