Phil Collins & His Sons At Disneyland Paris

Phil Collins, 56, was snapped with his sons, Nicholas, 5, and Matthew, 2, at the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Disneyland Paris on March 31st.

Phil Collins

Nicholas and Matthew are Phil’s children with his wife Orianne. Last year they announced that they would be separating. Phil has three other children from two previous marriages.



  1. Jessie says

    Haha Jen #4 that’s funny he does actually. And is it just me or does Nicholar look like a girl with that long hair and face??

  2. ashleigh says

    yeh i just looked he does look lke he’s related to an olsen twin thats funny i agree that the older child looks older than 5. interesting

  3. Libraesque says

    okay, is it just illegal for ANY celebrity to have an ugly kid!!???
    All these kids are so cute!!!

    Is it just me or does it seem weird that there isn’t a category for Brooke Shields?????? I mean…..a Cindy Crawford category and not BS?????

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