1. Kate says

    She is the cutest pouter I have ever seen! She must get her way all the time, because who could resist that sad little face?!

  2. oriana says

    None of the Arquettes are good looking, Patricia needs to get her teeth fixed, as much money as these celebrities I don’t understand why they don’t go to the dentist! The more I look at Coco I can see a resemblance to David but nothing to Courtney at all. And NO, she was not adopted.

  3. Miapocaa says

    #21..please note..I do not know you have nothing against you , I made a comment, my opinion, you can scroll over and go your way…

    I dont care to have a discussion with you so buzz off………………

  4. Julie says

    Miapocca, you’re spelling your username different these days…still the same poor spelling and mean comments.

  5. Jessie says

    Is it just me or does mommy look a little chunky in the back? Is she pregnant or something? Just wondering and stating not insulting, would never do that. 🙂

  6. Miapocaa says

    AEM…i learn something new everyday, I dont know it was bad luck to name after a living reLative in jewish tradition…

    The kid is just pouting cause she probaly wants something,.she is not hurt in anyway that I can see…. just being the usual manipulative toddler

  7. Jackie says

    I am sure the fortuna has something to do with the fact that her sole reason for getting pregnant was fortune. Ha ha ha!

  8. says

    this have nothing to do with coco but melanie brown name her sec baby Fortuna Daphne Bay goodness children are gonna make fun of her name

  9. maggie says

    super cute cocos face, shes like mad, but still shes looks funny, I love when kids get mad they make me laugh.

  10. Sheri says

    It looks to me like Coco was in trouble. I’ve had my kids in that same position outside of restaurants, grocery stores, movie theatres you name it. And she’s old enough now to getting into some serious parental challenging battles. See, even celebrity babies are bad too.

  11. AEM says

    Miapocca – I read that was not true…Courtney actually wanted to name her Courtney which was her mother’s name as well…however David (who I think is Jewish) said that in Jewish tradition it is bad luck to name a child after a family member who is still alive so they named her Coco which was Courtney’s mother’s nickname (which might have come from the COurtney and COx, but I’m not sure)…

  12. Mindy says

    Aww…that pout looks so familiar! If I remember correctly, CoCo should be celebrating a birthday soon!

  13. withintemptation says

    awww looks like Lil Coco didn’t wanna leave just yet lol

    she’s such a cute little girl!! 🙂

  14. Miapocca says

    oh I just realised wher eher name came form

    CO urtney Co x Arquette

    COCO Arquette….Hmmm


  15. Miapocca says

    The kid takes after the Arquettes, she is even dressing like them…ahahhah cant wait to see her grow up ..the Arquettes are so much fun to see around…I bet she will contribute her fair share to this unique family…..

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