Bridget Moynahan Taking A Stroll Through Santa Monica

Bridget Moynahan

An expectant Bridget Moynahan (who is pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby) was snapped out for a stroll through Santa Monica. She looks so pretty!



  1. Mimi says

    All-Star Quarterback Unveiled as the New Face of Stetson Fragrances

    NEW YORK, April 20 /PRNewswire/ — Coty Inc., the world’s largest
    fragrance company, and National Football League (NFL) superstar Tom Brady
    announced today that the All-American pro-football quarterback will be the
    new face of Stetson fragrances, the company’s flagship men’s fragrance
    Embodying the authentic heritage and spirit of the American West,
    California-native Brady defines the passion, pride and masculine spirit of
    the Stetson man. Partnering with Coty, Brady has signed on to be the new
    official Stetson spokesperson and appear in a new advertising campaign.
    “Tom Brady is the ideal male icon for the Stetson brand and we look
    forward to a successful partnership with him,” said Bernd Beetz, CEO, Coty
    Inc. “His allure extends off the football field and he is widely known for
    his distinctive masculinity and irresistible character.”
    “I’m privileged to be associated with such a great product and brand,”
    commented Tom Brady. “Stetson is a true original and I could not have
    chosen to work with a more established and respected industry leader than
    Effective immediately and for the next two-and-a-half years, Brady will
    represent the Stetson brand. The first ad campaign to feature Brady, set to
    debut in September, will include both a print and television advertising
    “Tom Brady personifies the sophisticated, athletic and rugged blend of
    the Stetson brand,” said Steve Mormoris, SVP Global Marketing, Coty Beauty.
    “The All-American modern man, an incredibly accomplished football player,
    and a recognizable name to American men, Tom Brady’s strong yet accessible
    personality will clearly broaden the appeal of the Brand beyond its western
    roots to new customers who have never tried Stetson.”
    Stetson is one of the top-selling men’s fragrances in the marketplace.
    The classic brand includes Stetson Black, Stetson Cologne, Stetson Sierra,
    and Stetson Untamed.
    Financial terms of this agreement were not disclosed.

  2. Mimi says

    Found this in the Boston Herald today:

    “That buds of Tom Brady [stats] – who allegedly demanded a big trailer and refused to wear a cowboy hat during a Stetson cologne photo shoot, report that the divo-ish behavior described in a New York tabloid yesterday doesn’t add up. “I have never heard anyone utter a negative word about Tom,” said New England Patriots [team stats] spokesguy Stacey James. We can only hope his supermodel galpal Gisele Bundchen isn’t behind this alleged bad boy act . . . ”

    I remember when the baby story first broke and the Patriots, specifically this woman Stacey James, said they weren’t going to make any comments about Tom that didn’t have anything to do with football. Now they’re responding to tabloid reports?! I bet Tom called up his henchmen and asked them to deny reports.

    It looks like Tom does NOT know how to handle this kind of publicity, the kind that doesn’t shed him in the best light or make him out to be God. His own behavior has drawn this criticism but b/c he’s a star athlete, he feels above everything and thinks people should go “easy” on him.

    Also looks like the high maintenance underwear model is making him a little edgy. I bet they fight over who gets the most face time in front of the mirror. I would be very surprised if this “relationship” lasts until the end of ’08. My bf said, the model is “new p**sy and when that gets old, the p**sy hunt will start all over again”.

  3. Mimi says

    Also, don’t forget, ladies: Tom will be doing the cover of Details mag soon. This latest pr move, like the previous move where he went to Africa recently on a goodwill mission tour, is designed to clean up his image.

    Can’t wait to read what type of Q&A interview his agents and pr people will creating for him so that he comes out looking like Father of the Year while Gisele’s people trash Bridget all over the net.

  4. anon says

    Well, the Boston Herald reports it today that too. Gisele bought baby gifts and had them shipped to Bridget.

    This is a very heartless move on her part, if she wanted to make a peace offering this is not the way to go about it, after all, her friends/funs have been dissing Bridget all over the net. It also very heartless for Tom to allow this purchase. How mean can these two get?? Booggles my mind all the time!!

    Jan#45 – Totally agree with you.

    My best wishes to Bridget.

  5. jan says

    If – big if – this is true about Gisele buying Bridget baby presents, then she is either one totally clueless human being, or one very nasty individual.

    Poor Bridget to be connected with these two immensely selfish juveniles.

  6. Rags says

    Life & Style is just as believable as National Enquirer. They even said that Tom and Gisele were already talking about marriage and adoption. Although I love reading everyone’s comments, it’s purely for entertainment only. Come on ladies, you can’t believe all the crap the media puts out. Until I see pictures, I honestly don’t believe it.

