Baby Joy For Gwen?

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani was snapped visting a medical building in Beverly Hills and some think she is sporting a visible bump! Obviously, rumors like this fly furiously these days, but Gwen is incredibly disciplined in regards to her diet and exercise regime so maybe Kingston will soon have a baby brother or sister! Gwen has been very clear in her wish to have another baby.

Best wishes to Gwen! Gwen would be so cute with a little mini-Gwen!


  1. niyati says

    Kingston looks exactly like Gwen.Both are an awesome mother-son pair.Of course Gavin too is amazing.Overall the entire family ROCKS!!!!!

  2. Susie says

    When one is as thin as a lot of the celebs are these days, you eat a big meal and your stomach bloats. Suddenly, the paparrazi snaps pictures and the pregnancy rumors start.

  3. erin says

    you need to take down this one, she certainly isnt pregnant. i saw her the other day and she is skinny as

  4. name not important says

    look like a Bump now there already is a cute little Gavin Jr hopefully this one would be a little Gwen Jr then they will each have one that looks like the other

  5. siobhan says

    I think its sweet that she is pregnent and that gwen would like it best if it was a baby girl and concraulations to her she should be very happy if she has got a baby girll!!!

  6. Jennifer says

    What is wrong withyou people??!! Good Lord, she certainly doesn’t look pregnant – she looks friggin’ normal!! Or have you ever thought about the fact that maybe she couldn’t get back down to her pre-pregnancy size mere months after having a baby? I’m sure she works out a lot – but Jesus Christ, can’t she retain a single pound of her baby weight, like a normal person??

  7. fee says

    I think it is just the angle of the pic-although i would be so happy for her, Gavin, and Kingston if she were pregnant.

  8. SpencerJ says

    That is not a baby bump, her T-shirt just swung out a tad. She has a baby, she isn’t going to be perfect for a while. She said she didn’t want to get pregnant on tour again and I am sure she is taking the precautions to ensure that won’t happen. Until after the tour is over, that is when she said she would like to try for more.

  9. Catherine says

    We have all got to wonder…
    why was she in a medical centre which ofcourse is not any of are business but still…

    And she has normally got a really and must stree this FLAT STOMACH and yet in these pics it does look A BIT round and ofcourse the very high heels have gone which are a very big danger of falling over and hurting the baby


  10. boo says

    What about that stomache looks like a bump??
    My goodness, she leaves a Medical Building and she’s automatically assumed to be pregnant….Why can’t the rumour mill just slow down until there is proof or the bump ACTUALLY looks like a Bump?!?!~*

  11. Alyssa says

    i just saw her on American idol too and the kids choice awards.. with the outfit she was wearing there definately no bump.. and that was saturday.

  12. carleigh says

    I think it’s the angle they photographed her at…time will tell if it’s another baby-boo! If she is how sweet it would be for her to have a baby girl.

  13. Jenna M. says

    It doesn’t look remotely like a bump to me. I hope she is pregnant though, she seems like a great mum to Kingston.

  14. kim says

    I’ve heard her say she wanted to wait til after her tour that she’s about to embark on… but, I wasn’t trying to get pregnant when I found myself expecting my second child, either, so…
    Either way, GO GWEN!

  15. Mindy says

    I saw her on American Idol (just last week). She didn’t look pregnant to me?! Only time will tell……I totally agree with you Lauralin! 🙂

  16. Lauralin says

    🙂 I’m so glad that no one snaps a picture of me and thinks I’m pregnant every time my stomach shows.

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