Melanie Griffith & Dakota

Melanie Griffith was snapped with her daughter Dakota, 17, at the Palm Sunday procession in Spain called Domingo de Ramos. Dakota’s father is Don Johnson.

Melanie Griffith

And here Melanie is pictured with Dakota, husband Antonio Banderas and Melanie’s 10-year-old daughter with Antonio, Stella. (Photo taken in 2005)

Melanie Griffith

And here is a photo of Melanie, Dakota and Stella from Melanie’s personal album.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie also has a 21-year-old son, Alexander, from her first marriage to Steven Bauer.


  1. Brianna says

    Dakota looks alot like her mom…and Stella is definately Antonias look alike. Whats up with Melanies lip thing? Who told her THAT mess looked good?

  2. oriana says

    Stella does look just like her father!

    I always thought Melanie and Don had a love match between them lasting thru their teenage years, but apparently she fell head over heels for Antonio, look at her tattoo and it has been a long lasting marriage, I think they are a happy family but wonder how he feels about encouraging her daughter to smoke and doesn’t have a problem with her drinking either. Although I don’t think a zip of wine or champagne will kill anyone.

  3. Clare says

    If Melanie is not careful, she will ruin her daughter’s life like she did hers. I saw a picture where they were dining out and Dakota was taking alcohol while Melanie sat watching. Stella is beautiful. I wish Antonio would take her and run away. He is too good for Melanie.

  4. ShiftingSands says

    They all look so cute ! Melanie sure does like her hispanic men !!!! Steven Bauer real name is Esteban Echevarria….. so sad he had to fit in ~

  5. Lauren says

    Dakota looks like her mother. Why is Melanie smoking around her daughter? I saw a picture of her lighting a cigarette for Dakota. She’s encouraging her to smoke when legally she’s not able to.

  6. oriana says

    Dakota looks just like Melanie, I saw a picture of them a few months ago shopping in Hollywood, Dakota was smoking and Melanie had a match lighting her cigarette for her! She sure isn’t setting a good role model example for her by encouraging her to smoke at such a young age! And Melanie is still using botox on her lips, she has definately seen better days but is still very pretty!

  7. macy says

    she is really beautiful but melanie’s and antonio’s daughter is gorgeous!

    what a good looking family

  8. AEM says

    Hmm…I’m thinking Melanie has seen better days!…Dakota is very pretty and its good to see them spending some time together!

    On a side note – this procession is BEAUTIFUL! I was lucky enough to see it a few years back and it is just breathtaking whether you’re religious or not 🙂

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