Britney Looking Fabulous At A Lakers Game!

Britney was snapped looking great at an LA Lakers game on March 30th!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

I actually really like her blue contacts!


  1. lauren says


  2. gigsyle says

    i nevr see jayden james were is he i think she should stay home more often or take the kids out and stop partying

  3. carleigh says

    Aimee, I never made a reference to Kevin in my post, but I will certainly address the questions you posed to me. On prior occasions I have stated Kevin was or appeared to be a lousy father and husband and partied all the time. But, with Britney being the mother (as I am a mother), she should know better than to publicly drink herself to death, travel around without panties or undergarments, and she hasn’t “worked” persay in a couple of years, because she took off time to be a “wife and mother”. Britney has just has not been healthy in quite some time, hence the stay at the rehabilitation facility, let’s hope it worked and she’s sober and healthy again. Kevin stepped up to the plate ( I believe you referred to it as “jumping in”) when Britney had her very public breakdown and I don’t believe that can be disputed, he is their father and it’s his responsibility to pick up slack if Britney can’t manage. It’s a sad situation when we see people with all the money, fame and clout in the world but they can’t simply manage to be happy with anything or themselves. The babies are the first priority and I just hope that those two clean themselves up so that SP and JJ can have TWO dependable, loving, stable parents. No more than any innocent child deserves. I hope I clarified my meaning and gave you a better understanding of where my post was coming from..not meant in sarcasm either, just hope it helps. Take care.

  4. Aimee says

    I don’t get it.
    As if Kevin doesn’t have a reputation
    as “party, party 24/7”. Who do these men
    think they are, jumping in and taking children
    away from hard-working, healthy moms?

  5. Mindy says

    Just wondering….before Jayden was born, Britney used to be out all the time with Sean. Now nothing! Why did it stop?!

  6. lauren says

    PEOPLE! how do you know she doesn’t spend time with her sons? are you with her every single second or something! i mean this picture doesnt tell you if she has been out all day??? YEAH I DONT THINK SO sorry but its annoys me that people just say that so do you take your kids out with you to a game or something?

  7. Kim says

    you are all idiots. What, can Britney never leave the house? You are probably all perfect parents huh?

  8. dori says

    You guys are are so critical. She looks fine. And as for going out to a Lakers game.She’s not a stay at home mom. She can go out to a game. She’s out to prove to the public she is ok. Now you criticizee her for that too. There’s just no making some people happy is there?
    Do you actually believe because you don’t see pictures of her with her children that means she’s not spending time with them?
    Please ladies…..lets be realistic.

  9. jen says

    Those contacts make Paris Hilton’s look natural. The girl has how much money yet she still manages to always pick the cheapest, tackiest looking things. Like someone mentioned in another thread, even her tatoos are cheap. So amateur-like. These contacts look like they cost her 20 bucks at a kiosk in the mall, same goes for the wig. Perfect example that money can’t buy class. Poor thing.

  10. KLou says

    I know this is really silly, but I wish she would leave the wigs at home. I bet she looks fabulous with very short hair, and everybody knows the long locks aren’t real. There is just so much that seems to be fake in her life. I bet it is hard.
    As for the going out all the time… I wish I had all that $. I might go out a little more myself (when my doodlebugs are sleeping of course). My heart goes out to her. Being a mom of two children under the age of 2 can be really hard. I bet that’s true even if you have more money than you know what to do with.

  11. oriana says

    The contacts are way too blue! I think her own color of eyes are very pretty, don’t understand the need for her to change her looks? She is a gorgeous girl and I hope she continues with her therapy and going to A.A. meetings for help and encouragement, she needs it! I wish her luck all the way!

  12. Miranda says

    Well, I had a real funny dream about her couple of nights ago..I asked her if she really had BROWN eyes or if it was contacts..I said I’d seen her in blue and I just wanted to be sure.. 😉 Course I know it’s the blue ones that’s contacts..:)

  13. Lauren says

    What’s with those contacts? They’re way to blue. Why is she just never home? She’s always out and about with friends but never with her kids. What a terrible mother.

  14. carleigh says

    Her and Kevin are sharing “joint” custody, although, Kevin is the primary custodian of the boys. They both live with him and this won’t change until Kevin is quite certain Britney isn’t going to revert back to party, party 24/7. I hope they work it out together (not the marriage persay, just the custody/child care issues) to make it as smooth as possible for those babies.

  15. Whitney says

    Yes, she actually does have primary custody of the kids. I am a mother of two and I am out when my kids are in bed too. My mother watches my kids. Do you ever realize that she is hardly ever out in the daytime? No, because she is with her kids. She knows what her priorities are and I see nothing wrong with her going anywhere as long as her kids are safe. I support her in everything she does, GOD people. Put yourself in her shoes.

  16. says

    Not crazy about the contacts either? Much too fake! Consdiering that Jayden still hasn’t been officially seen and the paps follow her 24/7 in hordes then surely if she was wioth her kiddos at all, it would be seen. Although she doesn’t have custody back yet does she?

  17. Who knows says

    First of all, don’t you ever go out? She went to a Bball game at night when her kids are in bed. What did she do that day? You have no idea. I went and saw a movie last night and if mine picture was taking, some could say I am never home. I mean, good gracious, they are 18 and 6 months, they were probably in bed at 7pm.

    Second, I am glad she went to a Bball game rather than a club or party. That is healthy fun.

    Third, she looks great and I like her eyes!

  18. MommyDearest says

    Well…..she didn’t “lay low” very long, did she? This poor girl is addicted to attention and obviously needs that attention more than spending time with her kids….shame!

  19. maggie says


  20. Amba says

    I don’t like the contacts, but to each their own…

    I have to agree with Amy, why is she never at home?

    It seems like she is always out and about without the babies…I know it is difficult at times to take children with you, but that is why she has hired help.

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