Katie Holmes Leaving A Costume Fitting For Her New Movie

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie was snapped leaving a costume fitting for her new movie, “Mad Money”. She looks very cute and happy!



  1. Dee says

    I just happened upon the filming of Mad Money and saw Tom Cruise with his daughter Suri……They are like every normal parent working or waiting for the spouse to finish work. I wish the media would stop and let them be normal like the rest of us. Tom was holding his daughter while I watched Katie finish her filming of the set………….they are just like us. Husbands, wives, parents, employees…….doing what they need to do and doing the best they can. That is why they are stars but also normal people, parents, spouses………I have a great shot of Tom and his daughter on my cell phone. They are in a surreal world but also a real world. I just wish that it could be in balance for them. The have achieved, they love to act, they love their family………why can’t we leave them alone??? Why can’t we let them give back on their own terms?? Sorry….but I have issues with the media. But I know that the media is motivated by the consumer that buys news.

  2. Libraesque says

    I think if he’s there on the set every day being a nuisance it’ll be career suicide for her.
    I think given the fact that she’s suffered some kind of personality bypass since being with the gay midget, that her stab at this kind of comedy picture will not work. I personally think this movie is going to bomb

  3. stacey says

    Katie Holmes is a beautiful intelligent woman. How in heavens name did she end up with Tom Cruise I have no clue. Sure they produced an adorable little girl. But I find Tom obsessive and controlling. He is always holding her hand as if she is a child and needs to be guided. This is not the usual I am there for you and I love you holding hands. Where you hold a persons hand says alot. Finally she is doing a new movie, let us hope that he is not there every single day. He seems to be quite a jealous insecure man. Katie is brilliant and I am hoping that she does not get so consumed by this so called love that Tom has for her that she loses the special person that she is.

  4. Libraesque says

    celine, is that the interview when Letterman asks how she and TC met and she can’t even answer him, she just kind of giggles????

    so bizarre

  5. celine says

    my god, i just saw an episode of katie holmes on david letterman’s show. she’s sooo fake and boring. trying to be cute in a way that bores the hell out of u cause she acts like a 13 yrs old. my god. i’m in shock.

  6. oriana says

    KEEP HIS INSTRUMENT PURE!!! What a load of Crap!!!! He is just pitiful! Where did you read that quote at? Mimi is pathetic too, she must be 200% brainwashed and a fanatic! I feel sorry for her children being reared and raised in this bologna! It must not be too pure now for I do believe that Suri is his child, now don’t know what extent of sex between him and Katie, and I don’t think the public should know, it isn’t any of our business, but she is smiling a lot with him and hand holding, don’t think she is that good of an actress to pull it off for years and if he is still spouting that nonsense, it will all come to a head before too long.

  7. Libraesque says

    Mia, my guess is that after TC and Mimi were married and he no longer wanted to have sex, using the excuse of a desire to pursue religion, therefore having to (her quote) “Keep his insturment pure”, that he soon after confessed his homosexuality to her, and she assured him he could be “cured” of it through auditing.

    That being said…I’m afraid this movie is gonna BOMB.

  8. Miapocaa says

    hahahah…none of ccruises women ooze any kind of sex appeal..they are supper skinny broads with mask over their perosnalities around him… Katie was much more exuberant before, she doesnt laugh the same way she used to…

    Penelope was the only thing close to a sex kitten and she didnt last long( she found a real delicious man in McCaugheaven)…plus poor midget couldn’t even get it on with the one of the biggest female sexpot at the time MIMI rogers…that woman has a smacking hot bod in her day…guess xenusiah could’nt handle the heat, he probaly found himself requesting none too many wrestling sex from the paid boy toys. Too often you get caught, had to get rid of the hot latina. I hear he is into tall redheads , apparently Nic had a male double called big red…………

  9. Pea says

    Kaite does not ooze sex but she is very very beautiful. I hope she is as beautiful on the inside. When she smiles, you can see real warmth. Her whole being lights up. I hope Suri can take that beauty from her.

  10. maggie says


  11. sharon says

    good to see her smiling. she is looking a little thin though, maybe it is just the wider pant and tighter top creating the illusion?

