Nicole Kidman's Sister Gives Birth To Her Fourth Child

Antonia Kidman

Antonia Kidman

TV presenter Antonia Kidman (Nicole Kidman’s sister) gave birth to her fourth child in Sydney on March 28th (the same morning she was honored for her work on a show about pregnancy).

Antonia gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Sybella.
Antonia has been nominated for two ASTRA Awards, the pay TV equivalent of the Logie Awards, for her work on the program From Here To Maternity.

From Here to Maternity was an eight-part fly-on-the-wall series presented and co-produced by Antonia about nine couples before and after the birth of their children.

Sybella will be welcomed by Antonia and husband Angus Hawley’s children Lucia, 8, Hamish, 6, and James, 3.




  1. jen says

    How do you pronouce Sybella?

    Is it Si-bella? Or Shi-bella?

    Either way, very pretty and unusual.

  2. boo says

    Thank you Jane! 🙂

    Lauren honey if you didn’t notice there was a “lol” beside my comment stating I couldn’t see the resemblance… which was Obvious to others on here that I was Kidding, or being Sarcastic, there is absolutely NO doubt these 2 look identical, Perhaps you need to learn how to read or pay closer attention to peoples comments before spazing out, Not trying to offend you but maybe you are the one who is blind!!~*

  3. jane says

    omg lauren, boo was joking, it’s called sarcasm. look it up.

    Her sister is so much more pretty than Nicole. Nicole would still be as equally radiant and vivacious looking it she would let up on the Botox.

  4. lauren says

    omg boo, you must be blind! they have the exact nose and everything except Nicole is more white and is blonde! sorry just had to point that out and not trying to offend you but they do look like twins.

  5. says

    Thanks for posting that WM!

    I really hope Nicole truly is pregnant like the rumours state. I’m sure her sister’s love for birth is contagious, I hope her dreams come true!

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