    However, there is one thing that may be true and that is Victoria’s Secret may be relinguishing their contract. I do a lot of my ordering online with them, but recently when online, Gisele’s no longer on their splash page and most of her pictures have been removed. Poor girl, she was their spokesperson for so long, then she gets wrapped up in this mess and ruined herself. Maybe Tom will reimburse her bank.

  7. anon says

    Just read this:
    Bundchen buys Bridget baby Gear:

    Supermodel GISELE BUNDCHEN is keen to make sure there are no hard feelings between her and boyfriend TOM BRADY’s pregnant ex – by showering her with baby gifts. Bundchen has reportedly sent actress BRIDGET MOYNAHAN $2,000 (GBP1,025)-worth-of baby clothes from top boutique Petit Bateau. A staff member tells Life + Style magazine the purchases include a sweater and hats.

    11/04/2007 20:32

    If true, I believe donations to a woman’s shelter is at hand here. They would appreciate these gifts.

    I don’t think Bridget will look at this as a peace making gift but rather a scorn.

    By her buying these gifts and Tom not seen or spotted buying anything, she makes him look more like a double jerk! Life & Style magazine are coming-up with these exclusives lately, is something going on that we don’t know about??

    All the best Bridget!,

  8. says

    Tom dump you and you still want to cling to him leave him alone he might change his mind anoy him more and you can just blame your self.

  9. candy says

    Keep the support for Bridget going. Latest rumour is Gisele is quitting Victoria’s Secrets for Tom. But if my memory serves me, Extra already announced that VS was going to drop her last month, so what happens? Her camp is telling Life & Style that she is quitting…ya right!?? She is being dumped!!! I also remember Scott Rosenberg (Bridget’s ex ex) mentioned something about “ppl not caring too much for VS now” becuz of the breakup! There was also a lot of blog comments to boycott VS, so girls, Bridget can have more reason to smile.

  10. candy says

    Gisele claims to have family values, good parents, etc. I know my parents would be cautioning me if I was dating a man who abandoned a pregnant woman. They would tell me “if he could do that to one woman, he would do it to you.”

    With her fame you would think she would be more selective about the men she dates, but look at the history…it’s clear she has not been properly raised. And if Tom still has any inclination to get into politics, he won’t be getting much female support if he is still with Gisele.

  11. Anon says

    Totally agree Mimi,

    I am so glad she is having the baby away from New York. I am hoping Tom and Gisele aren’t even together anymore. They haven’t been spotted together for a few weeks. I know they have both been busy, but I am hoping he has come to his senses and quits thinking with his d…!
    If he has any sense at all he won’t let Gisele anywhere near that baby. What decent man would want an underwhere model who poses nude with her photographers to have any influence on their child. Especially if it is a girl. Wake up Tom!!!!!

  12. mimi says

    I think he bought the apt after see Conan’s show(August) where gisele announced she was single. I have a feeling his crotch has been itching ever since she issued that open challenge for him, then they were hooked up by other circumstances…Gisele showing up at Patriot’s games with the owner?

    Poor Bridget didn’t have a chance to save her relationship. I wonder if Tom will make an appearance at the birth like Matt Leinart did for his? Bridget looks like she has settled where she will be having the baby… on the west coast as far away as possible so she won’t have to deal with gisele ever seeing her baby.

  13. KAT says

    Anon #34.

    I love your comments. They make sense and just lay the situation out the way it is. Good job.

  14. Anon says

    Question? – If he was going leave her, why did he buy a 14 million dollar apartment to be near her in September?

    I think he dumped her after she told him about the pregnancy. Should he have handled the situation better than what he did, this would not have been all over the press.

    Hey ! But a underwear supermodel was awaiting! What’s a guy to do!! Baby?!!, Supermodel?!! Baby?!!, Supermodel?!! Baby?!! Supermodel?!! Oh Yeah……Supermodel!! beacuse I am MAAN!! and She WOMAAAN……Every “man” ENVY BRADY…….Yeah!!!!!
    (jerk!- shakes head)

    For Melyssa- Brady should have left the relationship too, knowing her wishes. Can’t entirely blame Bridget.

    Bridget is clearly embracing motherhood. I wish for her a happy, healthy pregnancy/ birth of her child. All the best!! She is better off without him.

    As for Tom – unfortunately he hooked up with an underwear model who talks too much, chased by paps, loves attention and let’s the world know who’ s her current bedmate. Hence, we know more of what his up too, after the split/baby news.