  12. Miapocca says

    Haa .,.back to the topic at hand:

    I dont believe all these tabliod but they usually start off with a tiny little truth adn embellish it to maximum…so somehow escape from being sued etc…

    I however am more prone to find Ted Casablanca believable since E entertainment usually keeps a lid on it till there is no chance of getting sued….

    When that Biography on Cruise hits the shelf its going to get nasty, I bet Katies blinders wil drop of from sheer shock……………

  13. Miapocca says

    #30..Bridgette Moniyhan is wearing something similar…should be in one of the trendy LA stores

    For what I know…go to

    CLick on Spring /Summer 2007, go to Trends, then go to catalogue

    You will see some baggy pant styles….as you click along

    I trust H and M will have some cheaper versions soon…..

  14. DMITZ says

    I like Katie. I hate all these rumors going on about her and Tom. I would like to see more pics of Suri though… =)

  15. Helen says

    I love the pants and the jacket is very cute too. She pulls of the look because she is very tall.

    I’m glad she is back to work and she looks very happy.

  16. Miapocaa says

    I dont totally agree neither disagree with all the comments about mommy , daddies with baby…its pretty much their headache what they do…and the whole societal view of having mommy and daddy and ducklings works for those families when one parent has more flexibiliy in thier schedule or is a stay at home parent…..when both partners work and if its in different countries,..its a new ball game and one person has to have the kids at their location…and kids from such families turn out quite alright as well as those from single parent families…so I am sure even this child and Nicole chidlren’s should survive the seperation…it s not like Holmes wasnt traisping around the world at fashion shows according to some scientology mommy , baby bonding rules, while Tom and his is quack con men bonnded with the baby.

    Frankly its good to see her being more possesive with her child..I say things have changed, maybe she is gradually waking up..I don’t doubt that she is nice to most people, her time with tom brought out her dumb side, ….she might simply not be smart enough to be bitchy to others ahhahah

    The whole thing is unravelling, it might take longer than if Tom had been with the average hollywood starlet..this one will stick with it longer due to her family background and the whole scientology mess she got herself into…I wont be suprised if she gangs up with nicole..for Tom has proved that he some power over the kids now..

    Infact the chidlren are living with tom full time when previous custody reports were a 50/50 time share…Nicole must have broken some of the conditions and I believe its rooted in Urbans alcoholism/drugs???,…Now Tom can have full custody since the argument will that he doesnt want them around such a character and its toally against his scientology beliefs…I actually feel sorry for the kids and their mother….if he actually loves his children he will realize they need their mother…Holmes is no mother figure to Bella………..and should not try to be.

    In short I dont envy Ms Holmes her position in a den of Cruises!!! Yikes…step kids, mother in law, sisters in law and nephews….that must be some family drama!!!!!!!!!!

  17. kim says

    She’s really beautiful. I heard that Tom plans to be on the set with her every day… I’m sure baby Suri will be there, too…

  18. Renee says

    I disagree, I think the pants are totally cool and Katie is really nice. Her smile shows warmth and most people who have met her say she nice.

  19. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    Ever since she married that crazy looser of Tom she became this old looking white trash bitch, I hate the way she is dressing, please with all that money!!! What a looser!

  20. crayola says

    my goodness i hope she has boxers on like those kids that wear there pants done to their knees. they do not look good on her. someone throw her a bone

  21. Xenafan96 says

    TO poster #11
    “She better not take Suri on set
    The babyu has to stay at HOME with her sweet and caring daddy. Period”
    Tom may be the greatest dad ever, but Katie is her mother who carried her in her womb and gave birth to her. She has just as much right, imo even more, to take Suri where she goes. It is not just Tom’s daughter exclusively.

    “A trailer is not a sane place for a baby
    the best growing up place for a child is home, to learn, play, get interested and interact with her parents”

    Aha, that can be readily fixed by buying or renting a temporary residence for Katie to film and Tom can bring Suri so that she benefits for both parents being around. It is not a permanent move, simply a movie shoot, and as young as Suri is, I do not believe she will have distrubng memories. I am willling to bet money if the roles were reversed, Tom would INSIST on Katie and Suri at his location.

    “I hope Tom isn’t suffering too much by all this aggression for the criminals tabloids outside.
    He is the sweetest man.
    Damn the tabloids and shame to the people who read, buy or beleive that crap! ”

    I believe stars make their own press. You name stays out in public and IMO, you want the spotlight, be prepared for it to shine on you everywhere. I don’t know if Tom is sweet, I’ve never met him. I like to read the tabloids for the simple fact that you can have 3-4 ‘gossip’ magazines totally fabricating ideas and who knows what the truth is since they all contradict each other.

