Tori Spelling Introduces Liam & Opens Up About Liam's Delivery

Tori Spelling

On March 13th, Tori gave birth to son Liam, her first child with husband of 11 months, actor Dean McDermott, 40.

But Liam didn’t come easily.
Tori’s water broke 15 days earlier than expected and her doctor had to induce labor, which ended up lasting 17 hours. The contractions “felt like I was being Tasered!” the 33-year-old actress tells Us in an exclusive interview.

“As foolish as this sounds now, I wanted to feel how bad it would hurt. But I think I let the pain go on a little too long before I got the epidural.”

When Liam’s heartbeat started dropping, the actress’ doctor, Dr. Jason Rothbart (also Angelina Jolie’s Ob-Gyn), explained he needed to perform a Cesarean section.

“I asked Dr. Rothbart if he’d do a good job, and he said, ‘Well, Angelina didn’t complain.’ So I was like, ‘If Angelina let him do a C-section in Africa, I am OK. I felt comforted by that.'”

Tori’s good spirits can also be attributed to another recent significant event: She and her mom, Candy, 61, recently reconciled after a nine-month estrangement. In fact the two reconnected for the first time when Candy showed up at L.A.’s Cedars Sinai Medical Center on March 12th to be with her daughter while she was going into labor with Liam.

“I’m so happy she’s back in my life,” Tori tells Us. “Having a child puts it all in perspective. Knowing the bond I have with Liam means that I get my mom’s bond with me.”



  1. Dena Bove says


    I just wanted to say congratulations on your new bundle of joy. He is absolutly adorable. I wanted to email you because I had my baby boy, Cuzack also on March 13,2007. I had Cuzack at UCLA by emergency c-section. I was 3 days early. And you are right, I can’t believe I could love someone so much after only knowing them a very short time.
    I grew up with you on the show and my cousin was on it for awhile too. I’m very happy for you and your husband and wish you all the happiness in the world with little Liam. Enjoy every moment as I intend to do as well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  2. Dena Bove says


    I just wanted to say congratulations on your new bundle of joy. I wanted to email you because I had my baby boy, Cuzack also on March 13,2007. I had Cuzack at UCLA by emergency c-section. I was 3 days early. And you are right, I can’t believe I could love someone so much after only knowing them a very short time.
    I grew up with you on the show and my cousin was on it for awhile too. I’m very happy for you and your husband and wish you all the happiness in the world with little Liam. Enjoy every moment as I intend to do as well.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  3. Aimee says

    First of all, I watched Tori’s new show where
    she is trying to buy and operate a bed and
    breakfast. I was mortified while watching the
    show that she said she was more into
    power in bed. Oh, she said this while
    visiting a lingerie shop.

    Second, power and pain probably go hand-in-hand,
    but why would she sacrifice Liam’s well-being so
    she could live out some fantasy?

    Third, on her new show she saw an ultrasound
    of baby Liam and said, ‘Where did he get that nose.
    I don’t even remember my nose!’
    And then she exclaimed, “He looks like Satan!”


  4. michele says

    he looks like grandpa alittle RIP thats gotta mean the world for the ones he left behind so show some respect if u know how

  5. oriana says

    N, I do think she loves Shiloh, how could she help from it? I just think that she has stronger maternal feelings for the adopted children, much stronger.

    Brad, I am disappointed in, I do think she leads, he follows, but I also think that He didn’t just turn his back on Jennifer and flip for Angelina, I think there were storm clouds in that marriage way before any of us were aware of them.

  6. N says

    I think Angelina loves Shiloh. I dont fell that she has to prove it to me. I dont think Brad would be with a woman that mistreated his child….. regardless of how pussy whipped everyone “thinks” he is! Words can always be taken out of context….. or misconstrued.

