Pax Thien's Birth Mother Breaks Her Silence

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Pham Thu Dung, the biological mother of Pax Thien Jolie, says she’s happy that her child has found a new life with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The British newspaper News of the World tracked Pham Thu Dung down in the Vietnam neighborhood she calls home and talked to the 29-year-old about why she gave Pax up for adoption in 2003. Though Pham Thu Dung admits that she’s presently incapable of taking care of the three-year-old, she hopes that one day in the future he’ll call her “mother” again.

On giving Pax up for adoption:
“I am not his mother anymore because I abandoned him. I saw his face in the newspapers and I wanted to recognize him but I couldn’t. He was a stranger to me. I wanted to forget all about him but it hurts so much to see his face and hear about everything that is happening to him. It brings all the pain back to me. My dream is that one day he’ll visit me and call me mother. But it’s only a dream, I know it’s impossible.”

On Angelina adopting Pax:
“I want to see my son again and tell him I’m so sorry I had to give him away. I am very happy for him. I hope he has a good life now. He is better off with the movie star because I am not a good mother. I wasn’t able to take care of my baby.”

On her hopes for the future:
“I realize I am not capable of looking after him. I can’t even feed myself properly, let alone a baby as well. I only eat one meal a day. I just hope one day I will see him just to see how he is and looks. I want to know that he’s ok and that his new mother loves him.”

On her parents signing the adoption papers without her knowledge:
“There is nothing I can do. I can’t change what has happened.”

On Pax’s father leaving her during the pregnancy:
“I kept my baby because I thought my boyfriend would marry me. I wanted to keep the baby and live with him. I trusted him, but he left me.”

On taking two fixes of heroin a day:
“I really want to give up. I know drugs might kill me. If I can manage it, I will live a normal life. I really miss my grandmother and my family. I want to sort myself out and go home. But until I can give up drugs, I know I can never go home. I know my father is angry with me and I know the neighbors will laugh at my family. I don’t want my son to be ashamed of me when he grows up.”

Hours after meeting with News of the World, Pham Thu Dung was picked up by police and escorted to her family’s home. A friend who was with her at the time told the paper that her parents have been ordered to keep her there or she faces jail-time.

That is so heartbreaking. This poor woman… Obviously she was unable to care for her son, but it must be so hard for her.



  1. Adison says

    I am vietnamese. And I understand where that woman is comming from! She didnt leave her son because of drugs. She left him because she hardly have money. And if you want to become rich in vietnam. You either come from a wealthy family or become a prostitute. So much choice does she have?

  2. Nell says

    Angie and Brad are truly saints if any one disagree with them that is there business. as for the statement about abopting children form american why dont you abopt ?
    i would dare to say the complainter dont even give a dollar to any charities here in american

  3. Angie says

    Who the fuck cares about theses damn kids with there movie star parents. There are alot of people in America and in your own neighborhood, think about them. But instead we wnt to talk about theses kids, all you mother fuckers needs to get a clue!!!!!

  4. amanda says

    drugs can mess you up bad she needs to get help
    kids is our world they love thire kids but they need to get off of the drugs and have a good family.
    im not into drugs but i love kids.
    its sad how they took them

  5. C.L. says

    I think these two are absolutely delightful as parents. The children look so happy and loved with them. It’s easy to see how much they’re enjoying being a family.

    The world could use more people like them (especially the “rich” world).

    They are positive roll models. Now leave them alone to raise their children in private.

    (My two cents worth)

  6. jewel says

    Nubia, I applaude what you said. I believe that you have successfully hit upon the real problem in adoptions to date. Taking babies from broken mothers and then throwing their mothers away is not a commendable act of giving. It is only a bandaid to cover the initial cut and to keep more dirt from getting into the wound. Angelina I believe would have moved mountains to make her own mother okay. She should really look upon these children and recognize their true needs. From the eyes of a child they clearly say, “help my mommie and I will be okay.” I have actually had children say this very thing to me {grandson}.

  7. jewel says

    Was she right to adopt Pax? Lets ask Pax. Look at the photo of Ms. Jolie trying to get on the plane to bring him to America. What does his body language say and what does the emotion on this poor little boys face say? A picture really can say a thousand words and this one says it all. I see a full grown adult putting their own wants in front of this little boys fear. I feel if she really cared about Pax, she would have put his needs first and allowed him the time to gradually adjust to his new foriegn family and their home.

  8. tj says

    so she adopts from diferent places SO WHAT!!! yes there are plently of kids in america that need a home as well but why do you people count on angelina to do the adopting, why dont you guys just adopt kids “that need a home in america” why does Angelina have to?? because shes known for adopting??? thats so ignorant for you guys to tihnk that. i love the fact that angelina adopts from other countries, and that she saves peoles lives in africa cambodia or wherever! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are angels from above!!!

  9. syra says

    well all i hav got 2 say is dat ppl wil do anything for storys man, eniwys i dnt understnd dat y dnt dey adopt kids from dwn england america eniwer insted of going half way across the world lukin for kids. omg angilina is so stpd she says dey need a nuva blak girl in the family so da ova blak girl dnt feel left out itss just stpd, 1 day dem kids r gunna question pitt n jolie. i fink der jus stpd n dumb n jolie myt be gorjus bu she a man steeller lol

  10. suzie Q says

    For all who are critical–Who knows–Angelina might just be pure of heart. It must be sad seeing all of the orphans face to face and seeing the need. What the heck–if you can help, why not? Most of are just plain selfish and can’t accept someone’s good will without being suspicious.
    Even in a large family with a nanny, the kids will get more attention and care than they would get in an orphanage in a poor country.

