Myleene Klass & Graham Quinn Expecting Their First Child

Myleene Klass

TV presenter and musician Myleene Klass has announced that she is expecting a baby with fiancĂ© Graham Quinn. The 28-year-old says they are both “ecstatically happy” as they prepare for the arrival of their first child.

The pair, who met when Myleene was singing in reality TV band Hear’Say and Graham was working as a bodyguard, had planned to marry in November. But the wedding has now been postponed until after the baby is born in the Autumn.

“It’s a very welcome surprise,” said Myleene in a statement. “The pregnancy wasn’t planned but we’re over the moon and can’t wait to be parents. We’ve always wanted a family of our own. I am truly delighted and know Graham will make a fantastic father,” she added.

Classically-trained musician Myleene, who was the runner-up in I’m A Celebrity… and presents a radio show on Classic FM, recently signed a contract to be the face of Marks and Spencer’s lingerie and swimwear lines. And according to one company source, the high-street store – which is currently featuring her in their spring campaign – may be considering using Myleene to front a range of maternity wear, too.

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  1. boo says

    Jules for the record My Mother always raised us with Morals and Values and Always told us the right thing to do would be to wait until marriage… But then you hit those lovely teenage years and Everyone is doing it, you think your in love with a boy and you want to take the next step and do it… Everything that your Mother once told you is thrown out the window and you do it because you want to.
    It’s not like my Mom sat there and encouraged me to get it on before marriage, that was a choice I made and I do not regret it…She too was a pretty religious single mom, who wanted what was best for all her girls.
    My Kids are my Whole Life and I wouldn’t for one second think that I would’ve been better off had I waited to have them. They were meant to be here and meant to be mine and I cherish everything about them….And feel so blessed to be chosen a their Mommy.~*

  2. jules says

    I wish I had read Boo’s comment before replying with my own. You might call it old fashion, as a matter of fact, I think a lot of people like to give it some term or another, but old fashion is not wearing white before Easter or wool before Labor Day. Believing in the sanctity of marriage and living by the Bible is not old fashion. It is being a Christian. I’m not a “Bible Thumper” or a “Holy Roller”, but I do try to live my life the way Christ wants us to and I try to teach my child to do the same. I think that America has tried to justify the way it lives, especially Hollywood types, by labeling others as “old fashion”, or claiming to be scientologists, or whatever else they can do to ease their minds. That is fine for them, but it is not the way Christ intended it to be.

  3. jules says

    Sorry to imply that the children were less loved or that the parents were not/are not devoted to them. I almost even hesitate to say this, as I know it will probably strike up some not so nice comments, but I was really refering to Christianity and that two people should be married before having sex. If you are raised in a Christian home, then yes, you would question your conception. Am i ashamed of what happened to my parents? No. Do I feel any less loved or wanted? No. My mom was very proud to have me and not for one minute did she consider any other alternative, but she also would not have voiced it to the world that she was pregnant and not married. I guess times have just changed and we are a more accepting world, well some of us. As a Christian mother, I just want to raise my child by the Bible, and it teaches us that pre-marital sex is wrong. I just think it is going to be very hard to instill those values in him, when America makes it okay to have sex before marriage. By the way, yes, I did it too, but I would like better for my children, just as my mom wanted better for me. Once again, I am sorry to imply that these people do not love/want their children, that was not my intent at all. No matter what the circumstances, you can love your children!

  4. Chelsea says

    ‘B List British Celeb’s’ oh bless.
    I think I would prefer to see more ‘B List British Celeb’s’ or just any other celeb in general rather than the scary Afleck clan every other post.
    I’m having odd pregnancy dreams at the moment but my gosh, they’re now extremely disturbing pregnancy dreams now! Can’t shake the images aaaargh

    Aww Myleene is pregnant, fab news!

  5. Lovethebabies says

    Mmm, no, I don’t think web lady is British. I am in London and the photos always get posted up at awkward UK times – I think she is American. I doubt she is Australian or we would have more of the Aussie’s on the site.

  6. boo says

    As Nats put it…This is the year 2007~*
    Many Many people do not get married at all let alone before having children…I have 2 kids both of which were born before daddy and I got married…In fact we still aren’t married and my oldest is nearly 4…And not for one second in either of my kids lives have I felt, oh I’m such a terrible person bringing this child into this world out of wedlock….Marriage is just a peice of paper stating you are committed to your partner, And I don’t NEED that piece of paper to prove to the world that I am in love with their father and we are a happy family…Although I am in the middle of planning our wedding, we didn’t decide to do it because of our kids, We just thought well we love each other, lets just make it official…. the wedding was the last thing on our list of priorites….I don’t give a damn what old fashioned people think of my being an unmarried mother of 2… because I Know that their father and I brought them into this world Together as a loving couple, who were thrilled beyond words to become parents.~*

  7. AEM says

    Jules – you say your mom got pregnant with you before she was married…well do you feel ashamed or any less loved because of it? While a strong marriage is great for kids to see and such – maybe marriage isnt for everyone and maybe having a strong committed relationship with their partner is just as good to them….My son was born seven months ago and I was not married to his father – things do happen but to say people are flaunting and such I think is just uncalled for…

    In my opinion, yes marriage is important, but its not necessary for a child to feel stability and loved by both of his/her parents…what makes a child confident and independent and proud is not whether their parents had a piece of paper saying they were officially commited to each other…its whether the parents made the decision to conciously care for their children and teach them morals and such…would you want for your children a married couple who spends no time with their kids and has a broken marriage or a comitted partnership where two people love each other and love the child and spend their lives trying to do whats best for their children?…see – you can’t always judge one way or the other 🙂

  8. Nats says

    My gosh, this is 2007, no woman should be ashamed that she is pregnant before marriage, and as for ‘flaunting it in our faces’, Myleene is simply a young woman in a commited relationship who is extremely happy with her news and, quite rightly, feels no reason to hide it simply because she hasn’t married the Father yet. The word humble has no place in any story regarding a joyous occasion such as this. And I’m not even a Myleene fan!!

  9. jules says

    Okay, so here I go on my soapbox. It seems to me that more and more women, who are only engaged, are getting pregnant these days. I will say this right off the bat, my mom got pregnant with me before she was married, so actually, I CAN say these things. HELLO PEOPLE, we now have birth control, it is readily available, you do not have to hide it from your parents…you are grown. Children actually do grow up and realize that you couldn’t possibly have been married when they were conceived. What happened to women being, even a little bit, ashamed that they got pregnant pre-marriage. I realize that it can happen to anyone, but hey, most people, while happy about it, don’t flaunt it in our faces. I would just like to see a little more humbleness in the world…I think that would be the correct term.

  10. Helen says

    I think our celebrity webmistress might be British. Don’t you think guys?

    I think so because I don’t think a lot of people in the US know who Myleene Klass or Jordan or the other B-list British celebrity that have featured on this website.

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