Myleene Klass & Her Sudden Baby Bump

In just three weeks Myleene Klass has developed a fantastic baby bump! Yesterday (left) with her visible baby bump and on March 13th (right) with her remarkably flat stomach. Wow!

Myleene Klass

A pregnant Myleene Klass has stunned onlookers with the rate of her growing baby bump, which seems to have appeared overnight.

Myleene, 28, was showing a remarkably flat stomach three weeks ago when she turned up at a TV award show in a skin-tight white dress.

But yesterday, the musician and TV personality, posing in a red chiffon dress to publicise the new Marks & Spencer campaign, had the definite glow and appearance of an expectant mum.

She is expecting her first child with fiance Graham Quinn who was a bodyguard for the band Hear’Say in which she shot to fame.

The M&S television commercials were filmed before Myleene publicly confirmed her pregnancy.

She stars in them alongside Erin O’Connor, Lizzy Jagger, Twiggy and Laura Bailey.

Commenting on the new campaign, Myleene said: “Working with the other girls was like your first day at school. At first I was a little bit nervous. Who wouldn’t be standing next to Twiggy and Erin.

“An M&S spokesman could not say whether Myleene would model maternity wear for the chain.

Myleene is a classically trained musician who first hit the headlines as part of Hear’Say when the band won TV reality show Popstars in 2001.

More recently she appeared in the game show I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!



  1. ree says

    but also look at her but and how far back her back goes in.
    it dont go in very far so she cant be pushing it out.
    maybe twins?

  2. Ruby Jackson says

    Look at the way her shoulders are positioned– in the white dress, she’s more straight-on to the camera, in the orange dress, she’s more sideways. Add the bright flash to the white dress and there’s no definition, no shape. (I’m a photographer, this is what we do).

    It’s an optical illusion.

  3. boo says

    It could be the way the Baby is postioned….although that still seems like alot of weight gain in 3 weeks…I dunno, it’s a mystery to me…either way she looks great!~*

  4. dori says

    Thats is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. How could that happen? Do you really think she’s padded or pressed in the white dress?
    It’s so weird….

  5. Renee says

    That is very strange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean the stomack just grew out of the blue, she should be glad she is not Katie Holmes or no one would ever believe that there is a baby.

  6. sharon says

    you can see a bit of a baby bump in the white dress pic if you are looking for it. but it is possible to show over night. I did with my first. one day I had nothing at all and the next day it was like he rolled over and there he was!

  7. Ruby Jackson says

    After she wore the girdle under the white dress, she probably said, “never again!”

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