Jennifer Garner & Violet At Play

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Violet, 16 months, were snappedĀ  in the Pacific Palisades, CA, on Tuesday. I know that it has been said a MILLION times….but they are so adorable!


  1. gw says

    I love Jennifer Garner & Violet!! She is so down to earth. She is definitely a celebrity that appears very approachable and not phased by Hollywood’s craziness. Love this pair! they are just sooooo extra adorable and smiley!

  2. says

    Oh brother… give me a break. I didn’t make the comment to start an all out war on what these people do with their personal lives. I simply made an observation. It seems that a lot of other celebs get hounded by the photogs doing hundreds of different things. I know if I had people following me around constantly they’d catch me out doing a ton of different things with my daughter. I just found it odd that we see so many pictures of other celebs doing other things and when we see Jen and Violet they always seem to be at the park. Just OBSERVING – not criticising or anything else, that it seems that’s they only place they seem to be snapped!!! Good Lord! You people are vicious on here, aren’t ya! I’ve seen so many ridiculous comments about “ugly babies” or globe-trotting Angelina – or whatever – people that actually say rotten things – all I said was that they seemed to be at the park a lot. Good grief. Thanks – but this will be the last time I post on this site. It’s obvious that people have nothing better to do than jump on someone’s tail about their posts/comments.

  3. jen says

    Here’s a thought Jennifer ….. suppose that the family DOES do those sorts of other things but there just aren’t any paps around those places to capture it on film for you. Ya think maybe the guys with cameras hang out at those parks in LA a lor because they are very public spots, easily accessible and they know that celebs frequent those spots with their kids? Hmmmm.

    Jen & Ben need to be better celebs and parents and alert the paps to ALL of their stomping grounds, such as the zoo, the mall, the library, the museums, so that fans like you can see that they really do more with Violet than just hang out at the park.

  4. says

    I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with taking Violet to the park. It wasn’t a criticism at all – just an observation that they don’t seem to do much else other than go to the park. I love taking my daughter to the park – but I also like taking her to the zoo, the muesum, the library, shopping, to lunch… lots of other things. I also like dressing up with her and being girly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Jennifer G. and her daughter – and my comment wasn’t stating that there was. I just found it odd that they never seem to be doing anything else. Geesh! I know some people come on here and gripe about silly stuff all the time. But some of you seem to be looking to get into to arguments with people! Calm down people & stop assuming that everything someone says is a criticism!

  5. whatever says

    what is wrong with Jen taking violet to the park every day? At least she isn’t just putting Violet in front of the tv with plenty of junk food to keep her busy like most mothers nowadays which is why kids are getting so fat nowadays.

  6. jules says

    these posts are just cracking me up. seriously, i am laughing out loud reading them. could someone just shoot jen and ben an email and let them know that some people are tired of them doing normal things and could they do something a little extravagent?

  7. jane says

    LOL, #9 would like to see them “at the beach” now, too.

    You people are friggin’ hilrious. Perhaps you can all get together and write a request list of places you would like to see Jen and Violet, other than the park.

    #1. The beach
    #2. The mall
    #3. The post office
    #4. The Olive Garden

  8. maggie says

    I think is great that jen spends a lot of time with her baby, most mother dont do that and later they regret, but I would like to see jen and violet somewhere else, like in the beach

  9. jane says

    So now we are complaining that a celeb plays with her child too much at the park????

    This one takes the cake. You win for the most absurd post ever.

    Gimme a huge break.

  10. Jeannie says

    DMITZ- you’re not silly at all. Now go build sandcastles with your kids!

    Now this is silly- I’ve seen larger pics from this set and I’m sure I see that Violet has a bubble coming out of her nose! It’s so funny and adorable.

  11. Violetfan says

    Violet is so adorable. Look at that cute little face. She looks so happy with her mommy, I am glad Jennifer Garner spends time with her baby.

  12. Lisa says


    it is not just you, I find and have always found Jennifer Garner boring. A great mom, yes, but boring none the less. Can she dress up and be fantastic looking- for sure, but she herself describes herself as a former band geek

  13. Mindy says

    Gosh….during the summer, I take my kids to the park (almost) everyday! I hope that I don’t get criticized for letting my children get some fresh air and exercise!

  14. Chris X says

    Could it be that they are sitting into the sandbox playing cause one of them is only 15 months old? After all, there were NO pictures of Jen sitting in the sandbox before Violet was born. I think it is great that she does this instead of shopping, going to lunch, or any of the ohter things an adult might prefer but that a little one who just wants to run around is not going to enjoy very much.

  15. DMITZ says

    They are always at the park, but either way, I think it’s a wonderful thing. We usually see pics of celebrities with their children because they have to run errands (eating, shopping, etc), but Jennifer is usually photogged with Violet at a place she benefits from (the park!). I know this sounds silly, but looking at pics like this makes me realize that if a busy celebrity (celebs) have time to play around with their children, I need to slow down from work/other things and take time to make time for my children. Hint hint (Britney!)

  16. says

    Is it just me… Or are they always at the park or at play? They are very cute & it’s great she’s so hands on, but how come there’s not very many pic of them doing anything besides sitting in the sandbox?

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