Melanie Brown Welcomes A Daughter On Eddie Murphy's Birthday!

Melanie Brown

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown welcomed a baby girl early Tuesday. (Eddie Murphy celebrates his 46th birthday today too! Weird!)
“The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair,” a rep for Melanie said in a statement.

“Mother and baby are now resting. No name has been decided on as yet and she is purely known as Baby Brown.”

Melanie, 31, was taken to Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica at around 5.30 p.m. Monday and the baby was born just after midnight Tuesday.

The new arrival – who weighed in at 5 lb., 4 oz. – joins 8-year-old sister Phoenix Chi, Melanie’s daughter with ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar.

The paternity of the new baby, however, is in question. Melanie has said her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Murphy – who shares a birthday with the infant and turned 46 on Tuesday – is the father, but he has questioned that claim.

“I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test,” Eddie said on a Dutch TV show in December when asked about impending fatherhood. “You shouldn’t jump to conclusions, sir.”

Melanie later released a statement saying she was “upset and distressed” by Eddie’s comments.

In March, Eddie’s new girlfriend, film producer Tracey Edmonds, told Chicago’s Power 92 radio station of Eddie and Melanie: “Without me getting too deep into it, they had a quick relationship before I even got into that, before I got into a relationship with Eddie. So that’s like their business that’s going on. There’ll be a paternity test and if it’s his then he’ll be responsible.”




  1. ladeda says

    yeah i can truly say that i hope eddy eats his words ugh fricken jerk im glad his last movie you know when the court date is? actually i kinda hope the baby isnt murphys i would hate to think my father didnt claim me before i was born but anyways gotta go my foods burning

  2. maggie says

    I cant wait to see if the baby looks like eddie, and julie I think your right maybe she was induced. I really dont like melanie I mean why does she slept with a mrried man and gets pregnant and eddie is not a saint either

  3. oriana says

    I think Eddie has been a good father to his children. I hope this baby is his and he has to eat his words! He did his thing, then met up with Tracy and now thinks he is so much better than Melanie! I just hope and pray the baby is proven to be his!

  4. ???? says

    For the first time I agree with Miappoca, Tracy Edmonds could do much better than a loser like Eddy Murphy.

  5. Monica says

    14. rj , you sound like you have some emotional problems. Please watch the foul classless language on this website!!

  6. Miapocca says

    blah blah blah blah

    Good luck to Melanie..Tracy Edmonds is sooooooooooo stupid

    Goodluck to the baby

  7. carleigh says

    Happy B-day to Baby Murphy Brown or Brown-Murphy…I hope she nails his balls to the wall! Jerk!

  8. celine says

    even he knew it wasn’t, why would one want to be so stupidly macho, conservative, immediately casting the woman to the “oh, that loose woman” scenario? i mean man, even if a woman chooses to have many relationships, it shouldn’t be hard to remember that you willignly partook and became one of the men she chose to be with. but it’s fine for him to go around, and oh not so fine for her, esp cause she can bear a baby that umm.. … could be yours dude, if u only reflected for a minute. but who cares, good for u baby, to have arrived on such a nice april day!

  9. Jacquie says

    Now lets hope he eats his “you make presumtions that baby is mine sir” words. He’s a jerk.

  10. oriana says

    Just too funny to have the baby born on his BD! Can’t wait for the DNA to be done! Eddie, you know it’s your baby!

    Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

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