Mary Cheney & Heather Poe Expecting A Son

Mary Cheney

Mary Cheney’s first child is due next month – and it’ll be a boy, her father Dick revealed Wednesday.

“I’m delighted I’m about to be a grandparent for the sixth time,” the Vice President, 66, told ABC News Radio, according to the Washington Post’s Reliable Source column. “I’m looking forward to the arrival of a new grandson.”

Cheney’s press secretary confirmed in December that Mary, 38, and her partner, Heather Poe, 45, were expecting a baby.

Later that month, President Bush, who opposes gay marriage, told People magazine: “I think Mary is going to be a loving soul to her child. And I’m happy for her.”

Mary Cheney, vice president for consumer advocacy at AOL, met Heather, a former UPS manager, when they both played ice hockey during college in Colorado. Heather has been renovating the couple’s suburban Virginia home since they moved there after the 2004 reelection campaign.

During that campaign, Mary said she disagreed with President Bush’s stance on same-sex marriage and told People magazine, “I am in favor of legalized same-sex marriage.”

Asked about his daughter and her partner’s legal standing in his interview yesterday, Vice President Cheney said: “I think each state ought to have the capacity to decide how they want to handle those issues,” the Reliable Source reports.

“And I obviously think it’s important for us as a society to be tolerant and respectful of whatever arrangements people enter into.”

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  4. Lauralin says

    Wow — my views on gay marriage aside, your reasonings are definitely ignorant. Kids will be ridiculed no matter what social/economic status they are brought up in. When I wanted to marry a black guy I was told that it would be my children that would suffer from the interracial marriage. Why not teach our children that tormenting other children isn’t the answer — instead of changing our lives based on what other children will say?

  5. ????? says

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