Pictures So Sweet That They Brought Tears To My Eyes

Jennifer Garner was snapped with Violet at the playground in Pacific Palisades on April 3rd.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Ok…these pictures made me cry. I know that may seem cheesy (and I should be immune to Jen and Violet’s off-the-charts adorableness by now)…oh well! My daughter is approaching the big 3, and I am sad that it went so fast and that I can’t relive every moment. I sometimes wish that I could freeze time and that things would never change…or that I could at least be 100% present, clear-minded, and zen-like so that I could fully absorb every single moment with my daughter. Sometimes life in today’s world is just too fast-moving and stressful. Every day should be full of picnics, sharing wonderful books, baking, and focusing on our loved ones.


  1. ProudMommy says

    I love looking at pictures of Jen and Violet – I don’t know – I think the way she is with her daughter is just so pure and natural – it’s a lot like I am with my little girl (who’s the same age as the ADORABLE Violet!).

  2. Zbella says

    I noticed the nose plug right away – but she is still as cute as a button. My kids get buggers too, big deal! Is she really pulling on her hood? You might be right.

    No tears, but Jen is the best Hollywood mom by a mile.

    I don’t think she’s pregnant. Can’t we carry a pound or two without being pregnant? But is she is – great!

  3. Libraesque says

    I love this kid, lovelovelove seeing pictures of her, she’s always laughing it seems like. And THOSE CHEEKS!!!!!!
    definitely the cutest kid in HW

  4. Lauren says

    Very cute pictures. Jennifer does seem a little bumpy to me. If she is pregnant, maybe she’ll have a boy.

  5. lauren says

    haha #17 ur soo right it does look like jen is strangling her! i didnt realise that until you said that

  6. oriana says

    Violet is getting cuter as she gets older, and I love how she smiles most of the time! Such a joyous little girl!

  7. freddie says

    what’s the kid got on her nose a bugger?
    and why is she strangling the kid by holding on to her hood?
    what about the other bump we see oh that’s her forehead or is it a alien aawww so many of you are going to be hating on me for telling the truth.

  8. D'Anna says

    I agree with #10, Jen has plenty of money to have time to spend with her daughter, but enough that she doesn’t have to…which is why I love seeing these pictures. She’s such an awesome mom. 🙂

  9. withintemptation says

    awww yeah i know what you mean. I’m too young to have kids but i do have 4 nieces and a nephew. My 3 nieces lived with me since i was 9 so watching them growing up was heart breaking lol especially when they got their independence… cuz as much i used to complain about running after them as toddlers, i really miss that stage now cuz it was fun!

    Jen is an amazing mom! lil Vi is one lucky little girl! 🙂

  10. Ruby Jackson says

    She’s obviously an attentive and involved mother, kudos to her for that. Other celeb mothers could learn a lesson from her. But, she’s also very fortunate that she can afford to raise her child and not have to put her in daycare while she works. There are probably a lot of mothers in this country who would like to spend the day at the park with their child, but instead spend their days at the office. Personally, I’m jealous because I’ll probably never have either- a kid or a lot of money! This is my favorite celebrity family. I’d like to see papa Ben with Violet some more, though.

  11. thelionsleepstonight says

    *yawn* soooo bored of seeing pics of Jen and Violet… I cant see why anyone thinks this baby is all that, she is rather a plain looking baby with her mothers beady eyes…

  12. Chris X says

    I think Jen is a new mom who realizes ahead of time that they do grow and change fast so try to enjoy as much as you can. She won’t be one of those parents who wake up one day and THEN think about all they missed. You can say all you want about certain people being able to afford nannies and such, but I still wonder what is the point of having the kid if someone else is going to be feeding, changing and playing with it.

  13. Nisrine says

    i understand exactly what you say about missing the best days of a child life without being able to enjoy evey moment of it,,,cos they grow up fast and this is something we can catch up on later…i feel like thsi with mys on who’s 2 yrs old,,the stress of life and teh way sometimes he drives me crazy,make me feel intolerant and this stop me from benefit of time with him and teaching him and reading him books,,i always think like this at the end of the day when i lay my head on teh pillow and i cry for not not giving him enough…

  14. kim says

    Violet’s looking much cuter than usual in these photos, I think…I’m just really prejudiced ‘cuz my 7-month-old is the MOST beautiful baby girl ever! :–)
    I understand what WM is saying…my son turns 3 on Sunday…it’s awesome having more of the baby-moments with my daughter now…
    Debra Messing’s son turns 3 on Sat., too…I wonder if she’ll have another??

  15. maggie says

    awww all pictures of Vi and jen are adorable, I dont have kids yet and I know they bring so much happiness, but Jen shows everytime that happiness and love that she makes me want to have a baby

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