Nicole Kidman With Connor & Isabella At The 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awards

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman was accompanied by son Connor, 12, and daughter Isabella, 14, at the 20th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. Nicole picked up the favorite animated movie honor for Happy Feet at the ceremony. “They are thrilled to be here,” she told People magazine.



  1. Libraesque says

    Mia, OH YES, it will be the end of the world for poor little Bella, look who her father is, the biggest closetd fag in HW. She will either live life in denial and secrecy, come out and have to take special $cieno courses to “clear” her of her homosexuality, or she’ll leave the church and never be able to see her family again

  2. Miapocaa says

    LIB crack me up big time…..I read on teh that

    A dyke is a gay woman who no man will ever be attrated to so seeks refuge in same sex relationships…eg Rosie Odonnell

    and a lesbian is ahot base who men still want be she totally digs the same sex eg Portia DiRossi

    Now I dont believe puttign peopel in neat luttle boxes , of course ellen defies any stereotypes…however I thought the guy who write that was simply hilarious..I also beleiv ein getting a few laughs wihtout feeling guilty about political correctness

    So what if Bella turns out s not a bad thing nor the end of the world. I often think those who are ultra offended by gay labels are wrestling with their own issues…..Bella might yet encourage her psycho dad to come out of the closet…a real life south park episode ahahhaha

  3. Libraesque says

    #28, really, then you must be a complete basket case because you called me a fag and a sadistic dyke

  4. celine says

    keith is adorable…. adorable are his songs, too. nic is so smart in picking her other half

  5. Libraesque says

    ??????, you are idiotic beyond belief.
    You call me a fag on this thread and a sadistic dyke on another thread.
    Could you chose a sex for me and stick with it, you complete jackass.

  6. oriana says

    I don’t like the word dyke or fag, it sounds derogatory.

    I have two sons, one is an absolute Jock, into all sports and some of the cutest girls after him, my oldest son, is Gay, he is very quiet, sensitive, intelligent and a very caring, generous loving human being. My youngest son is not accepting of it but he has come to terms with his older brother. I just think people could be more respectful of how they talk, myself included.

  7. ???? says

    Dyke is a derogatory term and as a fag libraesque, you should know better than use it. Then again, hurting people always do the most hurtful things to others.

  8. Libraesque says

    Clare, what the hell is wrong with calling her a dykette? Do you live on a farm in the midwest????

    And I’m not the only one who has made that observation , believe me. What’s wrong with her being gay? (except the fact that the $cientologists will brutalize her when they find out)

  9. amy says

    for those who comment on bella’s sexuality….of COURSE she has been tomboyish in her youth…tom is a self confessed ‘daredevil action man’…(his words)…why be so cruel and judgemental on a young person who will no doubt have her hands full of bitchy comments from her peers at that age…do none of you remember how hard it was to be a girl at her age?? as for connor..i think he is going to be very good looking…yes nicole looks like a wax work, but hey, she IS beaming with happiness in this pic…i don’t care for either tom or nicole, but the fact remains that both those two children seem to be very loved and cherished…who cares about other crap as to whether either of these CHILDREN are gay or not…grow up ladies!! i admit i don’t often say the kindest thing about some children on this site, but i have never stooped as low as some of you…this is getting out of hand…it seems like some of you are competing with who can say the most evil, cruelest or nastiest comment first, just for the sake of it…it makes me sick…

  10. dori says

    ladies ladies ladies.. my goodness. It’s just a bad picutre of her. Go search the website for other photos. She looks fine. You are overreacting.

  11. carleigh says

    It’s nice to see her spending time with Connor and Bella. Bella may be a bit tomboyish but she’s coming along, I think all little girls go through that stage when they are learning about hair, styles, fashion and personal upkeep…they have to learn to be girlie. Don’t you ladies remember the first time you picked up a tube of lipstick and a curling iron?? LOL…I sure do and it was disasterous. Connor is handsome.