    But can he redeem himself after this?? Will he want back in her life??? Will she accept him back??? The future in unknown, so let’s wait and see!

  15. KAT says


    How do you know what the circumstances were of the conception? How would Bridget have been humiliated? Obviously, two people had sex and it led to a baby. I don’t think that Bridget tied Tom down and forced him. He was there and had just as much responsibility as she did. I agree with the comment above that he probably already knew that he was going to leave her and should have taken extra precaution. If things were not going good, why did he take a chance? That just makes him stupid. But he chose not to be careful so now he has to pay the piper.

    Bridget is much better off without him. If he is the type to cut and run when the going gets tough or when a cheesy piece of ass comes along, then she can do much better.

  16. Anon says

    Hey “Get Real”

    I’d like to see what your face looks like. What do looks have to do with anything anyway. She is going to be a great mom and has every reason to be excited for her pregnancy.

    Besides Melyssa, no matter what the circumstances were, Tom and Bridget were both responsible for what happened. They were both present. Tom has made it known that he knew he was going to end things before the baby was conceived. He should never have been having sex with her knowing he was going to leave her. Also, knowing he was going to leave her, he should have taken extra precautions. They both took part in something that led to a baby. Bridget has chosen to embrace the situation. Good for her. So yeah, I would agree that Tom is a toad.

  17. carleigh says

    Hey Red..I feel ya there…but ya know what I’ve found at having my second child 8 yrs. after my first..Alyssa brings me back to life..when I have no energy she envigorates me, when I’m tired and worn down she brightens me up…but there are still the days when I just feel like plain, old, tired worn out

  18. Melyssa says

    It’s fun to read all the crap people say that he is a toad and horrible and she is just a lovely ray of sunshine. No one knows what the circumstances were with this pregnancy.

    On Red’s point of her “wasting three years with him and him not wanting to marry her” he said in several interviews he wasn’t ready for marriage, so she knew and stayed knowing he didn’t want marriage.

  19. Red says

    It’s enlightening to read all the support Bridget gets! I am in my late 40’s with two young children. With menopause knocking on my door, it is quite challenging to be a mother, wife and careerwoman. Looking back, I wish I had my children earlier.

    I totally relate to Bridget’s decision to have a child now – even without the father’s consent. She wasted 3 precious years with a man she loved who didn’t have any intentions of marrying her. She wanted a child with a man she loved and if she waited for the next, it could be a few more years. Believe me, you don’t want to be the “OLDEST” mom attending your children’s events – it’s quite depressing to see all the young bubbly moms! Good luck to her – someday she will find love again, but for now she just needs to concentrate of caring for the precious child she is awaiting.

  20. Ali says

    I have loved reading all of these comments. Like Carleigh, I have felt a lot of sympathy for Bridget. It is nice to read posts that support her and wish her the best. I hope she meets Prince Charming and he sweeps her off her feet. Especially since Tom is such a toad.

  21. carleigh says

    Mimi, very good points…but I have somethings to add here
    A woman who decides to have a child w/o the benefit of a man being in the picture is making a conscious decision to think of the larger picture. I went through the same thing in 2003 and I totally relate to where Bridget is at right now.
    Yes, a woman does benefit from having a partner to share the pregnancy and ups and downs with..however, there a millions of women who find themselves pregnant and alone. There’s not one much can do if the “man” decides to split or whatever the circustmances may be, the woman still ends up going through it totally alone. I know for me personally, I would have rather went through it all alone then to have a man being by my side who harbored resentment, anger, confusion, apprehension, etc….I wouldn’t have wanted my baby born into a situation that was unpeaceful or unhealthy.
    Bridget looks great and she knows what is best for her and her unborn baby. I’m sure TB will be looming in the background after this child is born with his checkbook open and crying for DNA….it will come back to bite him in the proverbial keister! It’s not a funny situation and I feel very moved and sympathetic for Bridget, but with her big smile, bright eyes and wonderful outlook she clearly doesn’t want, need or expect sympathy…she’s going to be a great mother.

  22. mimi says

    This was a good thing in 2005 when Tom said “She is my best friend, I can be myself with her” then all of a sudden it’s bad cuz some young sleezy underwear model offers an open challenge publicly. Yes Tom is a young ass thinking with the organ between the legs.

    Promised to take care of her? Ughhh – why was Bridget strolling by herself? A good man would have stood by her through pregnancy. Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster, with sleepless nights, fatigue, and to add fuel, seeing your ex romping around with a sleeze. I too hope Bridget has a good support group to help her through birth. The child needs to be sheltered and pray he grows up not being mocked with his father’s actions.

