1. says

    been following ur blog for a few days. really enjoy your posts. by the way i am doing a report about this subject. do you happen to know any good websites or online forums that I might learn more? thanks a lot.

  2. Naomi says

    Unfortunately, they did, Sally, and what’s worse, she intends to spew out even more of these beasts. She’s either trying to start a bassetball team or just wants to fill the nearest prison.

  3. janice says

    thankyou Tiffany for your comments and how “anonymous” has no guts but to remain behing his/hers moronic stupidity! How old are you -10 yrs
    Educate yourself before boring us wwith your crap.
    I want to engage in interesting debates..not rubbish

    by janice! NOT anonymous!!!!!

  4. janice says

    To :217. Col. Sanders, ret.
    I have lived in Germany… I have reported your bullshit to the authourtiesn. U ARE NO LONGER WELCOME IN THIS WORLD!

  5. janice says

    With regards to all the negative comments: My soul bleeds..equality is still but DREAM!
    OR! The ignorance of humanity is a profound and deeply hidden disease. MY heart is truly saddened by some comments posted…the system is still failling

  6. Xenafan96 says

    It took forever, but now I know who Henry reminds me of:
    Tickle Me Elmo!!
    I bet one tickle and he can’ stop laughing!

  7. Xenafan96 says

    It took forever, but now I know who Henry reminds me of:
    Tickle Me Elmo!!
    I bet one tickle and he can’t stop laughing!

  8. Col. sanders says

    geez zena, i thought you would be more on top of this
    if the link does not work, here is the relevant details

    Although adult and adolescent blacks accounted for 13% of the population in the 33 states during 2001–2005, they accounted for 50.5% of the 184,991 new HIV/AIDS diagnoses; whites accounted for 72% of the population and [they accounted for] 29.3% of diagnoses, and Hispanics accounted for 13% of the population and [they accounted for]18.2% of diagnoses.

    Among racial/ethnic populations, blacks accounted for the largest percentages of cases diagnosed in both males (43.9%) and females (67.2%).

    During 2001–2005, blacks had the largest percentage of HIV/AIDS diagnoses in all age groups and in the IDU and high-risk heterosexual transmission categories. Among men and women with IDU and persons with high-risk heterosexual contact, more than half were black (men: 53.8% and 65.7%, respectively; women: 58.8% and 69.5%, respectively). More MSM with HIV/AIDS diagnoses were white (42.7%), with smaller proportions of blacks (36.2%) and Hispanics (19.0%).

  9. Xenafan96 says

    No dear, you are incorrect. AIDS is rapidly declining in most communities as more awareness is given to the disease. Middle class white women are rising higher in newly infected than any other class since it is assumed that suburban life is easier and that men will not cheat on their wives. Per Capita-yes, that would be the amount of money gained per year in taxation, industry,etc. vs. growth in population, excluding stillbirths of course. Learned it, know it, use it every day.
    I want to believe the 90% inter-racial stat. If I am not mistaken, doesn’t it qualify as inter-racial if it involves two different races? What happened to the other 10%?
    And-the sister is the FBI agent, the uncle is the Coroner. I never presumed expert status on either, just the cold facts I have see with my own eyes. Maybe because I am a Mortician and Licensed Embalmer so I see more than the average person does. Facts can be fabricated and they are all day, every day. Then, when you get to me, I see the reality of how you lived your life and what quality of life you lived. I see what different diseases are the rage these days, if you ate a box of cookies every day of your life, if you believed in tattoos. i spend hours making you up, hiding wounds and disfigurements, covering up livor mortis(that’s a tough one). I sit with relatives and have to tell them that their loved one is too unpresentable for an open casket, and the horror that crosses their faces when they insist on seeing. I live in a big city so I see all kinds of cases. I can’t keep my license if I do not understand the everyday demographics and work witihin the community to meet those needs.

  10. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    just a note for you zena, being the sister or niece of an FBI agent or coroner only makes you qualified to be an expert on being a sister and niece to an FBI agent.
    did you know that 90% of all inter-racial crime is negroid -on-white?
    your HIV info is all wrong, negroid women, and negroids as a whole make up the largest group of infected in the USA, passing gay’s long ago.
    Do you understand things like “per capita” and ratios and the like?
    let’s take rape for example. for the yr. 2010, white men committed 1000 rapes, and negroid men committed only 900, you would be so excited about this, “evil YT commits more rapes then blk men woo hoo!”
    but you fail to realize that evil YT is 75% of the pop., and the negroid male is only 6% of the pop.! Defenders of the negroid male (whiggers) make this error all the time. “per capita”, learn it, know it!
    Crime stats are very easy to find, for example in CA, 2005, the only catagory where whites were # 1 was “bookmaking”, mexicans and negroids led all other cats. like child molesting and rape, murder etc.

  11. Col. Sanders, ret. says

    Racism is NOT hate, racism is recognizing the differences between races, and not pretending they don’t exist. Racism is about understanding. A racist understands the negroid, they know all about the negroid, they understand the sociopathic behavior that is inherent in the negroid, they understand how primative the negroid is. just because a racist does not believe the “we are all created equal” crap (we evolved, we were not “created”) does not mean we hate. and understand this: it is NOT about skin color, it is about the differences between the races and the FACT that the negroid stopped evolving 50,000 years ago and is dramatically inferior to other races, skin color is the least significant of those differences. and don’t use sports examples to try and make your point, sport requires NO MENTAL CAPACITY! a Chimpanzee weighs about 150lbs, but is 5x stronger than any man, and most all dogs are faster than humans. a negroid doing well in a sport is much different than actually INVENTING a sport. The negroid is a TOTAL failure in every part of the world, they are not even the dominate race on their own continent, and this failure is what leads to the conflict (you call it racism) between whites & the negroid, it is caused by they fact that the negroid brings nothing to the table, yet insists on eating at our table. The resentment against the negroid is caused by the fact that the negroid has contributed nothing to humanity and civilization, yet insists on taking all the benefits of humanity and civilization, and they do it with an arrogance that provokes even more resentment.

  12. Xenafan96 says

    Ooh I love when we play these statistic games…who does what and such. I wanna play too!
    Let see…..As the niece of a prominent US Coroner and sister to a Sgt. Profiler for the FBI:
    At any given time, there over 100 active, freely roaming serial killers at work. Of that amount, less than 5% are caught, arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. Serial killers fall demographically within the following:
    25-40 years old
    White males, in low to middle class earning positions, generally withdrawn from society and possessing few viable relationships within their lives. Ted Bundy is an exception to this rule, as he was very gregarious, yet he also was very productive as a prisoner in evaluting and assisting the FBI in what to profile for. Richard Ramirez was apprehended after his photo was splashed all over LA and he was stupid enough to return to LA, where he was met with a mob, mostly black, and police had to save his life to arrest him. He settled mainly for whites as targets. To date, only one white female, Aileen Wuronous, has acheived public notice as claiming 6 and admitting to later possibly over 20 white males as murder victims. Numbers wise, white vs. black serial killer rates are very much skewered to occur from a white male. While there are and have been black serial killers, interestingly, they have tended to kill within their own demographic, and many escaped prosecution for years because the assumption was often that a white male was responsible. While white serial killers often overstep the bounds of the society around them and ramdonly attack based on a set of ideology and ritual established within their formative years, patterns are established that are eventually followed with precision, enabling prosecution to occur sooner.