    Babies Suri’s age need Mommy around. Daddy is a great role model too, but as an experience mama, little girls just need to know Mommy is there. If she isn’s b/c TC won’t bring her, then he is only hurting Suri in the long run.

  22. Renee says

    I admit the pants are hippee style but I like them too, they are totally cool and easy. I have not seen them around but I am rather short and plump they might not look too good on me. She wears them well though, she should have added a troupee to complete the look.

  23. Miapocaa says

    Hilarious…how the heck did pants become a black or white taste…next it will be a straight , bi, les thingy..then what? LA vs NY hahhaha…Humans, we also have to fit things in boxes…I amaze myself sometimes…ahahah

  24. Miapocaa says

    No second tom kitten seems likely..its will take some divine or rather xenu intervention or another trip to hartnett or kline….They actually all some some looks in common…ahahha oops I forgot the Cruise cousin is avalaible …..free sperm bank !!

  25. Miapocaa says

    #4: These are linen pants that were in every fashion shop in Europe last summer…the cut differed from shop to shop..but Bebe, Zara, Mango,Oasis, and everyone else ….the A-shape waist styles are the most flaterring..they are very tropical and very comfy…..

    They are really nice pants..katie may have gotten it a little roomier adn her posture is not the best.Also hers not to shaped, she just got a bigger size in straight pants, but when you see the well fitted one, you will totally die to own one..but they are very nice pant…they were all totally on sale bigtime as well..I should think she should be hitting the states this summer..it alwyas take s ayear later for the styles to show up in the US….hahha

    They were selling anywhere from $150 to $70…H& M had the cheaper ones and their fabric wasn’t as good ad the other ones. My favourite and the ones I snagged were from KOOKAI ,..dont know it they have that shop in the US…but they were fantabolous..they usually have seriously nice clothing…its like bebe without the skank factor and higher quality fabrics…a little higher up than Zara’s.

    How do I know this..I went to every Zara’s and Kookai in London , Paris and Geneva within a week or so..hunting hunting hunting for deals!!!

    However I think the ones she has one are the designer version..

  26. dori says

    Katies into high fashion I guess she’s a little ahead of us. But being 5’3″ these pants are not a style I could ever wear.. lol
    I can see this style on Gwen Stefani can’t you? Kind of a rapper look.

  27. rita says

    She better not take Suri on set
    The babyu has to stay at HOME with her sweet and caring daddy. Period

    A trailer is not a sane place for a baby
    the best growing up place for a child is home, to learn, play, get interested and interact with her parents

    I hope Tom isn’t suffering too much by all this aggression for the criminals tabloids outside.
    He is the sweetest man.
    Damn the tabloids and shame to the people who read, buy or beleive that crap!

  28. Cay says

    I totally love the pants. The jacket is really cute but it looks like it might be one size too small. There have been rumors about a second tomkitten circulating around and maybe that is the idea with the clothes. Never no though even if that isn’t it the outfit is still way cute.

  29. Anne says

    I am not sure about the coat but I love the pants too ( I am not black by the way).

    I am glad she is back to work. I hope she takes Suri to the set . I misses them too

  30. carleigh says

    I like the pants too! She looks good but she’s getting a bit too thin..kind of lollipopish…hope all that Cruise control ain’t wearing her down..she’s pretty.

  31. Clare says

    Gal has the worst posture I have seen. I love those pants too, surprise surprise, am black to. LOL. They aint a white people’s thing but they are totally hip.

  32. Jackie says

    I missed seeing Katie and Suri for the last two weeks, she looks good and happy to be back at work!

  33. ????? says

    I am so loooooooooooooooooooving those pants, I know it is not a typically white style but as a black person, I totally feel them. It may catch on later but they are not big by mistake. Any one know where I can get them?

  34. says

    Yeah I agree, she may look happy but not sure whats going on with the outfit… Cant she feel that her pants are virtually around her knees???

  35. Diva says

    She looks weird and needs to pull her pants up… I think, and I usually love the way she dresses. This is just STRANGE looking to me.

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