  11. suzie Q says

    For all who are critical–Who knows–Angelina might just be pure of heart. It must be sad seeing all of the orphans face to face and seeing the need. What the heck–if you can help, why not? Most of are just plain selfish and can’t accept someone’s good will without being suspicious.
    Even in a large family with a nanny, the kids will get more attention and care than they would get in an orphanage in a poor country.

  12. Nubia says

    Very sad……..when you read all about these children being adopted by these so called super stars. There would be no problem for me understanding theses children being adopted if they had no parents. However, the story seems to be the same in every case, they are being taken from parents that have no support from their our government system. However, I ask myself still is it right to take a child knowing that the parent love them and just need help. Why not support the parent in getting it together?

    Adopting children is excellent, but you have to ask what are some people real reason to go so far oversea to do it. You, can’t save the world, where is your conscience about break a family up and that child will never know its native language, culture or family members. It almost feel like baby kidnapping base on hardship of the parents and a broken government policy.

    Very sad….. to take someone else suffering and make it your pleasure!

  13. melissa says

    hey guess what, just a note to those that come on here and always have a comment for others input to certain topics, just because it’s said doesn’t mean it’s not true!! I think that angie is in it for the publicity and I have said before why is it I only ever see her with Madox and Pax. I never see her( if only once before) with Shiloh. I’ve only ever seen her with Zahara when it’s a baby picture. How long will Pax be the center of attention in her life this time? I guess only untill she adopts another one…..

  14. dori says

    you know what lets just agree to disagree on Angelina you like her I don’t
    you have your opinion and I have mine.
    Name calling and attacking of another blogger is not allowed on many other websites and really shouldn’t be allowed here either. It’s fine to have different opinions but name calling just isn’t necessary .

  15. Libraesque says

    Dori…and you have first hand knowledge “that she forgets to actually mother the ones she has. ” from what source????

    I guess it’s completely idiotic comments like yours that made this such a great site before I got here, right???

  16. robinleslie says

    that is very sad, i did not know that little Pax’s mother was a drug addict she sounds very uneducated and scared, good thing she made the right decision for Pax , man he is one lucky kid

  17. dori says

    Unfortunately he was adopted by a woman who is so busy looking to adopt more children she forgets to actually mother the ones she has. He went from one type of prison to another. He will not get a loving mother where he is now either. Just photo ops showing a smiling mother but not one who is home giving him the nuturing he will need. . A better life… a good home, those things he will have. But a loving nuturing mother? No, I don’t believe he will get that.

  18. Daze says

    I don’t feel for her. She is an adult and has given her life over to drugs. More power to her if she can kick her habit. It sounds like her family is still having to go through the ordeal of dealing with her and her habits. Pax is a lucky little boy to have found a loving home and to not have to grow up as the neglected and starving child of a herion addict.

  19. oriana says

    I can’t believe they dug this mother up and interviewed her! Anything for a story! This little boy is 1000 times better off away from his environment and this druggie mother! She sounds very young, and such a wasted hopeless life! I feel sorry for anyone in this situation but am very thankful Pax was chosen to get away from a Communist country and adopted by these two, not big fans at all but I do think he will be loved and protected from now on, and living the American dream of which he has no idea yet! This child is blessed and will be blessed in many ways!

  20. dori says

    That was a sad story. Pax is a very lucky little boy to have been adopted . I don’t think the mother needed to speak out though. That information is now public knowledge and can be brought up to that boy later in life. If she cared at all for his well being silence would have been a better choice.

  21. carleigh says

    It’s heartbreaking that this woman is mixed up into drugs and lost her son…anytime a child suffers it’s very heartbreaking. Children are the innocent one’s and they shouldn’t have to suffer the mistakes of the parents, but unfortunately children do suffer in more ways that just physical. Having a heroin addicted mother who put him up for adoption is the one and only chance that Pax will have to grow up in a stable, loving, safe environment and w/ Brad and Angie he will have every advantage possible in life. He’s a fortunate little boy who has come from a very tragic set of circumstances, I just hope that his birth mother didnt’ do drugs during her pregnancy, god only knows what kind of mental, emotional and physical affects this can have on that child. Her story is sad and it is her choice to use drugs, not necessarily her fault, all that can be done is pray that someday she get’s the help and treatment she desperately needs so that she can have a future of her own. As far as her son calling her “mother” again someday…well mother isn’t a word that you just call the woman who gave you life, the word mother can mean so much more especially when this woman is incapable of being a mother or to even take care of herself. I hope God blesses little Pax in his new life and he never has the memories of his early childhood, he deserves a chance to grow and thrive and now he can!

  22. Libraesque says

    meh, she had her 5 minutes of “fame” , back to the herion den for her.
    I think the remark about him calling her mother again some day is pretty fucked up. A mother is someone who cares for you, and raises you, and loves you enough to chose your well being over chasing the dragon!!!

  23. Essie says

    I might not totally agree with Clare, but, really, I read that and felt nothing for that woman. It’s her fault she’s a druggie and it’s her fault her baby had to spend the first three years of his life in an orphanage. She needs to just lay low and stop giving interviews . . . and get herself clean.

  24. Andrea says

    Clare wrote: “Who cares?”
    –Anyone with a heart. Why read about anything in our world for that matter? What a heartless response.

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