    Statistically speaking, races will assault either in their own economic group(due to access and comfort level achieved) or impulsively and radomly assault victims based on the unique opportunity that is presented at the time. Race doesn’t play so much of a factor in homicide as opportunity and motive do, contrary to what is commonly believed.

    Infant mortality due to homicide is primarily seen in depressed, economically, and/or undereducated females of all race groups, with a larger number of white newborns murdered at birth to conceal a secret pregnancy, abnormal reaction to bonding issues, inadequate coping abilities, and/or lack of moral conscience to homicide as a solution.

    Since welfare reform was enacted in the US during the late 1990’s, a dramatic decrease in births for all races has occured. Because of this reform, more families are encouraged to work and care for their families as they should. White females still lead percentage wise with unmarried births, and also with multiple fathers.

    White males aged 18-35 lead the way for drunken driver related fatalities. On average, our morgues handle hundreds of deaths of driver and victim in any given week. Some cities rank much higher, some much lower.

    Gang on gang violence has decreased in the last decade thanks to better intervention at younger ages in high risk groups. Within these gangs, the primary cause of death is homicide, and sadly, innocent bystanders.

    Death statistics for HIV and AIDS diagnosed patients show the group increasing most rapidly is white females of average middle class, and IV drug users. IV drug users are soaring numbers in all classes of crime and death due to drug use.

    I have more, Shirley. I appreciate your responses above and post this as statistics I would like you to consider.

    Tell me, do you guys and gals still lace your Doc’s up with red laces or has that gone out of fashion?? Leaders still wear the yellow stripes(to commemerate Hitler’s use of the Star of David and the yellow color) in their suspenders or ceremonial gowns?Scary isn’t it, that I was once on your side, so I know the rhetoric spouted and can predict exactly what you will respond with, what anyone in the Aryan movement will respond with. I simply smile and wait.

  13. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    “Do you realize black people are better at alot of things then US whites?? Do you see a white woman racing her way down the track to a finish line?”

    Yes, I did. Check out the last Boston Marathon.

    “Do you see a white man Carrying golf into history?”

    Tiger Woods is 25% black, yet still chased and knocked up another smoke jumper. But how about Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player….? Name another black golfer.

    “If we took a black man and a white one and placed them on a Basketball court you know who who get spanked?”

    Did you watch the last Olympics where our black athlete superstars lost becase they had to follow the rules?

    “And tho there are black people out there that aren’t very smart and have aids and do rob and shoot.”

    Check out the statistics and you’ll find that black crime is 1000% higher than White crime. The AIDS rate is even higher.

  14. Loving Mother says

    All you racist people out there Make me sick.. What a world to live in where people hate on someone because there color. Honestly i hope some big ass black man gets on here and tracks you down and whooops your ass. Your all crazy to sit here and bash on someone for the color of there skin. Your a discrace to the human kind and should burn on the stake. They should make a KKK for all you nasty white people out there. I am white and NEVER would i let that shit come out of my mouth. And I am not with a BLACK man and NEVER have been. I am a Damn American living in the right state of mind.. You sit here and bash on them like thats what your life is about. Do you realize black people are better at alot of things then US whites?? Do you see a white woman racing her way down the track to a finish line? Do you see a white man Carrying golf into history? If we took a black man and a white one and placed them on a Basketball court you know who who get spanked? And tho there are black people out there that aren’t very smart and have aids and do rob and shoot. I hear abt white men doing the same. I hear more abt white men beating there child to death then i do a Black man.. Its all a Joke to me.. All races Make the mistake of screwing up and being different. (white, asian, Black,) all of them. SO why don’t you all get a damn life and stop bashing on a child who did not choose what life he has ahead of him.. I hope that little boy becomes president of the Damn USA. And shows you how to men and woman. Cause your all little kids trapped in a body with some crazy ass minds. Get a life and Stop Bashing on people you know NOTHING..

    And for all you 15 year old on her who cannot even spell but yet preeching you ignorance make me SICK. Your Parents should beat some since into you. Get in bed and dream a life with out blacks..

    Cause it is NOT going to happen.

  15. terry says

    regarding little Henry, my goodness what an ugly little boy! does he have Downs syndrome? he certainly has a stupid look about him. he should be the posterboy for a campaign against inter-species breeding!!! While it’s true the negro is naturally ugly, you would think that having a supermodel mother would at least help a little, but the boy is full on nigger ugly!

  16. Helen says

    207. MyBabyIsBiRacial | April 21st, 2007 at 4:48 pm
    so, black people have an average IQ of 85 do they? Is that just within America?

    Perhaps that would explain America’s foreign policy, what with Powell and Rice both being Black Americans.

    What’s Bush’s excuse for his low IQ then?

    I just want to laugh and you people as you are just so dim!!!

    You are an incredible moron, Mrs. Witch Doctor. Why do all liberals think Republican American Presidents are dumb? Because the media say so? Or is it because you think anyone who disagrees with you is dumb? Maybe it’s just you who is dumb.

    In any case, if you have the guts (which I sincerely doubt), go to the link below and you will find that Bush’s IQ is somewhere arounf 125-130. Can you do better?

    There are also a lot of good links in the article that will tell you the truth about the IQs of different groups.

  17. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    #208 – less offensive to others??

    are you serious?

    You people are so stupid, it’s shocking!

    the only thing I find ‘disgusting’ and ‘distasteful’ is the amount of completely and utterly stupid, ignorant racists on this site.

  18. Melanie says

    I too think it’s disgusting that Heidi has had children with a black man.

    There is something very distasteful about it.

    It would be much better if she had married a white man and less offensive to others.

  19. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    so, black people have an average IQ of 85 do they? Is that just within America?

    Perhaps that would explain America’s foreign policy, what with Powell and Rice both being Black Americans.

    What’s Bush’s excuse for his low IQ then?

    I just want to laugh and you people as you are just so dim!!!

  20. Whoa... says

    Man, all the neo-nazi white supremacy on here is really, really revolting and has just really gone too far! And half you crazies need to learn to spell…

    He’s a BABY, not an animal for Christ’s sake…

  21. Helen says

    For example, if I had an IQ of 85, I’d rightly consider it an achievement to hold down a job as a toilet cleaner. However, I know this because I have an IQ between 128 and 140, depending on which IQ test I choose to believe. If I really did have an IQ of 85, I’d be far too stupid to realize that I was doing well to hold that job down – unless somebody told me so.

    #203, this sounds a lot like you. 🙂

  22. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    #199 – you sick, disgusting piece of filth.

    ‘the negro who rapes a baby to cure his AIDS should be applauded’

    You are sick in your head and need treatment.

    I am sickened that you could think something like that.

    You nasty, nasty piece of vermin.

  23. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    Wedmistress – you need to start cleaning this up now please. Get rid of some of this filth.

  24. says

    What can we do to restore racial harmony to our cities? The problem lies in the Negro’s desperately low intelligence. With an average IQ of 85, nearly a full standard deviation from the mean, the negro lacks the intellectual wherewithal to succeed in a white society, yet has been led – cruelly and unfairly – to consider itself as on a par with humans. The irony is bitter: the negro is so stupid it doesn’t realize how stupid it is. With an IQ of 85, it believes almost anything it is told, including the lie that it is intelligent.

