Hugh Jackman & Ava Out For A Stroll

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman was snapped out for a stroll in Sydney with his 21-month-old daughter Ava on March 25th. Hugh is in Australia for filming of the movie ‘Australia’ in which Nicole Kidman also stars.



  1. AEM says

    haha totally true Aleisha! – I think its because you get to see a softer more compassionate loving side to such a strong and handsome man! 🙂

  2. Aleisha says

    How is it that a good looking man becomes even more so when you see him holding or playing with a small child?

  3. AEM says

    hehe I guess the Webmistress took our advice and left out “adopted” this time 🙂 good job!!

    Ava is adorable and I love the hairstyle :)…I always seem to see celebrities in other celebrities…I think in this picture Hugh looks a little like McDreamy to me!

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