Denise Richards & Her Daughters Frolicking At The Park

Denise Richards

Denise Richards

Denise, 36, was snapped frolicking at the park on April 6th with Sam, 3, and Lola, 1. Lola will celebrate her second birthday on June 1st!



  1. Loving Mother says

    Your a fricken Wack Job. Who would say that about a child. iot looks like it was warm and they were getting wet she’s a damn baby your pervert

  2. Zbella says

    Cute, probably fake, but she does it well. Naked babies, and kids, are so cute. Mine are almost always running around in a diaper – but cloth. That’s the first thing I though, she would look so much cuter in cloth!

  3. oriana says

    If Denise lives in a Gated community then how can she explain the paps in there taking pictures? And with Jen and Violet they are mostly at a public park so there is a big difference between the two. I do think she is a good mother but hope Richie is aware of her conniving picture taking set-ups, guess she wants the money and the publicity! She probably doesn’t have as much money as Heather does and of course Heather will get a big chunk from Richie also for her daughter.

  4. carleigh says

    I read that Denise actually phone’s the pap’s and arranges for the pic’s to be taken. Case in point, I read an article that states her neighbor’s are sick of her courting the media so she’s being voted out of her secluded, exclusive HH neighborhood. Just google for the article it’s out there. I don’t like what she did to Heather Locklear because of the fact that the two were “supposedly” good friends to the point where Heather was supportive and provided Denise with a babyshower when pregnant with Lola and gave her a shoulder to cry on while going through her Charlie issues. I think for that reason Denise was a cunning, crafty, sneaky, lying, skanky woman…friends don’t do that to friends. And celeb’s have enough to worry about w/o having to “court” the press and telling them all the bits and info about their life…who cares, why court the pap’s??? Makes no sense to me and there were some really icky pic’s of Denise and Richie on the net about two months ago and her bikini panties were very obvious and inappropriate..I think she cavorted herself around with him and it made her look like a brazen hussy. I know she appears to love her kids, but I can’t understand why she does the trashy things she does in the media??? Does she want people to like her, does she want to appeal to the masses or is she just another messed up celebrity who wants to be a headline-grabbing attention whore??? I can’t figure this girl out at all. Her kids are cute though.

  5. maggie says


  6. Libraesque says

    maggie, I think with Denise it’s WAY different. When she and RS first got together, I think she alerted the media because she actually wanted Heather to see them “happy” together. Thenit backfired on her dumb ass because her whole thing with Sheen was trying to look like this poor victim, and she was only doing what was best for her kids, her kids are #1 in her life and then the whore is photographed non-stop drinking on the beach with RS, etc, so now it’s back to photo ops with the kids constantly to back up the claim that she’s a wonderful person
    With JG, she’s not trying to prove anything to anyone. She and Ben are normal to the point of boring. That being said Violet is my ALL TIME fav celeb baby. too too too damn CUTE

  7. Libraesque says

    cannot stand this back stabber.
    she’s such a media whore she’s being forced out of her neighborhood for calling the paps every time she takes a shit

  8. fifi trooper says

    get real!!! every where, every page, anything that they show us to talk about, about the rich, and scandleous…..

  9. says

    Uh, isn’t this supposed to be a “Family or Mother and kids” site? I can’t believe the horrible trash some of you are writing. Cutting and insulting anything and everything. These horrible, trashy, insulting remarks some of you make are embarrassing, and do not belong on a site that is supposed to be about family. You people writing this stuff are pretty scary.

  10. s gunn says

    i know that denise richards is a fake whore!!! i mean that bs that went down with heather lockclear!!!! This world is big enough , she could of went a different route in the men area!!!! Pimping her kids to the pap isn’t going to make me give a shit about her more!!!!

  11. maggie says

    I hope that jen garner does not do that too, I mean I think she gets pics at least one time a day, she and vi looks very normal, but its weird that jen is always playing an kissing violet, I dont know if shes being a normal mom or that she wants to be photographed, I hope not

  12. kim says

    she’s a coke-sniffing “ho”—we all saw the photos of her and Richie in Hawaii… her career is tanking, she knows how she’s perceived by the public, hence the calls to arrange the “paps”.
    I hope she’s a better Mom behind closed doors, for her kids’ sake!

  13. erica says

    If she is doing that then she isn’t a very nice person at all. Fair enough pre-arrange photos with youself (sad as that is) but don’t bring your kids into it to get public sympathy

  14. jane says

    “Denise is very pretty but what she did to her best friend Heather seems a bit two faced. However we dont have all the facts so shouldn’t really judge.”

    Now that I know that she had all of those photos of her and Sambora pre-arranged with the paps, I think she is one mean bitch. She did it to purposely dig that knife into Locklear’s back a little deeper, one picture at a time. And she got paid for it.

    ” She is always pictured out with her kids so we have to give her credit for being a normal mum”

    That is what she wants us all to think now. That no, she is not a home wrecker, she is just a mom. Amazing how these celebs use the press to manipulate us all. Hmmm.

  15. jane says

    “Why does her “play time” always look like scheduled photo ops?”