    So the negro sees humans living in comfortable homes, driving expensive cars, wearing good quality clothes, and not dying of AIDS; and it thinks that, since it is the equal of humans, all those material benefits are somehow its right, too. In short, the negro is discontented because it *expects* more than it *has*. The trick to restoring the happy, smiling “Uncle Remus” negro of yesteryear is thus to manage its expectations.

    For example, if I had an IQ of 85, I’d rightly consider it an achievement to hold down a job as a toilet cleaner. However, I know this because I have an IQ between 128 and 140, depending on which IQ test I choose to believe. If I really did have an IQ of 85, I’d be far too stupid to realize that I was doing well to hold that job down – unless somebody told me so.

    Similarly, the negro who rapes a baby to cure his AIDS should be applauded, not condemned, because he’s started out on the evolutionary path that leads to cognitive intelligence. What appears to us to be a gross sexual crime is, in fact, the distant ancestor of abstract thought. 50,000 years ago, humans were as dumb as Negroes are now; surely we should cut them a little slack and not judge them by the standards we set ourselves? You wouldn’t expect a dog to drive a car; you wouldn’t expect a chimpanzee to perform brain surgery; and you can’t expect a negro to display any moral awareness. Admittedly, applauding this behavior will accelerate the spread of AIDS, but to die of disgusting and interesting diseases is part of the negro’s birthright and heritage.

    We should thus focus our efforts, as a society, on applauding the most minor negro accomplishments, reminding him what a dim bulb he is, and emphasizing that his material lifestyle is proportionate to his IQ. He should be happy with whatever he has, however little that is, because he’s too dim to merit more. Thus, an African negro has an IQ of 55 to 60 and drinks water that has been pissed and shat in. An American negro has an IQ of 85 and gets todrink clean water, the same as humans drink. Who’s better off? Why, the latter, clearly – because of his higher IQ. The message to the discontented urban negro is: it could be worse.

    Only when the negro forgets its preposterous dreams of getting a college degree on its own intellectual merits, or of holding down anyother than a menial job, will there be racial harmony. There can be no more quota negro doctors until they evolve past belief in the “Evil Eye”. There must be no more quota negro airline pilots until there is an African aerospace industry.

    They’ll be happier, we’ll be happier, and best of all, my shoes will be shinier.

  25. Granny says

    To our Brits (and all others) on this site. Please don’t make a blanket call on all American’s as being racists, stupid, intolerant or ahaving any other debase qualities. We have a few of those losers but the majority are not and indeed are fine open-minded people.

    I go to England every year on holiday and I have been treated at times poorly by English workers as if my money was dirty. All countries have a few bad apples that are an embarrassment.

  26. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    British-chick-x. You sound amazingly mature, just how I would want my child to be.

    You are a great example of British youth culture and how our tolerance and attitudes over here are completely different.

    I have never had any desire to go to America, more so since the Iraq war but finding babyrazzi has put me off for life, seriously.

    I am disgusted that any person walking this earth still thinks like this. It is just completely out of my life experience, thankfully.

    There are some great people on this site who think like normal human beings but those that don’t really let their nation down.

    This would never be tolerated on a British site. It would have been picked up on by the British press and closed down.

  27. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    my kids are human – are they? now there’s a coincidence, so is mine!

    I am not even going to bother to reply to your pathetic post. It’s not even worth dignifying with a response.

    I wonder what your children will amount to? Not much, I shoudn’t think, with a role model like you.

  28. TLB says

    Where are all these racists coming from. They just keep showing up on this site. I am so saddened by this and am ashamed to have once said I loved to come on this site. It is not nice to call anyone names white or black and it needs to stop NOW!! Come on….enough already. We all need to grow up and keep our rude and racial comments to ourselves. Obviously we are not going to change the minds of the racist people on this site but maybe the racist ones could just keep their comments to themselves then atleast we would not be subject to them. So to all you racists out there ….we get your point….now please go away.

  29. British-chick-x says

    wow these comments are so sickening and disgusting. As a bi-racial person, I am personally offended! I’m only 12 years old and I have to say that I am better educated than all of you people who have put such ignorant comments. I have to say, not all the racist comments have been from the white end either, what’s up with calling people ‘white trash’? It’s really not cool. After hearing all these things, it makes me reluctant to want to go to America anymore, which was always an ambition of mine, seeing as this is how you speak about people. Don’t even hide the fact and try to say i am close-minded because the majority of these comments are racially driven. Stop saying bad things about Heidi Klum because she has black children, what business is it of yours? You can’t make such huge generalisations that apply to an entire race of people. I do believe in freedom of speech but I have to say that the majority of you here need to have a serious lesson on manners and knowing when to keep your mouths shut. Oh – and don’t call such a small child ugly – it’s not nice.

  30. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    a good thing it wasn’t life threatening? hmm, I’m not so sure about that……

    maybe he wasn’t incompetant, maybe he just didn’t think there was much worth saving.


  31. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    I have just been reading off these posts again.

    foxybrown – you say your daughter’s children call her a n**ger? (I can’t even bring myself to type that word)

    That is truly repulsive.

  32. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    I said I would leave, but I just keep checking back to see what other gems anonymous and the others come up with it. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be hilarious.

    anonymous – if you re read my post, you will see, I myself am not a doctor, my husband is. I am a stay at home mum to my baby boy. I have only just found this site actually, and thought I would come on to have a look at the world of celebrity. And then I came across this and just had to post at your complete and utter ignorance. It astounded me.

    It is a shame that you are bored. Maybe you should think about going to school a bit more? You certainly need to improve on your spelling and grammer. Do you have any friends? (unlikely – I know) or hobbies??

    lol Granny. I agree – very unappealing!!

    I am really amazed by how stupid some people are. Your spelling, anonymous is really bad, even for a 15 year old.

    Do your parents know what you do on the net? I wonder if it’s a joke, actually (not a very funny one) If so, I suggest you just leave it now, you have had your fun, and are actually just showing yourself up.

    As I said I would, I have informed Seal of what is going on here, so we will have to wait and see if he decides to do anything about it. I certainly would, in his shoes.

    By the way, anonymous – where have all the others with your sad viewpoint who were posting here gone?? You appear to have been deserted!

    Shame that.

  33. Granny says

    Anonymous. You also need a lesson in human anatomy as what you suggest is physically impossible. You do know that right? And if you don’t want to talk to me that is fine. Now, the chuckle will result from seeing if you will actually be able to ignore me this time. And if you are a child, something tells me that you would be very unappealing to a molester and would be quit safe.

  34. TLB says

    anonymous – were do you come up with all your racist comments. Do your parents teach you the ways of racism or have you made the decision to follow in the footsteps of the KKK on your own? I suggest giving up the racism, getting an education, learn to spell and better your life. Negativity will not get you very far in life. Do you like professional sports? movies? music? In all professional sports, on tv, and in music are black people. Do you not participate in life or the things you might enjoy because someone is of a different color? My 15 year old girl, you are missing out on so much by being closed minded. Hopefully you will wake up and will eventually be able to see that color is only skin deep. Color does not make the person. It is what is on the inside that makes the person.