    Nicole needs to go back to her beautiful auburn hair color and stop “toxing” her face to death, she’s a beauty, but she’s just overdoing it a bit for my taste.

  12. oriana says

    Well I do have to admit that Tom’s daughter does look very “tomboyish” and seems very athletic, she did look nice in the wedding but Connor is totally a cute, cute kid! Looks much better than Tom ever will!

  13. dori says

    Clare I repeat They live in Austrailia and the kids go to school here in the U.S… Isn’t that part of the reason?

  14. Clare says


    That is sick calling a child a baby dyke since you are gay yourself and am sure part of the reason you are a sicko is because people have called you such names.


    The reason we do not see the kids with Nicole is because they are not with her not because she is not using them for publicity. Keith admitted in the recent interview that they do not spend a lot of time with the kids.

    I think the kids look happy with their mum as much as their dad and she had many problems this past year which does not make her a bad mother. I think Tom is a great father too.

    Connor is very very handsome.

    Webmistress, could you please ban foul, sad idiots like Libraesque?

  15. dori says

    The kids look great and it’s not a great pic of Nicole. But I’ve seen recent pics of her and she is still a very beautiful woman. Not every picture is perfect you know.
    And the kids look a lot more normal and relaxed when they are with Nicole.
    The boy is very handsome and Isabelle is in her awkward phase. Girls get that pre pubescent round body and face around 11-13. How old is she?
    Tom does use those kids for publicity more than Nicole does and thats the only reason you see more of them with Tom .When they were growing up Nicole rarely had the kids out for publicity. Think about it. She’s a more private person who lives part time in Austrailia doesn’t she? The kids are probably in school here aren’t they?

  16. oriana says

    Connor is a very handsome young boy! Very cute indeed! And Nicole needs to stop using the Botox so much!

    She doesn’t spend as much time with her kids because Tom has control over them but it is good to see them together.

  17. jane says

    She doesn’t even look human any more. Looks like her face is made out of silly putty. Her sister is much more beautiful.

  18. Lauren says

    It’s nice to see Connor and Isabella spending time with their mother. You always see pictures of them with Tom and Katie.

  19. Tinkerbell says

    Yes I posted about Suri but I never thought that she was born in December so maybe you are thinking of someone else.
    Metro is prob a better word than femmy.
    Either way it doesnt matter what he is…..I was just curious if anyone else saw what I saw

  20. Libraesque says

    tinkerbell, are you the same tinkerbell from JJ who said you thought Suri was born Dec. 18th?????

    Anyway, yes I think Conner is a little on the…………..metro side, he actually looks a lot older than he is, that may be it.
    And TC is going to have an aneurism when Bella comes out of the closet. That is a baby dyke if I’ve ever seen one!!!

  21. Helen says

    Maggie, you can’t tell how they’re with their mum from just one picture and they look fine to me.

  22. celine says

    conor is gonna grow into a hot hot young man. isabella doesn’t show it yet, but i’m sure she’ll also be a great looking chick.

  23. Jackie says

    Nicole is a beautiful woman, why must she do that to her body? She looks worse than she did though I admit she was younger than she is now. Marcia Cross is 45 and looks good without surgery.

    On a more positive note, it is good to see Bella trying to be a girl. The hair cut also looks good on her. Connor as always is very handsome!

  24. tin says

    It’s nice to finally see Nicole actually spending time with her children. I often wonder how frequently she spends time with them.. you see a lot of Tom and Katie out with them but rarely Nicole taking the children out….

    Yes, agree with the botox… it’s disappointing.

  25. tin says

    It’s nice to finally see Nicole actually spending time with her children. I often wonder how frequently she spends time with them.. you see a lot of Tom and Katie with the but rarely Nicole taking the children out….

    Yes, agree with the botox… it’s disappointing.

  26. Emma says

    She’s a beautiful woman, but she needs to stop botox and lip filling NOW before it’s too late!!!

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