Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia Cancel Their Easter Vacation In Majorca As Princess Letizia's Due Date Nears

Princess Leonor

Due to Princess Letizia of Spain being so near to her due date (the end of April) the family had to cancel their Easter vacation in Majorca.

Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia are expecting a little sister for Princess Leonor!



  1. mars says

    going to majorca this time in the year is a huge tradition for spain’s royal family… it was obvious she would cancel… not a big deal… anyway, can’t wait for that little princess to be born, hope she is as cute as princess leonor

  2. Jackie says

    Yeah, I mean that is rationale behind the nine months. To give you time to prepare and not be suddenly struck that a baby is on the way. I like Phillipe, he used to be hot in his younger days.

  3. betty says

    why would they book a vacation if her due date was near anyway? Not like they need to get a good deal.

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