  35. anonymous says

    granny go fuck you self ok .i dont whant a talk to you this is the last time I;am going to tell you this i dont talk to granny or granpa in could be a child melester

  36. Granny says

    Anonymous. Granny is here wondering if you paid any attention in spelling when you were in school. Apparently you didn’t – or – maybe you are still very young and in school and have yet learned all your lessons.

    And somehow I think have of what you say is for shock effect. But I’m not shocked. I just feel sad for you.

  37. anonymous says

    we all are educated what you do for living /if you are a doctor you wont be here reading lawyer celeb rich poor none w / never come read this thread people read it because they bored

  38. boo says

    MyBabyIsBiRacial- YOU Fuc*in Go girl!! 🙂
    Please do that, email Seal, I may do so Myself…This hatred and Cruelty I to have definitely had enough of… even if they are 12 year old girls, the possiblility of him taking legal action against this site due to the fact that his race and children are being discraced is a wonderful idea.
    I can say that Sharon Emailed the site about 4 days ago WITH the names of this Thread, the numbers and names of some of the nasty remarks …Oh and the link on some of their handles…and STILL nothing has been done, it’s the webmistresses problem, she was emailed directly to her all the information so there is NO EXCUSE for it still happening.~*

  39. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    one last question before I go, because your ignorance is truly astounding.

    Would you allow your life to be saved by a black doctor?

    As my husband is a doctor here in the UK. Luckily, we do not have to encounter ignorance like you have displayed, but just out of interest, would you? Would you allow him to treat you? or to operate on you? or deliver your baby?

    A close member of his family is a lawyer. They are all educated professionals.

    To all the racists – How many of your fathers/husbands/brothers are professionals?

    Just of out of interest of course? lol

  40. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    Oh dear. This is truly tragic.

    anonymous – you are a child (as suspected) I find it truly heartbreaking that you can have so much hate in you already. God only knows how you have been brought up. What hope is there for America if this is how their young people are being raised? You are near enough illiteraete so I suggest you continue your education and maybe your views will change (although I very much doubt it, sadly.

    foxybrown – how truly disgusting that a young black woman can have so much hatred and talk the way you do about people of your own race and colour and about inter racial relationships. Well, that’s how the world is now, I suggest you accept it and also educate yourself as you sound very dim to be quite honest.

    Vixxen – words fail me. What a disgusting piece of work you are. You sound older, which is very frightening. I hope you are not a parent.
    I will not even dignify your posts with trying to understand them. You are filth, absolutely disgusting.

    I am going to email Seal on his website and advise him to ban Babyrazzi from using his beautiful boys pictures anymore as I can not bear to see comments like these on a section meant to be about a lovely little boy.
    Maybe Seal will take legal action against this site? It is disgraceful that these people are allowed to post freely. Webmistress, if you can not get on top of the problem, maybe the site needs to close?

    I for one will not be using it again. There are some nice people here, but the others give America a very bad name.

  41. Cindy says

    Maybe somebody should call Rev.Al Sharpton in here to clean things up.. This is getting really too nasty.

  42. TLB says

    WEBMISTRESS – please put an end to the racial slurs and the hate on this website by banning the gals who make this site a meeting of the KKK instead of a fun place to come and chat about celebs and their kids. Please do something to stop them. This has gone way beyond freedom of speech.

  43. Granny says

    Our racists probably don’t even recognize it in themselves. They should be able to see it though. They are the ones who seem to have difficulty with their spelling. They were so busy learning to hate that they probably have made little to no progress in school and most likely have trouble getting along with others at work – if they can hold a job.

    This middle aged white grandmother with a white family and a good education from the US has been blessed to enjoy a good working relationship with many blacks and has a best friend that is black. Racism is just a dead end street.

  44. anonymous says

    I truly believe most white woman fuck least once i dont believe black woman fuck white men as much. maybe a few for the money of course

  45. anonymous says

    boo you husband know you here i do beleive you fucking black too you dont whant you husband to no about it .so you come here to let us no

  46. Vixxen says

    “Why dont you take a look at most of the known serial killers in our nations history. Most of those “animals” have been white.”

    Tiffany, you are an brainwashed idiot, in that you believe media propaganda. Blacks are over-represented among serial killers. Do a Google search for Black serial killers. Start with Coral Eugene Watts, the most prolific serial killer of all time. Guess what color he is.

    And lose the White guilt. We have plenty to be proud of, but mixing with field beasts to assuage our guilt isn’t one of them.

  47. poo says

    boo if you steel here you love this thread you keep on said i;am done but you here why you here go to work you dont have a man dont you

  48. boo says

    lmao, No I’d have to say your probably 12…And yeah I would hope you didn’t have kids cuz by god those babies would be messed in the head for sure.
    Why am I here, cuz I’m allowed to be…I pay for my internet service with My money, If I feel like posting on a blog or forum then that is my right.
    Look at me still posting over here.. I guess I just can’t help it…answering to your stupidity is actually rather fun.
    And Tiffany did you spill the Beans about us being Gay, C’mon Girl it was SUPPOSED to be a secet! 😉 …Now what will My white Husband and white children think when they find out…Oh how my life has been ruined.~*

  49. Tiffany says

    I feel really bad for you. 15 and already full of so much hatred. Hopefully you will be able to see past color and realize that we are all just people. Hope you have a nice evening and can have a more positive outlook on life.

  50. anonymous says

    fuck you nothing wrong whit it bitch .you understand my question are you fucking black men yes or no

  51. Tiffany says

    anonymous – you are very ignorant and unintelligent. All of us reading your comments can tell based on the grammar and spelling. I am very pleased however to hear that you do not have kids. I take it, you are against lesbians also? Do you like anyone?

  52. anonymous says

    boo and tiffany both of you are lesbian so go fuck you self so what at least I go to school .you stink whore .no i dont have kids .you bitch if you have better thing to do why she here.why you here .you all fuck black men hope you people do talk about you white woman fucking there men.and they dont like you

  53. boo says

    Wow, what is with you telling people to go wash their genital area.. obsession much, maybe you should continue your education (if you make it that far to becoming a gynecologist, seeing as you have such a huge thing for them…but judging by your smarts on here… I’d say you have at least another 7 years before you’ll even get to college.
    Funny how You posted first thing this morning (when most people are up getting ready for school and didn’t respond to anyone until 3:58 when how convenient, (school is out)
    I bet you were dancing at your desk antsy to go home, then jumped off the school bus and ran to your bedroom, through your backback on the bed, sat down at your computer and signed directly onto here to see who else commented so you could take stabs at them.
    Ah, what a pathetic life you lead sweetheart!~*
    And I think Tiffany definitely has things to do, she is at home raising her kids that are probably your age, trying to teach them acceptance, respect, and love, toward all man kind.
    Perhaps you should do the same!
    O.k I’m done Now, no more of this thread, I’ve already come back twice and really didn’t want to~*
    Cheers All! 🙂

  54. Tiffany says

    anonymous – Do you have children? If so I hope that you do not instill your screwed up twisted values upon your children. God help you!!

  55. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    I am uneducated? Compare my spelling and grammer to yours.

    Thanks very much for telling us you just washed your pussy…. hmm… we really wanted to know that

  56. Tiffany says

    #166 – you keep calling people white trach. What is trach? Talk about uneducated. Stupid c**t.