  7. celine says

    Mindy, i didn’t know you were MommyDearest. I dropped the MommyDearest comment becuase she had responded to a previous comment of mine by saying “calm down, will live longer”. As I was sure somebody would say something like that again, I just refered to MommyDearest as a general somebody who might have something against what I have to say. Names are just about referring people to a previous thread, otherwise as I said before all the reaction came up, it’s not about people it is about the idea. And, I say all of this to myself too. As I too sometimes find myself “tolerating”.

    So, I’m sorry that this misunderstanding led u to give yourself in. I’m frank about this, I had no idea, and I don’t follow Hellorazzi. Anyways, people were supportive and i’m sure they liked what you revealed, the reasons, etc. And I hope you enjoyed your oatmeal, since jello was not the order of the day.

    About making the mistake of speaking maybe to a Black woman or a Jewish lesbian, I am not making one I thought, because I was speaking of trends and how as individuals we might help them continue.

    Black women or a Jewish lesbians could also be sometimes taken in with “tolerating”. Being a minority, as we’re used to call some, doesn’t make anyone an angel. Being one or not does not make us give up thinking cause you know we’ve got it right in any case.

    I don’t fly high or fall off anywhere, but if i did so what. And I’m not trying to impress anyone, it just so happens that this what i have to say. And it comes to my mind while I listen to others here, so i say it. Who am i going to impress on an anonymous blog for lord’s sake 🙂 Finally, won’t call you honey again, even though I would still like to think every human being is a drop of clear sunny honey!

  8. oriana says

    I don’t understand all the bickering back and forth about lesbians! I don’t see the logic about lesbians and kids, are they not supposed to like kids or are they supposed too? I don’t understand? There are a lot of married women that have children that don’t know or understand the first thing about raising children and especially a lot of these young starlets who think it is all a game and want attention. And there are a lot who really love children and will be good mothers.

    Mindy, to you, don’t worry about what anyone says about your child, just ignore it if you can. I myself saw a picture of Jordan’s son, saw a FAT child and commented on it, I didn’t make any nasty remarks about his disability, and lots of people acted like I was being hateful to him, being grossly overweight and being disabled to me are two different things. Once I read up and saw where he has some growth/hormone disabilities then I felt bad about me calling him a Fattie, but for someone who knows that your son has some problems and insulted you and him, that is mean spirited and hateful as well as hurtful.

    As for Brad and Jennifer getting a divorce, I do think they were both unhappy and had been for some time, and eventhough I don’t care for Angelina, it has been proven, Jennifer would be seen with a cigarette dangling from her mouth a lot, the same time she was talking about wanting children. She has never acted like a woman that wanted kids, she seemed to be more focused on her career, but again that is just my opinion.

  9. oriana says

    N, this is not only an old picture when she was first born, but also a STAGED PHOTO SHOOT! This is in the group of the pictures she sold, where are some recent ones, in the past few months, six months? Haven’t seen them!

    A stranger could hold this baby and be smiling like that!

  10. N says has a picture of Angelina Jolie holding Shiloh smiling. You have to scroll down to see it. It is an old picture…. but it exists. There is a different picture on but you have to do a search for it. This is for those who have doubts about her love for Shiloh.

  11. Granny says

    Mommydearest. I have a special needs grandson (2 1/2) and he truly rocks my world. I kept him last night and no amount of money could have bought that much fun.

    Our blessings lives will be as good as we are determined to make them. And I am aiming high.

  12. carleigh says

    MommyDearest…I’m so sorry to hear about your son, I know nothing about his condition but would like to say that I feel completely horrible that your little guy has some health issues. Don’t let any of the negativity cloud what little enjoyment can still be derived from posting here and do what I do, scroll past all the ignorant one’s and move on down the screen. There are people all over the place who have made scathingly horrible comments and I can’t understand why anyone would make comments concerning your little guy’s condition, that’s just heinous and wrong. I’ll pray for some sunshine to come your way…don’t let em’ get to ya gal!

