Gwen & Her Very Cool Little Dude In Hollywood!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and Kingston were snapped out and about in Hollywood. Can you believe his cuteness in those shades?



  1. JJ says

    Kingpin is an ugly kid! He looks like his father and they both have that boring expressionless face. Don’t understand why there’s so much fuss about this kid. There are so many other celeb kids that are way cuter. Now, Catherine Zeta Jone’s son is a cutie.

  2. toby says

    this little guy is so cute. and aware of everything around him. He knows he is being funny with those glasses on. what a lovely baby.

  3. Renee says

    I believe that Gwen looks amazing in these pictures and so does Kingston, as for all you haters, shame on you for ratting on a baby, if you don’t like it just make sure you don’t dress or style your kids like this and leave her alone.

  4. Lauren says

    Kingston is adorable in those shades. He looks more like Gavin every day. If they have another one, hopefully they’ll have a girl.

  5. DMITZ says

    I completely agree with the negative comments on this duo. Gwen always has the same silly hairstyle and while I know it’s in her character (punk/classy)? I think it looks so old fashioned and doesn’t go with her. But then again I can’t see her hair in any other way. I understand them wanting Kingston to look like daddy, but he does need a haircut. His outfit is silly looking and for someone who designs clothes (baby), I think she can come up with something a lot better than this. I’m only 27 years old, but this look doesn’t appeal to everyone. I wonder if you have to be younger or more hip to appreciate it, but I think he (and his mother) are some of the weirdest dressed celebs.

  6. Molly says

    Their hair looks terrible!!! Kingston’s outfit is horrible. Gwen wipe off that bright red lipstick!!!

  7. crayola says

    how cute, they both have the same ugly hair style. come on how much can she torture that child with that hair. the hair for her does’nt work. and the hair for him does’nt work i bet if she could she would have gavin with the same ugly hair.

  8. Julie says

    I’m suprised that I’m the first to recognize/comment on the fact that he looks like Elton John in these pics! I’ll forgive, as I still love this family!

  9. dori says

    Kingston sure is one cute kid & I would love to know where she shops for his clothes.
    You’re right he is definately looking like his dad. Gwen is always smiling and looks so happy…. what a pleasure it is to see pics of this family! What a hip mom… can you imagine growing up with Gwen Stephanie as your mom?

  10. Nicki says

    Kingston looks so cool from the waist up. The pj bottoms don’t fit with the t-shirt, sweatshirt and shades. He is absoultely one of the cutest little boys I’ve seen in a long time, and the shades on him here are too cool. He is too cute. I do agree with some others who say he seems a bit small, but he seems to look a bit taller in these 2 pics.
    He is the cutest little boy and seems very happy and well adjusted with the 2 or 3 photographers taking his picture. He looks like he enjoys it. Good for him. The cutest baby boy, JMO.

  11. Janie says

    Sorry to say this but I think they both look ridiculous in these pictures. Their clothing and hair looks terrible!

  12. maggie says

    I love how his cloth is never combinated, its crazy but he looks so lovely and a very stylish baby.

  13. Ruby Jackson says

    Time for a haircut, Kingston!

    He’s is a little mini-Gavin. Adorable!! This family is beyond cute, always so stylish and they look genuinely happy.

    Good for her for protecting his eyes.

  14. carleigh says

    MY GOSH does he ever look more and more like his daddy, I think he got everything from Gavin but the little cleft in his chin which is Mama…he is completely, utterly, totally adorable and Gwen dresses him so cute it’s impossible! Lovin’ me some little Kingston now!

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