  57. anonymous says

    mybabyisbiracial we are not talking about you .you are uneducated white woman .you poor white trach.we dont care about you or you baby.ok so go the hell.but out bitch

  58. Tiffany says

    Dont all you racists have a KKK meeting to be to than be on a site about CHILDREN talking your bullshit smack. You all are such morons and so ignorant you make a piece of shit look smart. How can you say that based on a persons skin color that they are an animal. Why dont you take a look at most of the known serial killers in our nations history. Most of those “animals” have been white. Isnt that interesting. I am white and am totally embarrassed and ashamed at all you racist people. Your actions are totally uncalled for and I wish I was your mom as I would make you eat a whole bar of soap as well as throw you over my knee and paddle your ass for you foul attitudes.

  59. Vixxen says

    We’d rather abuse you, you ignorant, race-mixing slut. How could you possibly screw an animal and produce another stupid, violent animal? You should be ashamed of yourself. Chocolate dippers are lower than groids. At least they don’t know better and are trying to upgrade. You don’t have that excuse.

  60. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    tell me all you racists who think you can abuse someone’s child because of the colour of his skin – do you run your mouths off like this to people you meet in real life? (assuming you have a real life) or only when you can sit and hide behind a computer screen?

    Would you say all this to a black person’s face? Would you spit on their child in the street?

    I think not.

  61. Kayleigh says

    Well said Tiffany, Boo and Sharon! You go girls! Wooohh!

    Roberts etc….Please fuck off ,people on here don’t have time to read your bullshit!

  62. Tiffany says

    I do not like to come on here and cuss or say mean things about other people who post on this site but I cant take it anymore. All you racist idiots need to pull your heads out of your asses and shut the hell up. I have never read such moronic bullshit in my entire life. You guys are such jerks. I have never been more offended in my life. All you racist assholes need to fuck off. You are nothing but rude, ignorant, wastes of human beings.

  63. Julie says

    I pity the women here who are from countries that have hate speech laws. While these blenders think this is a good thing, since no one can publicly “offend” them, they should realize that people’s sublimated feelings will only fester. They will not be brainwashed like the simps here and will make their feelings known one way or another.

  64. boo says

    I know I said I’m done with this thread, which I am, but just thought I’d say, I think you may have scared Sharon off.. oh dear, your threats must’ve gotten the better of her, and made the decision for her to leave… I bet she’s shivering at the knees….NOT, grow up honey, your calling on your COMPUTER, wow I bet that makes you feel quite tough… you know what, give out your contact info then call someone on if you think your so Fu*kin tough….
    And were you the one that said you had black friends?? but you can sit here and slander and destroy and discrace their culture…Do they know you speak this way of them..just curious!…Cuz I’m willing to bet that all those black friends would no longer be friends but full blown enemies ready to jump your ass like all those african american people do, or so you and your “friends” on here think.
    Life is too short to be as you are…Accept, Love, and respect others… it may make you feel good about yourself!~*

  65. MyBabyIsBiRacial says

    My god, I always knew Americans were a bit backward but you take the biscuit. Bush would be proud of you.

  66. anonymous says

    you are a white trach you stupid bitch go fuck you self now i know where you from the heat is on .you calling me stupid .motreal quebec .all you woman over there married to black men .now i know why you like seal and heidi so mush you married to a black men too.bring in on bitch.mix couple is no problem in canada this is america you need to go back to canada where they accepted that shit ok.I’am waithing for you mother fucker

  67. sharon says

    Oh anonymous #151 you are Canadian too? You must be since you nailed all Canadian women on the head with your comment “you from canada ho my god no wonder .you canadian people are worst let me tell you about canadian woman most of them married to black haitian men if you’all go over there mix kids all over i swear to all usa citizen you can tell this woman here fuck them to” To know that much about MY Country and the women in it you MUST be from here. I didn’t think there was anyone as stupid as you in Canada. My bad. 😀 Go fuck yourself Bitch. You and your friend on here WILL go to hell, and that is all there is to it. So I’ll say it again. Drop dead you stupid fuck so you can burn in hell.

  68. anonymous says

    seal from africa.heidi from germany african men dont like african –american woman white men dont treat her wright and black woman dont treat him wright so they found each-other

  69. anonymous says

    you from canada ho my god no wonder .you canadian people are worst let me tell you about canadian woman most of them married to black haitian men if you’all go over there mix kids all over i swear to all usa citizen you can tell this woman here fuck them to

  70. sharon says

    I just counted there are 24 (from what I can figure) RACIST posters on this thread. In only 150 comments. I have NEVER seen that many different people state such disgusting comments. That is why I think this is just one or two different people. They have used my name and I think a couple of others too. The only reason why I think there might be 2 is because quite a few of them are borderline illiterate, and the others are half way intelligent, (at least with their typing skills if not their ideas) By the way who ever you may be, it is not TRACH it is TRASH. Also no Emily I am not from the US, CANADA ALL THE WAY GIRL!!!!!!
    I am giving up on this thread too. Maybe even the site, I wish the webmistress would get on top of this problem as well. Too bad. Would of been a nice post.

  71. anonymous says

    can you all please tell me how do you feel , if black woman even dream about married to you’all white men .do you -care or what

  72. foxy brown says

    they want black men ‘black music ‘closed ‘hair ‘they want to be black now they want our black children what do black woman want from whites people

  73. anonymous says

    are many black woman you know married to a white men .if is for the dick you wrong for the money yes .you all love the black dick.bigger and stonger.

  74. Emily says

    maybe she chose him because she loves him? It’s not that hard to understand is it.

    I hate to read posts like these. It is bringing me close to tears that people still have attitudes like these. I am assuming you are all in the USA because here in the UK these kind of attitudes are very, very rare and completely unacceptable in our society.

    I will not even use this site any more as it just upsets me so much that people can attack a beautiful, innocent little child. Look at his little face, looking at his mother. So sweet.

    I hope to god Seal and Heidi and their son never have the misfortune to come across this site (maybe they have better things to do) They seem like nice, loving parents.

    I just wish the moderator (assuming there is one) would have some backbone and ban these people from using this site.


  75. roberts says

    ok. the people here are not atacking all black men what they madd about is heidi she is very pretty. why she choose the ugliest men in chow business to married and have kids with .she can married to male model tyson .any black men like howard .tyrese .joe .husher any of them hou look not about married to black guy is about closed in my part

  76. Emily says

    the only thing that is disgusting is you and people like you.

    ‘mongrel breeds’ ? You are talking about somebody’s child, not a dog, you disgusting piece of filth.

  77. says

    “Would you be quite so hateful and abusive if this child were white?”

    No I wouldn’t.

    Race mixing is disgusting and so are mongrel breeds. Whites and niggers shouldn’t mix.

  78. Dori says

    I thnk there are a lot of different people doing these postings. Their writing styles are quite different.

  79. Emily says

    Hi Sharon, I have just read through some of the Heidi and Seal posts and I am disgusted. I really hope this is just one ignorant person and not several. I suspect it is one person only. How sad.

    I really didn’t think people like this exsited anymore. It sickens me.

