1. Granny says

    Oriana You’re right. I really hate bickering. The older I get the more I pick my battles. And I don’t think that you or most of the women here are out to cause harm or bad feelings, but just to enjoy cute kids.

  2. carleigh says

    lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas, I had to copy and paste to make sure I got your name But, just a quick response into your comment about the name Damian, it’s actually is Greek and means to tame or subdue

  3. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    I just want to ask you something, WHO THE FUCK IS GOING TO CALL A CHILS DAMIAN???? What is it like the devil’s son????? Lucifer spawn? What the hell is wrong with people…what an ugly ass name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oriana says

    Carleigh, to you I say it takes a person with some intelligence and a forgiving nature to say what you wrote. Actually it has brought tears to my eyes!

    I apologize to you and I will say again, I am sorry for not commenting without knowing all the true facts and jumping to conclusions.

    Granny I hope you have read both these posts for I know you have a good heart and didn’t approve of this bickering back and forth.

    And Carleigh, I would also like to add that I am sorry you have lost both your parents as you mentioned earlier.

    You have a good evening!

  5. carleigh says

    Oriana you have your opinions and I have mine. I don’t think you are a bad person, I just thought it was extremely insensitive of ANYONE, not just necessarily you in general, to make the comment on the Harvey thread. I am not going to respond to anymore of this after this post. I think we are both grown women and I believe that you took a pretty good for lack of better word, verbal beating from me and others on here and it’s time I stopped beating the dead horse. I realize you learned from your mistake, I apologize to you if I have said anything to personally offend you. I don’t think it is really productive to keep perpetuating this online sparring anymore, I would like to call a truce and wave the white flag.

  6. oriana says

    N, his father has the same serious look on his face a lot too, he really has the same eyes and expression. I wonder if he is going to be really intelligent, he looks like he would be a college professor or something. Of course I haven’t seen any pictures of his father for a long time.

  7. oriana says

    Well N, as you can see, Carleigh isn’t willing to let it drop!

    And Saint Carleigh, once AGAIN, where under his picture did it say he had any kind of condition that contributed to him being FAT, I saw a fat child, very Obese for his age and commented on it, are you trying to say that all blind people are severely overweight? I don’t think so. So yes, I saw his picture and said he needed to be put on a diet, why can’t you answer the question about where did it designate that he had glandular problems? Where?

    Why would I start any sweaters? Where would that help any charity? Since you got so worked up and refuse to let it drop, that is why I suggested since you have so much energy focused on me, why not donate some money to the Vision Charity, I can well understand a full time student not having any money.

    And you referred to laying off the pipe, what does a pipe have anything to do with taking drugs as you slurred towards me? I am not familiar with drugs other than what I have read, but obviously you know a lot about them.

    So once and for all, and you are not so stupid you don’t understand, I saw a picture of a FAT kid and commented on it, NO WHERE did I read that he had any kind of growth hormone disabilities that caused him to be so huge, and obviously you didn’t see it either or you would have pointed it out by now, so stop acting so high and mighty! Blind or not, if a child is grossly overweight the parent should put him on a weight controlled diet, that is just my opinion, and I said more than once, that you choose to ignore, that I wasn’t aware of any illness that caused him to look like that! I apologized for blurting out an inappropriate comment but he is FAT, I didn’t lie, and are you so saintly and righteous that you are Miss Perfect? So lay off of me and move forward. You just like to keep a mess going to draw attention to yourself, and if you think I will grovel to you, forget it!

  8. carleigh says

    Vision Charity? Donating money to Vision I haven’t done that but I just got done doing a Respiratory Charity Walk and raised $750 to buy new respiratory equipment for a small, local hospital in the next town. As I have stated before, I am FT student and work PT so I try to give whenever I can and while money is tight my time is totally free, and I willingly and gladly give whatever and whenever I can. Have you started those sweaters yet Oriana? I don’t call it attacking someone when they make ignorant statements about calling a blind little boy a “fatty”, so if you think of it as a personal attack you are more ate up then you think I am. Have a wonderful day…….go read a book, fly a kite..the list goes on..just do something to make yourself feel better or do something you enjoy!

  9. oriana says

    I will be glad to stop defending myself, if she doesn’t attack me any more then it is over as far as I am concerned. Thank you N!!!!!!

    And this little boy looks so serious all of the time, he looks a lot older for his age but I have seen some cute pictures of him and I do think he is a well loved child!

