Cate Blanchett & Her Boys At LAX

Cate Blanchett

Upon arriving at LAX on Thursday after a 16-hour flight from her native Australia, Cate Blanchett was snapped with her adorable sons, Roman, 2, and Dashiell, 5.

They look incredibly good for having just endured a 16-hour flight! Even Cate’s pantsuit is impeccably unwrinkled!



  1. Lacy says

    i love it when you see mothers walking around in a hurry carrying hundred of things.. and a beautiful child on their hip.

  2. Essie says

    Well, let me see . . . a 16 hour flight from Australia, in first class, where there are beds that let all the way out (so she and the boys can sleep all the way), large restrooms where Cate can wash up herself and her boys and she can change into that fabulous, pantsuit and look totally pristine when she gets off the plane. That’s how the rich travel, my dear.

    I do love Cate, who always looks fabulous!!!

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