  13. N says

    Lesbians have kids!…… They are still women. They can get sperm from a sperm bank. They can also adopt.
    Having children does not automatically make you a compassionate person.

  14. Mindy says

    and by the way, Libra…don’t be embarrassed for me! I think you have enough on your plate (arguing with everyone). My, my, my….don’t get so defensive!!!

  15. Mindy says

    I’m sorry….I originally asked Libra if she was married and had children. I think when you have children of your own, you tend to be more “compassionate” (right word?) toward other children and not so judgemental. Do you understand what I am saying? When I said I “understood” where she was coming from, it wasn’t because she was a lesbian, it was because she didn’t have children (most lesbians do not have kids, right?) Her comments towards children reflect the fact that she doesn’t have children. Most moms do not call babies names….thats a fact! Sorry for the misunderstanding! (I hope I clarified what I meant!)

  16. Miapocca says

    # 37 concerning the “fit in” comment…..

    I dont know why the fact about being a lesbian helps you understand Libra…. but thats just me

    I guess this is what I was trying to say in a rund about way before someone jumped on me about whatever I had to say………………………………..this site is just exhausting..I think I am going to somthing a lot less work…………………when on earth did gossip become soooooooooo dificult ahahhahah
    ciao Lib..see around elsewhere…………

  17. N says

    concerning the “fit in” comment…..

    I dont know why the fact about being a lesbian helps you understand Libra…. but thats just me.

  18. Libraesque says

    to address #20. what you and the rest of the ignorant haters on all these boards don’t realize is that BRAD HAD FILED FOR DIVORCE when he got together with AJ. EVERYONE likes to ASSUME there was something going on during filming, when in fact she has publicly stated a VERY personal view on NEVER being with a married man. The fact is, is that they became friends during the shoot, and during that time BP realized that what he had at home, a whiny self-absorbed boring career-before-family wake and bake wasn’t his cup of tea anymore. No fault should be placed on AJ that BP merely saw in her lifestyle of independence, charity work, and her love for her son and being a mother as something that he desired in a life partner.
    So yea, NO there is no double standard in MY VIEW of these two couples, because Tori and Dean were openly together while he was still married, and he very publicly LEFT his wife for her.
    And Mindy, I can’t begin to describe how naive and un-worldly you come across. To accuse someone of not going ga-ga over ONE KID (the fug Apple) because they are a lesbian is just ignorance, plain and simple. I’m embarrassed for you.

  19. says

    I just want to say amen to celine 9:22 a.m. Everyone has the same rights. Right to live and right to blog. Don’t know if she misunderstood anyones comments but I like what she had to say. As for Tori & Dean, I could care less for this overrated unattractive couple but congratulations on their healthy and beautiful baby & making up with your mom. And Mindy, please don’t let anyone on a blog “make your life hell”. Anyone low enough to make fun of your child probably has a miserable existance and not worth your time.

  20. Mindy says

    N….let me clarify…it is just a few people (over on Hellorazzi) but they will make your life hell if you don’t “fit in”.

  21. Mindy says the way, yes…thank you for pointing out to everyone that I changed my handle from “mommydearest” to “Mindy”. You see, I used to post on Hellorazzi (as Mommydearest) until a certain someone started to call my “special needs” son “fucked-up” and made fun of the fact that he needs to be on medication in order to have the best life possible~ I thought changing my handle would help me “escape” from the cruel ridicule that I was receiving over on the other site. Obviously, that is not going to happen now (thanks to you) Perhaps you know too much about the situation over there and got great pleasure in “exposing me” over here! Hope you feel real good about yourself now! Would you also like to make fun of my child? Go for it! It’s nothing I haven’t heard before! Now…go back to Hellorazzi and be with your low life friends that pick on little children! Shame on you!

  22. Miapocca says

    And by the way you are lecturing the wrong audience and refrain from addressing me directly..I am not your honey

    and next time try not to make assumptions about someone’s life based on a commment you clearly misunderstood, who knows, you may to talking to a liberal fat black woman, or a jewish lesbian………….