  80. sharon says

    Emily dear obviously you didn’t read all of these MORONIC posts. This “chick” is about as racist as it gets.
    I am pretty sure she is just one person, but she doesn’t know when to quit. We have been hoping the webmistress would block all this CRAP out, but so far it hasn’t happened. They make remarks about me and Boo and Jenn too, but whatever if they are being nasty to us they are leaving the babies alone. IGNORANCE pure and simple.

    HEY GIRLS? did you know I weigh 400lbs now? LMAO that is too funny. Oh and Roberts? Not a trailor park either (not that there is anything wrong with them) but an army base sweetheart. If you are going to insult me then get it right. Oh and just so you are clear too, it is not an insult for me to see “sharon fuck black men ” that doesn’t disgust me. Sorry to burst your bubble. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now. You are obviously not even smart enough to type out a sentence properly. When you grow up let me know then we can really talk. It’s really too bad that you are so stupid. OH and I hope you had a good day at school! 😀

  81. Emily says

    Oh my gosh, what disgusting human beings some people are.

    How can anyone have this amount of disgraceful, racist filth to say about an innocent little boy?

    He is an innocent little child, and his parents are obviously very much in love and good parents to him.

    Every parent thinks their only child is beautiful. Who are you to tell other people their baby is ugly?

    Would you be quite so hateful and abusive if this child were white?

  82. roberts says

    you are not .a smart woman at all. white whore like you fuck anything. horse. dog .cat. you just like heidi white trach. any white woman fucking whith neggers they not educated i ‘am sure you wheight at least 400lb. stink living in trailer park

  83. Nigralogist says

    White women take note: your child will be as ugly as Heidi’s baboon if you choose to bed with a gorilla. That’s not a threat, just a fact.

  84. says

    In 10 years that nigglet will be a big niglet and unable to control it’s muh-dikk and in trouble with the law for rape like most nigger bucks are. Niggers are animals and they are going to act like animals. Dressing them up in the White Man’s clothing and pretending they are human beings is just silly like putting clothes on a dog.

  85. Jenn says

    Well Sharon and Boo I beleive we can rest our case now.. Obviously there intelegence level speaks for itself. No sense challenging the stupid. Some people just dont have brains enough to have there own opinions and see reality. I didnt realize there was a group of people out there that decided what the best man was for each woman. But I can imagine that they are all single.. Let them be shallow and have there miniscule opinions.. At least we can go to bed at night with ease. Adventually when they will get Educated and then they will have no one left to turn to And imagine it will probably be some Georgeous big black educated rich man that will teach them lol Have a nice life and when you are old enough to learn how to form a reasonable opinion that is your own come back and play with us.

  86. sharon says

    NO I haven’t taken any pills in AGES!!! Maybe I should go see a doctor. There is no way you are as Neanderthal as you make yourself seem to be. I don’t think it is possible to actually be that stupid and think you are smart.
    LMAO I really have to stop tonight this is starting to hurt me. hehehe The laughing is too much. Hopefully you won’t be around tomorrow. Sweet dreams little girl

  87. anonymous says

    me and my homegirls hate it when white wommins stel our BLACK mens,,, it happens all the time nowadeys,,, i wold date seal anyday of da week but he had to go and get a white wommin

  88. sharon says

    LMFAO Yeah I can totally rest my case there. Go finish high school sweet pea and when you are grown up enough to spell and perhaps use grammar properly, then come back and try to debate with me. Hands down I am smarter then you are. There is just no going back after comments like those. Dumb ass!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!

  89. anonymous says

    if you level so hight why you here. you not educated you more stupid than any white person here .you mad for nothing .you talk as if they you best freinds you are a poor white trach make a living like are so stupid stink whore

  90. sharon says

    Hey Boo LOL did you know that my views have changed? What do you think Mom would say? LOL I love these little teenage brats who have nothing better to do then wreck our threads. I wonder when the webmistress is going to do something about blocking them? They are disgusting

  91. sharon says

    “116. Imperial Wizard KKK | April 11th, 2007 at 8:56 pm
    TNB is Typical Nigger Behavior such as raping, robbing and murdering in record numbers.”

    Yeah moron, my husband does have to deal with alot of that kind of stuff in the military. Are you on freaking glue or crack? can you get crack in public school these days? Does your mommy or daddy know that you are on here using these potty words? Our military is very VERY well respected in this world. That kind of thing doesn’t happen in my military.

  92. sharon says

    Quit chimping out, boo! Calm down, have a banana or something.

    Surely you realize that it’s not normal for two different species to mate and have offspring. Especially since the offspring will grow to despise the momma, in this case poor Heidi. Or maybe that’s too much for your simple brain to comprehend?

    Heidi could have done sooooo much better…

  93. sharon says

    Yeah, I haven’t posted since comment 102, and obviously I am not going to change my mind about my beliefs for you stupid sacks of sh*t. Oh yes and just so you know girlie, I know how to spell so if you are going to try and pass yourself off as me you had best finish highschool. Someone as stupid as you will never be anywhere near my level.

  94. boo says

    WOW, Someone has WAYYY too much time on their hands, If you want to make it look as if different people are posting then why not wait 10 minutes between each comment, you know what I mean, And please refrain from Stealing mine and Sharons Handle’s. Thanks.

    I’m done with you, you obviously will never reconsider your hatred and accept all people so why bother trying to help you, really it’s pointless… have a nice life sweetheart, hopefully God will forgive you for your sins or do you not believe in him either???

  95. Tyroneesha says

    So you want to talk stats, do you?

    Okay, 56% of black females have herpes and 49% of the U.S. AIDS cases occur in blacks.

  96. boo says

    It’s so pathetic – Why did such a beautiful woman have to settle on that scarfaced ape? Seroisly, thats the best she could do? Not ONE human male available? Becuase of her crazy decision, now she is stuck with 2 more black burdens on society. They’ll be smokin’ crack or doing drivebys by the time they’re in high school.

    (Statistic-40% of all negro males have been in prison for a felony, at one point in their life)

  97. sharon says

    If Heidi’s baby gorilla likes alligators so much, then we should drop him off in Africa to be with the alligators and all sorts of other creatures. He’d be so much happier there!

  98. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    Jenn, it may take some time, but we can deprogram you. Yes, there is hope for you yet.

  99. Jenn says

    come on honestly I think that we should maybe dig deeper into this situation. I you really this angry at other races or did a man of a different color screw you over so that means you can have a hate on for hem all. To honestly beleive in your own mind that because there skin is a different color that makes them horrible people. I must say that us white folk are not Angels either look what we did to the colored people for our own personal benifit and you beleive we are pretty shallow ourselves so the sooner you open your eyes and realize that a skin color is nothing but that a color. It does not define who we are as people. I beleive that the stupidest people on earth can figure out that much but apparently you go futher then that. get off your frigin high horses people and join the 21st century.

  100. sharon says

    I have no qualms about telliing people who are racist to take a flying leap out of a plane without a parachute. I don’t hide who I am. I am one of the people in this world who doesn’t discriminate against people who are of a different race or because they have a disability. I am sure MOST people on this site would agree with me. You don’t like that do you? AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW Muffin. That sucks eh?

  101. Shirley Q. Liquor says

    Sharon, I suspect your hubby has to put up with a lot of TNB, considering how many spooks are in the service.

