Apple Out With Grandma

Apple Martin (daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin) was snapped out with her grandmother, Blythe Danner, at a farmer’s market. She is so cute!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Note: Correction was made!



  1. Kylie says

    It’s not nice to make fun of children. They can’t help the way they look. That’s just mean spirited !!!

  2. FREAKERS says


  3. oriana says

    I hope they don’t cut her hair, it is very pretty! And I think Reese’s daughter is very pretty also!

  4. oriana says

    Have to agree with Libra, her baby pictures did not compliment her any at all, she did look like her ugmo father! Since she has gotten older she is really a pretty little girl to me and you can tell she is a joy to the whole family!

  5. Libraesque says


    I just went on the other Apple thread and I must say, she looks really cute. It was the younger pictures of her that made me cringe, she looked a lot like her dad when she was a baby, and that is just NOT an attractive man. It’s like Billy Joels kids, or Jim Carrey’s…..yiikes

  6. N says

    I agree All babies/children are not cute. All babies/children are sweet or precious……. but not cute. You have to pay attention to how the baby is addressed.

    Example: You see a baby in a stroller…. if the baby is cute to you then you normally say, “That baby is cute or beautiful.” But if the baby is not so cute then you normally just say, “Ahhhhhhh.”

  7. Libraesque says

    Niki, I remember that one, hahahahahaha, that’s the episode where it was revealed that Patsy used to be a man!!! And Saffy gets laid!!!

    to Michele, no, not all babies and children are cute. I happen to be very honest with myself about what I see, no matter what that may be. TO ME, Apple is not a cute kid, at all, that smooshed up face and those droopy eyes….no, not cute to me, I actually cringe when I see a picture of her. It doesn’t mean I don’t like kids, it means I’m honest, and am not in denial with this across the board all kids are cute thing most of you have in common

  8. michele says

    It amazes me how adults can say a child is ugly. What gives? All babies and children are cute. It’s really disturbing to say a child is ugly. Perhaps those who claim a child is ugly should look at their own image in the mirror!

  9. oriana says

    I think she looks much cuter now than when she was a baby, and Chris is downright ugly to me!

  10. Nicki says

    58. Libraesque ~I couldn’t pick a favorite. Everytime I see another one I love that one. I do recall one where Eddy had to do a shoot (sunglasses?) in Morocco and Patsy was going with her. Saffy begged to go with them, she was studing it in school. Patsy was beside herself, begging Eddy not to let her come. Patsy was saying “EDDY-None goes to Morocco to STUDY!” Saffy ended up going and Patsy got rid of her for awhile, 😆 and they got lost in the desert. My hubby even calls me in when he comes upon it while looking for something to watch. He likes it too. Bubble is so ridiculous she is hysterical. They are all very funny. I haven’t seen it in a long while, I will look for it again to watch regularly, always even over and over again good for some belly laughs.

  11. dori says

    she’s a little darling with a long line of good genes. her mama and grandma are beautiful women!

  12. maggie says

    Very pretty girl, she looks so much like gweneth, and shes going to be so fashion, she already is

  13. jules says

    Nope, sorry, poster #35 was not me, though I did admit to spelling fowl/foul wrong. I am smart enough not to use someone else’s screen name. By the way, using the foul language does scream third grade education, so I guess you would just fit right in. If not, like others said, feel free to leave anytime.

  14. oriana says

    Mindy, thank you for the info!! I guess it still comes on the BBC channel then? Hope so! I bet my son has seen it, he is in PA. and likes a lot of the BBC shows. I actually bought him about 9 BBC dvd’s for Christmas, including The Bucaneers which I loved and bought for myself.

  15. Libraesque says

    Bubble is hilarious too, I cry with laughter at some of her outfits.
    what’s your fav episode niki? I’m trying to think of mine but there are SO many. The one where they go skiing, and Eddy almost dies and she sees “god” who’s Marianne Faithful

  16. Nicki says

    Ab Fab is a British comedy show. It is brilliant. I love it. Eddy and Pasty are so funny.
    I did not post # 17 or # 38. It is either another Nicki or someone using my name. This is the first time I have been on this thread.

  17. Mindy says

    Oriana, Absolutely Fabulous is a British TV Sitcom. It has kind of a “cult” following in the States.

  18. Libraesque says

    thanks O, that was an Ab Fab party I had, I’m channeling my inner Eddy!!!! (have you seen Absolutely Fabulous?)

  19. Mindy says

    Well…think about it, Lib…no one is putting a gun up to your head and making you post here! If this site “sucks ass” and we all have a third grade education, why do you stay? You are (supposedly) an intelligent woman. You are always free to leave?

  20. Libraesque says

    Jules, and only ignorant people use the word FOWL instead of FOUL, so you must be poster #35, only you use various screen names?