    HMMM….enough with this site….

  23. Miapocca says

    this site totally just subsituted my comment under another name……………

    Celine…you completely misunderstood my comments..I simply making a joking reference to someone who commented about finally understanding Lib “anger” because she is a lesbian..frankly I have no idea if she is a lesbian since it doesnt help put salt in my dinner….

    SO calm down !!!!!!!!!


  24. Manya says

    Celine…you completely misunderstood my comments..I simply making a joking reference to someone who commented about finally understanding Lib “anger” because she is a lesbian..frankly I have no idea if she is a lesbian since it doesnt help put salt in my dinner….

    SO calm down !!!!!!!!!

  25. Mindy says

    Sorry, Celine….it would be oatmeal, not jelly! Beautiful speech, though! Don’t fall off your (high and mighty) soap box, ya hear! Wouldn’t want you to get hurt!

  26. celine says

    sorry, i meant Mindy. or, it doesn’t matter. the subject matter is that of tolerating others, rather than any particular individual.

  27. celine says

    Miapocca by saying “lesbians are supposed to be better tolerated ” i suppose you are speaking on the assumption that you are extending your generosity to tolerate lesbians.

    So it’s all about your privileged position and your tolerating others, which is untrue honey. Because, lesbians just are, they are not tolerated. They don’t need to be. In case any body is tolerating anybody, it is because the former have used messed up forms of power to put others to lesser positions. Like you know once upon a time black people were tolerated despite their supposed animalistic, less human than whites. Or like people with AIDS. Or, like women, the weaker beings, as they were called.

    This society has behaved for too long as if it was its benevolence to tolerate/allow underprivileged people. So, the latter are supposed to take an unequal share and be fine with it. Because after all, isn’t it good enough that they are tolerated? How could they ask for more.

    Only that history has shown that this bullshit of “tolerating” sells only for so long. Because time comes when ppl such as poors of all shades, slaves, people with HIV/AIDS, women, etc just put their feet down and assert their right to exist with full human dignity.

    Dignity is about having an equal right to live, not about being tolerated. And people thus claim that, they claim that they are not different.

    In any case everybody is different and simply for that reason everybody is equally human. Equal. Therefore each can be as good and messed up all at the same time, and this just like the rest.

    Yeah, I know this is a site about celebrities and babies and MomyDearest might get botheres by this talk as she’s having her jelly, but you know opression gets perpetuated in many forms, sometimes in celebrity blogs. Or, most time ;)??

  28. celine says

    she’s an idiot! look at her stupid comments about how if this doc fixed angie (even) in “africa” then she could really trust him! what’s with these ppl? idiots…

    and, seriously, how come things all of a sudden make “more sense” once you know someone is a lesbian. nonsense.

  29. oriana says

    WEll I am not a lesbian, I like babies, I think this is a very cute picture of this baby and I don’t see Tori Spelling as anything special.

    And there have been a lot of happy marriages broken up when the person didn’t respect his/her marriage vows and the other party didn’t have any respect for them either!

  30. ????? says

    Amazing that Libraesque can post a comment saying if a married man pursues,you, you should not allow even if his marriage has problems.

    I thought you love Angelina and it does not bother you that she was pursued or she pursued a married man whose marriage had problems. Do I see some double standard.

    Never mind, you are libraesque, you never think before you comment. You never think. period.

  31. Miapocaa says

    ahahhahahahah….I am to understand that lesbians are supposed to be better tolerated if they are described as angery people………LOL


    If the baby looks like tori then he is not goodlooking …tori only got her looks today through extensive surgery as did candy..I doubt we will ever know what they look like …the baby will sure solve a lot of riddles, mayb e we will see grandma’s original nose and toris real ears ahahhaha…if he is goodlooking then he got it from his dad!!!

