An Expectant Paz Vega & Morgan Freeman In Madrid

Paz Vega

Paz Vega

Morgan Freeman was snapped sharing a joke with his heavily-pregnant Spanish co-star in Madrid. LA-based Paz Vega is expecting her first child with her Venezuelan husband, Orson Salazar, later this month.

Morgan’s latest film, 10 Items Or Less, which features a relatively unknown cast, was shot in just under 15 days on a minimal budget. And Morgan was singing the praises of Paz, as he promoted the movie in Madrid on Tuesday. Describing filming as “a fantastic experience”, he enthused about working “alongside a talented, beautiful actress who I love dearly”.

Paz acted alongside Adam Sandler in Spanglish.



  1. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    Syd you are such an ignorant, you don’t know who Morgan Freeman and Paz are??? and I guess that you don’t know what movie are they talking about either, stupid!
    and Tasia how can you ask such a stupid question, I doubt that Paz would have such a bad taste,and it says right there in the article who the father is also, are you blind or you just don’t know how to read???????? Stupid Fuck!!!

  2. Syd says

    Who? I don’t know these people. But she sure looks happy to be pregnant. I know Morgan though.

  3. Shae says

    I loved Spanglish and thought Paz acted wonderfully in it with Adam Sandler. I had wondered what happened to her. best Wishes to her and her hubby.

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