  23. Miapocaa says

    CLock ticking crap is so old we are in a mellenium where science and a great health system makes it possible to have kids when and if you please. She has about 10 more years before her clock starts ticking.
    SALMA hayk is 40…I guess then her clock must have stopped ticking huh!!!

    I am always of the opinion that mature women make great mothers and relate better to their childrens than yet to mature women..mind you this could be any age range but the majority are teenagers to 25 yr olds. Some Teenagers can be mature…but frankly this woman is her own person with more money than the average woman..even if she were not a movie star she could stil afford to take care of her short Tom Brady whether good or bad is not a neccessary appendage, however his child would benefit from his presence…unfortunately since he seems be staying away for the duration of the pregnancy, he already weakened that bond ….

    I suspect things did not end amicably.
    Brady is a young ass, he has some more growing up to do…at 50 0r 60 he will wake and realise how disrespectful he has been to this woman in his actions over the last year, even allowing his rebond fling to comment on this womans morals….

    Elizabeth Hurly did just fine by herself and her situation was even nastier, infact she did the DNA test for BIng and refused hi s money..apparently the money all goes into a trustfund for the boy and he lives in London with his mother, while Bing can only hope to visit once in a while since he has no rights. Not to mention the child looks like a Minnie me of Bing. Same with Heidi Klum and Leni..these are women who always paid their own bills and frnakl if htey were gold diggers , I doubt they would have held on to modelling and acting jobs..all they had to do was look beautiful and smile at the next zillionaire but htey worked for their money !!!

    I say goodluck to Brigette,I can only imagine how she felt being pregnant with all her hormones rocketting , feeling fat and Brady bunch running around with a skinny beautiful model ahahhahahah. That must have been hard on her. I am glad brady is no longer in the media with the Rio Special Giselle!! made him look BADDDDDDD

    PS : Rio is the sex change capital of the world, so a rio special means who flipped to the other sex….

  24. Anon says

    I wouldn’t say Bridget’s clock was ticking. women are having children in their late thirties and early forties now, she still has lots of time to have more children.

    I hope she meets her soulmate who will love & adore both her and baby. She is a beautiful woman, and I noticed the Boob Fairy has paid her a visit!! Congratulations, that will be beautiful baby!!

  25. Jackie says

    Quit blaming Tom,nothing good comes to an end, it ends because it has stopped being good. Bridget saw her clock ticking and decided to have a baby on purpose with Tom’s good genes. I wish her the best but stopping being unfair to Tom.

    Another man would have humiliated her by giving the real circumstances of her conception. But he admitted responsibility and promised to take care of her.

  26. Ellen says

    She is gorgeous, classy and elegant. I love how she is always smiling. Good luck to her and the baby. I agree that Tom is a coward and turned his back on her so quickly. I hope he wakes up someday and realizes that he made a big mistake!

  27. dori says

    She does look tired here. maybe it’s because she’s just not wearing make up. Not her best pic. She is a beautiful woman.

  28. Mimi says

    NO!!! Please don’t get back with Tom Brady! He is not good nor mature enough for her. She needs a parent for her child – not a man-child.

    Funny how people keep proclaiming that it’s not Tom’s fault. It sure is – it takes an act (love or not) to conceive a child – he must have cared at that point and to turn his back on her so soon after is just immoral.

  29. susan says

    It is amazing that people assume it is Bradys fault they are not together. Really, how do you know? Because Bridget is preg. she must be perfect. Bull crap.

  30. jan says

    I think Bridget makes a beautiful mom – both outside and inside. Tom is acting like a jerk. He is so wrong here, but I still hope they get get back together.

  31. Renee says

    I am not sure we are looking at the same woman, she looks worswe for wear. I have seen her better.

  32. Monica says

    Bridget is a beautiful woman. The baby is going to be very good looking. I hope she meet mister right!

  33. Anon says

    Bridget looks so happy and fabulous. Best of luck to her with the baby. I hope Prince Charming comes her way and steals her heart. (Since Tom is such a toad).

  34. Molly says

    I was always a big Tom Brady fan up until now. Best of luck to Bridget. The baby is going to be gorgeous!

  35. Brandy says

    She is georgous, best wishes to her and her baby.
    Too bad this child’s going to have to grow up with that coward as a father. He ditched her and bailed as soon as he found out she was preggers. COWARD!

  36. Miapocca says

    Wow she got BOOBS…..I bet Tom Brady is missing out……………………Definitely B E A U T I F U LLLLLLLLLL

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