Prince Christian Starts Preschool

Prince Christian

The adorable royal munchkin, Prince Christian of Denmark, was photographed arriving for his first day of school at a local preschool in Fredensborg. The 18-month-old son of Crown Prince Frederik, 38, and Australian-born Crown Princess Mary, 35, will become a big brother next month!

Prince Christian
Best wishes to the family!

Note: This story comes from the German magazine Gala…any German-speaking folks who could confirm and expand upon my translation? 🙂


  1. Loving Mother says

    He is one of the cutest little boys ever!!! I can’t wait till my son can walk.. Way cute kid. He suit makes him look just like a little stud

  2. Kirsten says

    I am Danish and I am not exactly sure what preschool is – the place Prince Christian is going is more like daycare and there is no curriculum. I don’t know what daycare is like in other countries but the Danish system is quite good. The Crownprince and his brother were both raised by nannies and it is very important for them to give their children a more normal childhood and interact with other children.
    In Denmark it is completely normal for mothers to go back to work after 6-12 months. Mothers want to work – and most families need two incomes. Also, it is becoming increasingly normal for younger fathers to take paternity leave for a while.
    I think it is completely acceptable to let children attend daycare if you ‘dont leave them there for too many hours. As a child I was very shy and I think things would have been easier for me if I had been around other children from a young age (my mother stayed at home).

  3. Andrea says

    To KT #9:
    Yeah, 15 month .entering preschool seems a little young for me. Setting up playdates with other children can be an option. No matter what the teacher to child ratio is, the fact is (for me at least) that no one takes better care of your child than you.

  4. Sandra says

    I still cry at the thought of going back to work and my son will be 6 in July. I have been lucky to be a stay at home Mom all this time. I will probably go back to work when he is in 1st grade, so another year.

  5. sharon says

    I don’t think it is such a bad thing for a child to be around other children. socializing is important. They are probably trying to get him accustomed to being around other kids so when the baby arrives he isn’t totally overwhelmed. He does look absolutely adorable though! Too friggen cute!!!

  6. Steph says

    i had to leave my newborn son at 4 weeks 🙁 because my “maternaty leave” was with out pay since i was only 20 days on the job :,(. i think europe has the best benefits for parents.

  7. N says

    I got depressed when I had to go back to work when my 8 weeks of maternity leave were up. I hated it…. I used to cry everyday on my way to work.

  8. Britmama says

    Our child was in family based daycare from 3 months old to 2 yrs. Then onto a daycare centre at 2.5 yrs. Luckily I was still paid during my maternity leave. I have heard of some people having to return to work after 6 weeks.

    Back home in England you can get at least 9 months maternity leave with government benefits. The system here in the U.S. is atrocious and seems to leave mothers here at the mercy of their employers.

    The feud between working mothers and those who stay-at-home is pointless. Why not join together to force change re maternity laws for all women, especially in lower income brackets.

    I applaud the prince’s parents for giving their child some interaction with other children – it makes sense.

    If more children had an opportunity to interact with other cultures, religions, and races at an earlier age, maybe the world would be a better place!!

  9. Grace says

    Little Christian will have a bodyguard in preschool and he won’t be given extra sausages the magazine said but will be treated the same as the other kids. The parents want him to have a normal childhood and the school is close to their home. I used to live in Germany and loved reading Gala magazine for all the promi news, thanks for including this bit, I miss reading this magazine…or at least seeing the pictures!

  10. CyberKitten38 says

    Pre-school at 18 mths? Good Lord let him be a baby for a while! A very cute little boy and family..but I have to question this whole pre-school thing

  11. lauren says

    is the webmistress stupid! she said he will welcome a big brother! i think she meant to say little brother but cutiee baby!!!!!!!

  12. KT says

    I am American but am married to a Dane and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here moms/dads can get up to one year of paid maternity leave off (6 months full pay & 6 months part pay) After a year many HAVE to go back to work. SO the starting age of “preschool” which they call Vuggestue is usually around 1 year. There are many who go back at 6 months and then their kids start then. Being a stay at home mom/dad is not really affordable/an option for many plus I feel it is very ingrained in the culture here to have a “career”. I am a stay at home mom and still my husband talked me into signing our son up for vuggestue a few months after he was born because it can take over a year on a waiting list to get in to the one you want. They had told me last month he wouldn’t have a place in school until July or Aug. but then a few days later I got a letter saying he has a place, so he starts on the April 16th. He is 15 months old and I feel really torn about it. Everyone here acts as if he SHOULD already be in school and i SHOULD have a job, which is cultural I know but still annoying because I have another way of looking at it. I have figured now I can finish my Danish lessons and of course I don’t have to leave him there all day BUT I still feel he is so young to start. On the other hand he LOVES to play with other kids and I do know in my heart he will like it.

    Sorry to ramble but I am really torn between the culture I live in and the culture I come from. I really love being with my baby.

    BTW-The Royal Family is really sweet and normal here. Very well respected. We are all excited for the new prince/princess to arrive.

  13. Maus says

    The German article says that it will benefit the prince to play and socialize with other children that are the same age or a bit older. They choose that particular preschool because it is close to their house and the little prince will not be treated any differently than the other kids. The only exception is the bodyguard. They have even erected a little house outside the preschool for the bodyguard…wow….

  14. kim says

    He’s really cute! But pre-school at 18 mos??? Yikes! That’s WAY too early, I think! My son is just turning 3 and I’m just starting to think about it. I love being a SAHM, and he is EXTREMELY bright, imaginative, etc.

  15. boo says

    Awww, How sweet!… He really does look like a little man in this pic…. I feel like I’m looking at another Verne Troyer (Austin Powers ~ “Mini Me”~ )…..He’s Absolutely Precious!~* 😀

  16. Claire says

    omg that second pic has to be the cutest ever. when did kids start preschool at 18 months? i thought it was like 3 or 4.

  17. carleigh says

    He is a real cutie pie!!! Looks like a little gentleman in his suit, how precious he is…….simply adorable!

  18. Clare says

    He looks so sweet in the second picture, like a little man. He has grown into his head too. It used to be so big, I was worried for a moment there. Cut cute cute!

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