  102. boo says

    Did you go to school Roberts.. or wait you’re still in school aren’t you…Learn how to spell and type sweetheart…You sound like a fool.
    And “Trash” Bitch eh, I must say that is a first… never been called one of those before, Probably because I don’t sleep around you Ass!~*

  103. roberts says

    even if you husband is white you steel have a nigger hiding inside you closet and it only come out at night so you freinds dont see it

  104. sharon says

    Hey ROBERTS, VERITAS, MISHA, Lucy R and whatever else you would like to call yourself. JUST FYI B*tch, Boo, Jenn and I are all WHITE women, with WHITE husbands and WHITE children. We are still DISGUSTED with you and your “views” on people who are not white. Not all WHITE people agree with you and your imbecilic ideas. I don’t know what redneck corrupted your mind, but you are SICK and TWISTED. You need some serious help with your head. It makes me ill that my soldier fights to protect a country that allows YOU to reside in it. IF YOU DON’T like the fact that people of different races marry and have babies then get over it and go find a place on earth where people of mixed race don’t marry (good luck with that by the way) Guess what honey, Hitler LOST. So why don’t you take your little wanna be attitude and bugger off. TA TA FOR NOW DEARIE!!!

  105. Helga says

    The people here are not atacking the poor kid; they are attacking the imbecile for bedding down with an animal.

  106. Jenn says

    This is absolutely mind blowing. It is one thing to have a blog site for people to comment on celebs life as it is put out there for all to see. The difference between that and what is going on in this one is that any of those celebs are more then welcome to come on here and defend themselves but honestly people this goes way beyond that. Black, white who care the only thing that should matter to any person on this site is that that is an inocent child that cannot defend itself. You are more then intittled to have your own opinion as much as is may offend people (which i mights say is quite disturbing) but to slander children whom cannot defend themselves is just rediculous and childish. Attach the parents if you chose but come on leave the poor inocent child alone he obviously had no choice here and cannot attach you back grow up

  107. sharon says

    roberts honey, my husband has been over seas for 2 months, I don’t need anyone to tell me to go fuck myself, I am perfectly capable of coming to that decision on my own. Thanks for your concern though honey.

  108. Lola says

    Curious. Those of you whose names are links to supremists sites. What names are you using the rest of the time when you aren’t race bashing? I do believe you use multiple monikers to hide yourself.

  109. sharon says

    Wow I have to say, some of you women are the most disgusting human beings I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. Racist comments and remarks hurt more people then just the ones they are directed at, and lets think about who this post is directed at, 2 little boys, BABIES. Absolutely DISGUSTING. People like you make me want to be sick. Again this site is for people to look at pics of the celebrities and their babies. If you don’t have something positive or nice to say then PISS OFF!!! Those of us who are regulars here don’t need trash like you messing up our threads.

  110. oriana says

    Two of the most handsome men I have ever seen, black or white, Rick Fox and I can’t think of his name but he was in Hustle and Flow, Terrance something? Very handsome guy! And also from Back in Day, was Harry Belafonte!

  111. lauren says

    whatever im not racist i just got mad that i said those comments and sorry to whoever i offended … but lets face the facts there are some good looking black men out there but seal is just plain ugly! i think heidi was stupid to choose him…

  112. oriana says

    You can tell by the way he is looking at her that he really loves his mother, I think she is one gorgeous woman! I have always thought Seal was ugly but I think he is a good man with a good heart and extremely talented! And Leni looks better as she gets older, I don’t think she was that cute as a small baby. I do think this family was based on love, not just wanting publicity and they didn’t marry each other for money or fame, they both had plenty of that before.

  113. Cindy says

    Lauren.. who are YOU to go into race superiority comparisons??? The qualites you view as being envied are not true qualities anyone would lamment not having. Being racist can go both ways and your words show it.

  114. lauren says

    t’mershi duween- those comments you made about black poeple are horrible! not all black people are beautiful or handsome ok! PLUS NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE VERY NICE LOOKING! IF BLACKS ARE SOO DUMB STUPID AND UGLY WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE WANNABE BLACK WHITE PEOPLE DOING??? AND COME ON, MOST BLACK PEOPLE CAN BEAT MOST WHITE PEOPLE IN TALENT!!!!!!!! so heres a little info for u: go get ur white trash ass (but your ass is so flat cause your white that you can barely see it) and GET A LIFE!

  115. carleigh says

    I can’t believe that Babyrazzi has come to this..have some of the low-lifes from Perez Hilton hit this site by mistake??? Usually it is just a few comments here and there on these types of threads, but I have NEVER in my entire life seen such sickening comments. To ALL OF YOU LOW-LIFES who are making these racist, sick, biggoted, comments please LEAVE this site and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of because this is NOT how we blog on this website. You all are a bunch of foul-mouthed individuals, and while you are certainly and by all means entitled to your opinions……NOT HERE, because we regulars do NOT want to be privy to this type of trashy garbage. Please go back to whatever site you were on before and don’t even bring this type of racial mudslinging around here, it’s a place I KNOW I WILL NOT GO and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IGNORANCE and INTOLERANCE in any shape or form.

  116. GOD Bless Us..Every One says

    No matter what he looks like his heart is pure and good . His mother loves him as we all do our own children. No matter what they look like they are beautiful in their hearts and soul. Amen and Bless us one and all.

  117. maggie says

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo monica, y la verdad es que no entiendo a las norteamericanas, ellas estan rodeadas de gente de color y muchas otras razas, la verdad nose como le hacen para salir de sus casas despues de haber hecho esos cometarios tan racistas.

  118. Monica bella says

    Al leer todos estos comentatarios SOLO PUEDO SENTIR PENA POR USTEDES!!! Por si no han captado ESTE PLANETA ES DE TODOS DIOS NOS REGALO ESTA HERMOSA CASA PARA QUE TODOS VIVIERAMOS EN EL EN PAZ, ARMONIA Y SOBRE TODO “TOLERANCIA” Eso significa AMARNOS LOS UNOS A LOS OTROS SIN IMPORTAR LA RAZA, RELIGION, TENDENCIA SEXUAL O LO QUE SEA!!! Y que es lo que veo aqui gente insultando a un pequeno nino que nisiquiera sabe nada de color de piel o todas esas bajezas que caracterisan al ser humano!!! SOLO PONGANSE EN LOS ZAPATOS DE OTROS VIVAN Y DEJEN VIVIR!!!!!!!

  119. Administrator says

    Please excuse me, as I am rather bleary-eyed due to the following combo (my two children are sick, I am sick and EASTER!). I like to consider myself worldly and aware (not MOST aware by any means) and it saddens me to see people hating their fellow citizens. The tables can turn….we all need to do our very best to create a world that we want our children to inherit. I saw the movie ‘Children of Men’ this week for the first time and I found it to be very illuminating (despite its resemblance to ’28 Days’). Though chilling, it was not a horror flick. It was a film that permitted all of us to be reminded of what we really want our world to be…for us and for future generations.

  120. Cindy says

    I have to say, I read the funniest things on this site! Some of these posts make me laugh out loud.. You guys are the best! Happy Easter everyone!!

  121. says

    Tiffany sounds like she’s a piece of monkey meat. She need to go to Detroit in the middle of the night and then maybe she won’t be so liberal.

    BTW, I’m “offended” by morons like her. She makes us Whites look ignorant.

    On topic, when that turd came out, she should’ve flushed it.