  10. jane says

    #10 says he looks like a little “terrior” ha, you mean he looks like a little scottish dog? Hee

  11. oriana says

    Harvey thread? Well for one thing the last thread I read where you were still attacking me was on the Coco and Courtney thread, or have you forgotten about that one?

    And I don’t have to spell it out for you about the questions I put to you, you have read them all and you know it! Stop playing dumb, but I am sure it isn’t a far stretch for you to go!

    And the way you ranted and raved on and on about me I was sure you were foaming at the mouth about the comments on this thread so please, stop being so two faced!

    And again, why are you spending so much energy writing and focusing on me? Have you donated any money yet to the Vision Charity? That was one of my questions and I can understand you choosing to ignore it.

  12. Knock it off! says

    Um…could we please stay on point here. This is silly. I’m tired of the squabbling on this website. Can’t we just go back to scrutinizing celebrities and their spawn? I like that better than the personal insults. Who’s with me?

  13. carleigh says

    Oriana, I don’t know what you are smoking, but time to step away from the pipe sweetheart! I don’t comment on any other blogs but this one, so if you think I am searching and tracking you on the internet to “find” you and comment about you specifically then you are delusional…I have much better things to do. Yes, you did make your comment directly to me, excuse me! You do seem to have this intent on trying to goad me into insults and post things to elicit a response from me, why is that? Obsess much? As for your comment regarding questions?? What specifically have you asked me NOW that I haven’t answered for you??? I’d like to know because as far as I’ve read only on this website specifically you have been the one initiating me and trying to provoke me, I know of no other site that you could say that I’ve posted about you on. Maybe it’s time you get some therapy and focus on your inner peace and well being, you seem quite fixated on me and have deep anger issues. Let it go Oriana, let it go!
    As far as the people who have made the rude comments regarding Damian, I’ve made my opinions known about how I feel when someone says something nasty directed at a child…so what’s your point exactly Oriana? Are you trying to start another pissing contest on this thread like you did on the Harvey thread??? Could it be that you are just a bored, little shit stirring turd with nothing better to do than squabble needlessly all the time? Might I suggest you do some volunteer work in a war-torn, third world country, your local library system, an orphanage, or just might learn a thing or two.

  14. oriana says

    And No, my comment wasn’t “swayed” towards you, I think I called you directly by name, so it was directed DIRECTLY AT YOU! I also notice you have time to make more comments about me but you don’t have the answers to any questions I have put to you, but then you wouldn’t have because there aren’t any!

  15. oriana says

    Well Carleigh, since you are so sensitive and such a Saint, I am amazed that you arent’ up in arms about the comments towards this child!

    I don’t know what cyberstalking means? Perhaps you could explain it to me since you have made some comments about me on different sites! Or do you make up the rules as you go along and do you have selective morals that you turn on and off? You hyprocrite!

  16. carleigh says

    Oriana you may be in a hurry but you sure had time to make a comment swayed towards me now didn’t you??? You must get another hobby besides cyberstalking me! It’s getting old, try crocheting or knitting some sweaters for the homeless if you need something to keep you occupied.

    Damian looks like his dad, these pictures never do this kid any justice. He’s not homely, he’s not creepy, he just doesn’t take good pic’s. I’ve seen other pic’s of him and he looks like any other normal little boy would, he also has very pretty eyes. His mother is a knockout!

  17. oriana says

    I wonder, does anyone know if he is the only child of his father? I read that Elizabeth didn’t want any support from him but hopefully he has set up a college fund for him if nothing else!

  18. oriana says

    he looks identical to his dad, shame on him for trying to say he wasn’t his son! Same thing will happen hopefully with Eddie Murphy!

    I do think Elizabeth is very beautiful!

  19. lou says

    poor thing must be freezing wearing shorts! at least shes wrapped herself up in a nice warm scarf though!

  20. Sassy says

    I think just having that name everyone assume a little devil in the making, but I got to say, he does look like a little terrior….wow…

  21. Joelly says

    He definitely looks like his father, I think he’s cute…I read that he gets very protective of his mom when the photogs come around, maybe that’s why he always looks so scary in pictures.

  22. celine says

    she looked gorgeous throughout her wedding in india. and she said she had never seen women looking more fabulous than in that occasion. all i can think of is beautiful saris

  23. Brandy says

    He sorta’ looks like “Chuckie” in the Child’s Play movies doesn’t he? He looks more than just a little unbalanced if you ask me.

  24. Aimee says

    Hmmm … They both look like they need to go potty.
    Or are they knock-kneed?
    I agree insofar as Damien’s looks.
    He’s definitely living up to his name (i.e. Damien/Satan).

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