Jennifer & Violet Play Ball

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jen was snapped once again with 15-month-old daughter Violet at a Pacific Palisades park on Thursday.

Violet is wearing the Pebbles Stage 3 sandals by Stride Rite.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck



  1. Jennie says

    Violet is adorable! And for those of you saying that you are getting “bored” of seeing Jen and Violet being normal and playing at the park, get over it! That’s what good moms do! They take their kids to the park and play with them! sheesh!


  2. JaggedChaos says

    8. Lauren – just because you don’t see thousands of pictures of Brooke Shields, it doesn’t mean she’s not hands-on with her kids. Case in point, most pics you do see of her, she’s with her kids. Gwen is always carrying Kingston around. And Angelina is usually with her kids. The point is none of them are leaving their kids with nannies 24/7 and enjoying their celebrity life like it was prior to the baby….

  3. maggie says

    nop, I really dont going to hate you lauren Im a little bit borred too, the baby is the cutest and jen is the greatest, but we already know that, they play too much at the park

  4. lauren says

    violet is incredibly cute — BUT i am getting a *little* bored of them…. i dont know if anyone agrees with me or just going to hate on me

  5. kelsie says

    #4 withintemptation,you are so right,Jenn is a hands on mom, but I also think Gwen Stefani is a great mother to, and so is Brooke Shields.they,unlike other celebrity moms,love to spend time with their kids

  6. Stacey says

    Jen is the ONLY celebrity “hands on” mom! I don’t see or hear any other celebrities that spend as much quality time with their children as she does. You don’t see a nanny tagging along or caring for Violet, it’s always Jen. Good for you Jen!! There is nothing bad to say!!

  7. Miapocaa says

    i think like those who are used to the paprazzi, she does not allow them to stop her from enjoying her life as a mother… SO if she plans on going to the park with Voilet why should she stay home because the Paparazzi are going to be around..They will always be there, you might as well get on with life.

    The kid definetely has a well adjusted lifestyle..regular, maybe once the paps get tiered fo tehregular old jennifer they will get bored and leave her be.

    Also the paps are doing the granparents and daddy affleck a favour, since they can’t be there to see their little cutie grow up every single day, the pictures on line is definetely a good way to see her all the time

    She is changing and Ben features are starting to show, at first it was more like a minnie me of Garner. Shape of the face is defintely Affleck…a little wider and shorter than her moms

    All I can say is she is defeintely a kick ass mother, she could teach the other celebs a lesson or two about “hands on”…That is those who gear up in designer clothing just to have an outing once a month or year or wahtever and make sure to call thier publicist ahead of time to tell them where they are going to be. They make me laugh …..any hands on mom knows the work involved in carrying a todller around and pciture opps with thousands of dollars of clothing are just adead give away of prentend part time mommies.

  8. withintemptation says

    I saw more pics of them playing at the playground that day and it was just soooo heart warming! I love the fact that Jen isn’t one of those moms that stand around and watch their kids play by themselves in the playground… She’ll actually go on the slide and play in the sand with her daughter, i LOVE that!!

    and lil Vi is too cute! 🙂

  9. Grace Kelly says

    I agree, she’s used to look exctly like Jen, now I’m really seeing a lot of Ben in her.
    There seems to be an over abundance of Jen and Violet pics lately, the paps are sure stalking these two big time. I just hope this doesn’t equate to over exposure on Jen’s part, people seem to be more interested in her life as a mom and not in her career , case in point poor showing of her last movie Cath and Release. To some degree she might suffer from the same fate Ben had with the whole Bennifer monster, we are so inundated with candid pics of Jen, she becomes uninteresting to see as anything else but a mom.

  10. maggie says

    yeah shes getting so cute, for the ones who say shes not so cute, I think they are wrong, shes a beautiful baby

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