    Tori seems like a fun person, but after teh whole marriage thing and their crap about doing whatever including breaking up 2 marriages to be with a soul mate..I find it her quite annoying…its also polite and respectful to wait till the divorce and expartners are dealt with before you start frolicking toegther in the media..its totally bad tast..simply another Angelina Jolie

    Also I do realize that marriages do break up and it takes two to break just as it takes two to keep it together, if a partner checks out emotionally, there is no chance in hell of winning him/her back should there be a young hot starlet in the wings. When you make those vows, you make it for a reason, you just dont run off when the worse hits…its jsut totally rude, disrespectful and selfis..KARMA CAN BE A BITCH…
    Candi speeing is still trying to figure out if the mcdermott is a gold digger before Tori gets a dime…I simply dont find anything adoring about this couple..disgusting just like Jolie and co

    And no I am not an angry lesbian who needs to be understood ot PCed, simply have my opinions on rights and wrongs..if all couple were to be like Tori and Jolie…would some ofyou ladies be happily married ahahhaha

    Marriage should simply be banned in LA LA land

  32. Mindy says

    Don’t get so defensive, Libra! I didn’t mean anything by it! I just now understand why you don’t go “goo-goo” over these adorable babies and you don’t have anything good to say about their parent’s relationships, that’s all!

  33. Libraesque says

    What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    My being a lesbian shouldn’t make you understand anything about my posts because you don’t know me at all. For all you know I could have begun identifying as a lesbian last week.

    But “that’s fine” because I don’t expect too much more on this site, progressive, liberal, forward thinking people are not to be found here

  34. Mindy says

    Libra…I didn’t know you were a lesbian (I must of missed that) That’s fine….now I can kind of understand where you are coming from with some of your posts! It makes me understand you alittle bit more! Thanks!

  35. Team Spelling (aka boo) says

    What a Beautiful Baby boy, As I knew he would be!….Tori and Dean must be So proud.
    Libra this post is introducing the baby, it’s got nothing to do with Tori and Deans Relationship or how it came about….All that really needs to be said here is Cute Baby!~*

  36. carleigh says

    I think Liam looks like Tori…beautiful picture, very sweet! Good to see she’s made peace with her mother, life is too short!

  37. dori says

    I saw your pic on hello razzi and you’re very pretty. I don’t understand where all your anger comes from.

  38. Libraesque says

    I totally agree about that, but the fact remains that she chose to go there!
    If a guy is married and unhappy, and persues you, just don’t go there, it’s totally wrong.

    And I don’t give out personal information about myself because people are really nasty and immature. I made the mistake of saying I’m a lesbian, and now I’m being called a dyke and a fag, so yea, NO

  39. says

    He looks like his dad…..Best of luck…having a baby and raising a baby is the spotlight (all celebrity moms) is challenging enough….

  40. Mindy says

    Libra…if someone is able to “break up” a marriage (as you say), that marriage was not strong to begin with?

    (Just out of curiousity, Libra, how old are you? are you married and have kids….? Don’t mean to sound nosey. Perhaps it would just give me a better understanding to why you say some of the things you do? Thanks!)

  41. Libraesque says

    I’m sorry, I just find it really hard to celebrate anything having to do with Tori, considering a marriage broke up because of her

  42. Mindy says

    D’Anna….No that’s not “ironic”. Sometimes as the baby moves further down the birth canal, it compresses the umbilical cord…thus causing a drop in heart rate. Trust me, she did not labor 17 hours just to have a c-section!

  43. D'Anna says

    Does anyone else find it ironic that she labored fine, got the epidural and then suddenly the baby’s heartrate dropped and she needed a c-section?

  44. Mindy says

    Prior to Liam’s birth, Tori was NEVER photographed without her husband by her side….They were inseperable. I think it’s strange that for the debut of their son, they have elected to have Tori photographed alone with the baby!? (It is a beautiful picture, though! )

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