    This site definitely sucks ass

  21. jules says

    Gosh, just realized I spelled it fowl, like the bird, and not foul. Maybe I need to go back to spelling class! HAHAHA!

  22. Libraesque says

    Wow, you sure went to a lot of trouble. Thanks for saying I look young…..I’m not, just good genes

    I just realized the person @35 said I was using “fowl” language

    I actually think I need to go to a site that has posters with more than a third grade education

  23. jules says

    I agree with Mindy. Only ignorant people use fowl language when arguing. If you really want to get your point across, you do it intelligently. I, personally, don’t want to read the fowl language and mostly skip over it, but it is bothersome to have people arguing and bickering all of the time on this website. Maybe the webmistress should just post pictures and not allow any comments.

  24. Mindy says

    Libraesque picture from Hellorazzi….

    You look young (and very pretty)? Perhaps when you are more mature, you can fight your battles intelligently without having to use such foul language. People are more opt to listen and respect you when you speak to them with respect! (Just some food for thought from an old lady) 🙂

  25. Joelly says

    I agree she has her dad’s eyes and she is quite angelic looking to me…she’s beautiful.

  26. Libraesque says

    No, dumbass, someone isn’t smart enough to use their own screen name @ #35

    How is it that I’m looking for attention by posting MY OPINION on here like everyone else.

    I like how people can call me a dyke and a fag on here for NO REASON, but I’m the one with a foul mouth

  27. Diva says

    Her eyes look just like her dad’s to me. Doesn’t mean there’s something WRONG with them, though.

    I think she’s a cutie.

  28. 33. Libraesque says

    33. Libraesque, why do you feel the need to use fowl language on this forum? You are very ignorant!!

  29. jane says

    I agree that there is something wrong about Apple’s eyes. It’s like they both want to look in the opposite direction or something. The iris of her eyes are not centered in the middle of her eye balls, they are off to the sides. No big deal and it’s certainly not mean to comment on it. It is what it is. I think Chris’ eyes are that way, too.

  30. Libraesque says

    And Dori, shut the fuck up and get over yourself. I’m not starting any fights. I have a right to voice my opinion like anyone else, if people want to comment on it, that’s not my problem
    I don’t happen to believe that all kids are cute JUST because they’re kids, and this kid is just fug

  31. Libraesque says

    I happen to think this is a really ugly kid, and guess what IT’S MY OPINION, so get over it

    Who do I think is a cute kid? Violet A is a really cute kid

  32. jen says

    yes there is. you can even see it in the link you posted. her eyes have been that way since she was a baby.

  33. smyrna says

    apple is a cute girl, that’s right
    but i think she has an eye problem.. they seem to be too far from each other!?

  34. jen says

    kelsie, I’ve always noticed that about her eyes, there is definitely something off about them.

  35. says

    She is beautiful
    some people just love the negative attention. who knows, liberesque could be some 50 yr old man, and just loves getting a rise outta women


  36. kelsie says

    She is very cute, but there seems to be something wrong with her eyes.I forgot what it was called, but my 7 year old nephew has the same thing

  37. oriana says

    I wish that Apple’s grandfather could have lived to have seen her. I know this is a proud grandmother!

  38. BabiesRBeautiful says

    Apple and her grandma look like they’re having a wonderful day…what is Apple eating? She’s a bright-eyed little girl…

  39. lauren says

    she is such a cute baby but i just dont know if she will be cute or beautiful when she is older like her mother because usually in pictures she looks kinda weird. but cute for a baby!

  40. AEM says

    Libraesque….who to you is a “cute” kid?…i dont know how u could get much cuter than apple!

  41. Amy says

    Libraesque – all of your comments are so insulting. You must be looking for some sort of attention!!

  42. Janie says

    9. Libraesque, I am getting so sick of you being so critical on every posting. Why do you even bother to come onto this website??

  43. kt says

    Apple is super pretty.
    i am getting really tired of all the women on here being so critical and rude of others. it is making me not want to even post anymore, which sucks b/c this is the only site i like to post on in the first place. i just wish you ladies would be a little nicer and less nitpicky! sometimes you are just plain mean for no reason!

  44. Lauralin says

    Seriously — you people pick on the stupidest of things. Are you here to see the pictures or critique each other until we all feel bad enough about ourselves not to return? Does it really matter what name someone uses as long as you can enjoy the picture?

  45. mars says

    god… it’s apple and moses (not mozes duh!) martin… c’mon don’t change people’s names…

    that girl is just beautiful!!!!!!

  46. Cheetah says

    i must agree with essie.. please write people’s name correct.. Its indeed Apple Martin. Daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.. and Mozes Martin’s big sister.. Grand daughter of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow..

    [b]Confusing al the woman keeping there own name.. ;)[/b]

    Apple is most adorable.. i love her.. in another picture of the same day, she is so sweet with her arms in the air as iff she is saying.. I dont know grandma!!..

    love this girl..

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