Baby Joy For Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost

Former member of Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost, 29, has announced her happy news.

The following is from Jenny Frost’s website:
Hi Everyone

Well you might have been wondering why everything’s gone quiet on the diary front since the New Year, and I wanted you all to be the first to know! I’m having a Kitten, sorry baby! Yes that’s right me and Dom are going to have a baby and we’re absolutely thrilled!!!!!

I had a scan recently and although I only have a tiny bump it was cart wheeling for the ultra sound! I’m thinking of starting a pregnancy blog, hopefully I’m over the worst of the morning sickness but for those of you interested in keeping up to date with my swollen ankles and food cravings I’ll do a regular update!

That’s all for now! Love and Kisses Jen, Dom, George Michael and our baby bump xxxxxxxx

Best Wishes!


  1. John Cooper says

    I love her pert tits, it is so refreshing to see a natural women. For Gods sake Jenny dont spoil yourself by going under the knife.

  2. oriana says

    Never heard of this person before in my life but if she has been with her partner for 8 years then that is more than a lot of famous people I have heard of! So good luck to her!

  3. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    That slut doesn’t have any tits. It’s like seen my 6 year old brother in a dress, what a sad view. An advice to all you bitches with no breasts, DO NOT ATTEMP TO USE THIS KINDS OF DRESSES, THIS ARE FOR REAL WOMEN WITH TITS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. boo says

    #5 they didn’t just release there music in Britan, I’m Canadian and I’ve heard their music and seen a few of their Videos here on “Much Music” and “YTV Hit List” when I was younger… I used to love them!~*

  5. paige says

    Dom isnt her husband they arent married but theyve been together 8 years or something and are engaged. If the web master is american how on earth does she know who atomic kitten are they only released songs in britain????? Great site

  6. boo says

    They are a pop singing Girl group…I actually kinda liked their music when I was younger, their song “Whole Again” is a pretty catchy tune!
    Congrats to her and her Hubby, I’m sure they’ll make wonderful Parents!~*

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