    Because they are. I watched Larry King Live last week, Thursday I think, with Jimmy Kimmel filling in as host. His guests were paparazzi, a publicist and a few celebrity magazine journalists. One of the celebrity magazine guys said that many celebs will pre-arrange photo ops, such as this one, with paps. The pap gets the exclusive pics to sell to a magazine and the celeb gets a big chunk of money from the pap.

    When Kimmel asked which celebs did this, guess who the guy used as an example?? Denise Richards. He said when she and Sambora first got together Denise would call a photographer and say “we are going to be here at this time and then we’ll be going over there at this time…” That way their pics would end up in all of the mags. She got paid $10 000 every time she did this. Don’t believe me? Find a copy of the program and watch for yourself.

    Same thing with that birthday party she had for her daughter with the snow in her backyard. She invited all the paps to come and take pics of it. She lives in a gated community and her neighbours were totally pissed that she let them in.

    Now when I see pics of her like this I swallow the vomit that starts to rise in my throat and move on to somebody more genuine, who doesn’t pimp herself and her kids out to the press in exchange for money.

  16. Meredith says

    So #1, we’re having a little perverted/close minded crisis here aren’t we. You’re saying that Lola needs to put some clothes on and that Denise is already making her a slut. Then explain to me why three year old Sam has clothes on. The truth is, Lola is at an age where nudity does not matter. Actually, she’s wearing a diaper. She is JUST a baby if you haven’t noticed already and they are playing in the water. Sam is in clothes b/c she has passed that “baby” age…and probably is not in a diaper anymore. Usually, perverts like to say things along the lines of “She should put some clothes on” and secretly want the contrary. They love to abuse the use of reverse psychology and they’d thrive for someone to agree with them such as, “I know! What a slut!” So it is clear that no one on this discussion board really cares about what you say so if you don’t have anything nice to say, it would be to my greatest interest to not say it at all and rant to a friend instead, if you have any. But to put it on a discussion board where one is supposed to “enjoy” these pictures, is completely uncalled for. What do you think you’re getting out of it? A little tinge of pride because you bashed a photo? Or because you’re simply inhibiting a perverted mind that or it could be that your mind is as tight as a shunt? So really, that’s all I have to say to you. It’s clear that everyone on this board is disgusted with you. You need to get out of your little cocooned house or room and go out to a park. Although, I’m a bit afraid that when you do, you’ll either stare at little children at parks with hungry eyes or go up to their mothers and say, “The power of Christ compells you.” So when I think about it, maybe you SHOULD be coped up in your little room instead until someone is brave enough to come through the doors and analyze their worst case of a mentally and emotionally unstable individual.

  17. erica says

    Also you guys complaining about Lola wearing a nappy while plying in the water, are you for real??? Shes a baby for goodness sake. Im not insulting by any means but Americans are a lot more reserved and prudish when it comes to nudity. Here in Euope we have a free spirit way of thinking and on the beach babies and children are always just wearing nappies or little bikini bottoms or even going naked. Also women always go topless on the beach but in America it is illegal isnt it? The only concern I would have is that Lola is wearing sun cream when shes got so little on to protect her delicate skin from the sun, apart from that let the kids have fun and don’t take away their innocence.

  18. erica says

    Denise is very pretty but what she did to her best friend Heather seems a bit two faced. However we dont have all the facts so shouldn’t really judge. She is always pictured out with her kids so we have to give her credit for being a normal mum and putting her kids first unlike some celebs I could mention. Saying the kids are unattractive is a bit unfair, Sam and Lola have got their looks from their dad and it is a shame they didn’t get their mums beautiful genes. However theyre still young and could turn from average looking kids to gorgeous young ladies just like their mum. Time will tell.

  19. Miranda says

    I think it’s adorable anyway. Mother and kids having fun in the park, that’s the way it should be. And just out of topic again, you guys wouldn’t happen to know anything about Holly Marie Combs’s baby boy? He was born in October, and I havn’t seen him yet..

  20. Miapocaa says

    I wish they would have aVH1 reality show with her, Richie and Heather as well as charlie..what a hoot!!!

    She did wrong , seriously..!!She is charlie boy were more alike than she thought ahhaha

  21. oriana says

    I think she is a very good mother, hope she marries Richie too for I think he is a good man, these kids are cute but not the older one so much to me.

  22. dori says

    she’s a beautiful woman and her kids are very sweet. I can’t believe how big the baby is. It seems she was just pregnant and breaking up with Charlie Sheen. Boy time is flying by!
    Abou the nudity …in Europe children go naked all the time…. until they are reaching puberty. They have a belief about children being au natural, you see them naked on the beach all the time….and there’s nothing kinky about it. It’s a way of life.

  23. maggie says

    # 1 are you serious shes a baby and theres nothing wrong that shes witout t-shirt, I mean shes in the water

  24. amy says

    come on, no matter what you think of denise as a person…as a MOTHER she seems pretty good to me, we are always getting pics on here of her out and about with her girls and all of them looking like they are genuinely enjoying themselves…..

  25. boo says

    Give me a freakin’ break????
    She is wearing a little swimmer because she is playing in the water…AND she’s one, grow up!!

  26. Emma says

    I think its lovely to see them having fun. Being a mother myself you should let children be children and have fun.Thats how they learn!!!

  27. s gunn says

    i think that she needs to put a shirt, and some pants on that baby!!! that’s not cute, she’s trying to make her a slut already!!!!!

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