Cindy Crawford Shopping In Malibu & On The Cover Of German Vogue!

Gorgeous mother-of-two Cindy was snapped out shopping in Malibu on April 1st.
Cindy Crawford

And she graced the April cover of German Vogue! Can you believe she is 41?
Cindy Crawford



  1. Joan says

    Yes, I would like to make a comment about Cindy Crawford knowing people in the Gulf Coast Region need furniture she sure has cashed in on it. As far as the prices we do not live in California.

  2. says

    True story. I was at my son’s grandma’s funeral on his dad’s side and one of the ladies that new his grandma asked to be introduced to his “girlfriend” and we laughed instead of crying like we were. Why does this bother Amy & Nicki so??? That is the true question and no I am not vain at all. I don’t see what other people see. I just started a new job last summer at a big company that also hires summer interns that are college students and I started when they started and everyone kept asking me if I was a student. I just get a good laugh out of it mostly.

  3. Nicki says

    13. Emmaj , I don’t think that people would mistake you for your 22 year old son’s girlfriend!!! Get over yourself!!

  4. says

    I’m with you Eyesofpearls!! I turned 40 last year and the “oldest” anyone thinks I am is 26 and I’ve been guessed to be my 22 yr old sons girlfriend by people who know him but not me. Hugely funny, at a funeral no less when we all needed a laugh. 41 is not old. As long as you take care of yourself, exercise and eat right you can look and feel great. I’ve always thought Cindy was beautiful but I refuse to compare myself to airbrushed photos. I’ll just compare myself to all the 20-somethings I see each day. Ha Ha Ha

  5. Eyesofpearls says

    Excuse me, but what does it mean “CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS 41”? I’m 41 and does it mean we are old and should look neglected??!! I still look better that many 25-year old! Please stop with such chauvinist comments!

  6. Anzhelika says

    If you did plastic surgeries or botox or i dont know what else you would look the same young and fresh,also dont forget her lifestyle is much different from ours.She can afford the best food, trainers,etc..A nanny takes care of her children..
    Be realistic !

  7. stacey says

    She looks nice but starting to look a bit manly in the face. Hard eyes and gaunt cheeks. I also don’t like the way she is parading her daughter around to do photo shoots. Bizarre to be living through your kid like that.

  8. gw says

    I think Cindy Crawford looks great and has kept herself fit and gorgeous. Hey, when I’m 41 I would be stoked to look as good as she does at that age.

  9. Blng says

    I think she looks good…and yes I can believe she is 41, she looks it. 41 isn’t what it used to be

  10. Julie says

    She’s hot. My husband said that if she ever knocked on our door for him, he’d have to go for it 🙂 I laughed and gave him my blessing!

  11. Just me says

    She looks beautiful on the Vogue cover, but in recent photos, I think she looks a little trashy and kind of like a drug addict, with protruding bones, gaunt cheeks and straggly hair. I think she looked much better before when she had curves.

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