  122. Tiffany says

    I am totally offended by the racist comments that are being said on this website. Who cares what the color of his skin is or if he has an afro or not or even if he is cute or not. The line has been crossed with all the racial slurs that have been written and I think that those of you with no decency #54 #60 and #62 need to excuse yourself from this website. Also #62, to suggest that he will be stealing cars and selling drugs in a few years what ? because he is black.. Get a life. I do not understand how in this day and age society can still be so racist and judgemental. There is a difference in freedom and speach and just being an a**hole. I cant believe your comments were allowed on here. I personally take offense to all the racial comments and I am caucasian. Those type of comments are hurtful and inappropriate. If you dont have something nice to say then do not say anything at all. Racial comments are completely unexceptable and disgusting. You posters listed above need to all eat a bar of soap to wash your mouths out. I hope you are not instilling your values on your children. If so, God help us.

  123. says

    it is always the bitches on this site that will say some shit like that u motherf***** should be a shame of yourself

  124. maggie says

    how can you say that a baby looks nasty, you girls have no heart. Henrry may not be the prettiest kid, like suri or mason, but sure he is an angel and he looks adorable, like any other kid, stop saying those things

  125. Debbie C.B's says

    u all have alot of balls 2 comment on someone elses child.., people u dont even know
    I guess all your children look or will look like a
    angel from heaven perfect in every way
    like you do
    How would u like someone to stalk u every day of your life with a camera a pack of wolves following you and your family then making comments about you and your childrens appearances
    do you always look like your going to a gala event
    please people shut up
    I dont know how I got to this page but ur all pretty revolting as this site is
    why arent you all more concerned about GLOBAL warming or the war or the state of africa and people dying all over of starvation and aids while you sit on your buts playing with you computers and stuff your faces
    shame on you all
    thank you
    have a nice day you and your perfect lovely children

  126. lauren says

    i bet if henry was white and looked like that you people wouldnt care! but thats just a prediction i mean some people are racist…

  127. BabiesRBeautiful says

    Henry looks so cute holding the alligator toy and his expression is so adorable and sweet.

  128. Xenafan96 says

    Hear Hear poster #30
    Ich also spreche Deutche. #6-Du bist eine ashloch, aber du kennst das naturlich!!!!

  129. N says

    Well, I have been posting on this site for a while now and I didnt realize people were getting threatened. I dont feel that comments should be moderated. I think everyone should be entitled to his or hers opinion. Yes, some adults have foul mouths. Thats life. I think that we have to learn to deal with each others differences and how someone may react when they feel that they are being backed into a corner.

  130. dori says

    For baby rash desitin was what use to use . Aquaphor is good too because it”s a total moisture block

  131. Midge says

    I love Heidi. She is so cute, as are her kids.

    #21 Mindy, I, too, would recommend Aquaphor. It is wonderful. Clears up the rash in no time. Also good for dry chapped skin anywhere. My baby is teething, and his cheeks and chin stay chapped from the drool, but the Aquaphor clears it up so quickly.

  132. says

    Poster #6. I speak German and your post is very offensive.

    “Oh you shitty Americans are all jealous because you all have a big fat behind!”

  133. Shae says

    Henry may not be beautiful but he is a cute sweet baby. Key word being BABY. I am sure ALL you people who trash baby’s and call them nasty names, all have GORGEOUS kids…or so you think.

  134. Administrator says

    Post #11 was not posted by myself. I do appreciate and understand the sentiment though…believe me! I am not too thrilled about reviewing every comment though, as I think that such censoring can make a site rather stale. I am willing to do it if it is necessary. I want to give it a few more days and see if the situation can be remedied in another way. It will be a slightly busy period with Easter festivities, but we will try to moderate more. In quite a few instances I have been notified that there were offensive comments and have been able to remove them. In the next week a solution will be determined. The goal of Hellorazzi is to give folks a place to communicate with oneanother and share in a safe, friendly environment (free of handle-stealing!). It was also hoped, that in so doing, the reader contributions to Babyrazzi could continue uncensored. I love the ability on a blog to instantly comment ….though I certainly do not want to foster an environment where anyone is being threatened or insulted! Any feedback is very welcome as we work this out! Best wishes to everyone this Easter weekend!

  135. peep toe pumps says

    Thank you for the advice. I will try to look for them. I don’t know what kind of rash it is ut it’s mostly on the inside of her thighs and “bootie”. LOL.

  136. JACKIE says

    Thank you very much webmistress for your response to people who had become a nuisance. I knew I could count on you to help us out. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  137. N says

    She could just comb it. She needs to cut his hair to a manageable length. If she doesnt want to cut it then she needs to comb it and put it in a pony or some braids.

  138. Mindy says

    Syd…I used Aquaphor on my kid’s booties! (It’s good for alot of stuff). But….if it doesn’t clear up in a few days, I would suggest a trip to the doctors. I made that mistake with my daughter….thinking it was diaper rash, when it turned out to be a yeast infection? Who knew a 6 month old could get a yeast infection! (I didn’t….back then) Anyway, good luck!

    By the way….I love Heidi Klum! She is a very well rounded individual who is able to juggle a successful career and family life!

  139. Granny says

    You might try while he is napping going bare bottomed.

    And as for that hair, my son had the same curly mops. Only thing that I could do with it was wait it out. It changed at puberty. Of course, the women in our family thought it was adorable.

  140. AEM says

    Syd – when my son was in the NICU and had a horrible diaper rash they prescribed TriplePaste and it worked immediately!…within hours it cleared up:)….they sell it in any drugstore

  141. carleigh says

    Syd, I always used Dr. Beaudreaux’s Paste on my youngest and she has very sensitive skin because of eczema and asthma…try that, good luck and here’s to a happy heiny! (PS…if you can’t find that then the second one I recommend is’s the only other one I would recommend)

  142. Sandra says

    Syd like diaper rashes? I used olive oil for diaper rashes. I know sounds a lil crazy but I was taught by a very awesome Latin chick and it works! When I used it on my son, it took maybe a day to clear up. Good Luck in whatever rash it may be!

  143. Syd says

    Does anyone know a good cream for rashes on a baby? My 4 month old has one and I don’t know a brand to get or if they are good or bad, Coco butter? I think everyone has their opinions and they can say that. If they think that Henry is ugly let them think that. I think Henry is pretty cute. Heck, I think all babies are cute.

  144. webmistress says

    Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the site staff has approved them. Please do not post nasty comments- either towards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Celebrity Baby Blog. Any comments that include the following will be deleted and the commenter will be banned from posting further comments: spam, advertising, inflammatory remarks (intentional or otherwise), anything that insults the owner or staff of the site, anything that insults readers of the site., or anyone else, for that matter. Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully.

  145. oriana says

    I used to think he was ugly, sorry, all kids are not beautiful!, but this is a very cute picture of him. She needs to do something about that hair!

  146. Koningin Beatrix says

    Ach, ihr scheiss Amerikaner seit alle nur neudisch weil ihr selbst alle dicken einen fetten Hintern habt!!

  147. Think About It says

    I think that Henry looks a lot like Seal, especially in that picture. I like his hair too, it’s very cute 🙂

  148. maggie says

    heidi is a great and caring mom just like jen garner, henry is so cute I know hes not the prettiest baby but I love her hair

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