Jennifer Garner & Violet At Play!

Just some adorableness! Jen and Violet, 1, were snapped at the park in Brentwood.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck



  1. withintemptation says

    ohh i know that stage, where they just take off on you lol kinda makes you wish they were back to infant size :p

    lil Vi is adorable! i love her shirt…

  2. anonymous says

    for anyone who thinks ben and j. lo made a better couple…. We all know that was for publicity to promote their movie Gigli which bombed at the box office. They were probably the most mismatched celeb couple I’ve ever seen. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck come from similar backgrounds and seem to be much better suited to each other. And just because they aren’t all over each other in pictures doesn’t mean they don’t have any chemistry, pictures only show so much.
    And I think Violet is adorable, if you’ve ever seen Jen’s baby pictures in magazines, Violet looks exactly like her at that age.

  3. Tia says

    i agree. I dont understand how people can get so worked up on here. This site is suppose to be all in good fun, and you get people bashing other people for making comments. I thought thats what this site is all about?? Leaving your own input? I also dont understand why people are calling other people jealous..because if you’re gonna sit there and be jealous of a celeb. then you might as well just give up now.

  4. freddie says

    it’s so sad that you can’t handle other people’s true comment’s there’s no jealousy involved i use to be a real fan it just makes me wonder why you people would get so hot because some-one else doesn’t feel the same way must be you see some truth to it to i give their marriage 3 year’s tops i’m hoping for her cause she seem’s like a real true person that it work’s out for-ever but get real all the bad talk you do about me just cause i state some-thing that i believe makes me wonder what it is that you really believe, your the hater.

  5. Chris X says

    You know, if I wanted to read mean sarcastic and rude comments, there are a lot of places for that. I expected better from this site. The comments you make aren’t even logical – there is no chemistry between them? Maybe you would like him to go back to acting like a love struck kid like he did with Lopez. look how wll that chemistry worked out – up until he realized he did not want to spend his life with a selfish grown up child.- OK if he did hang all over his wife, then you could criticize for that. She leaves him a list? Well doesn’t any good mom do that with anyone who is taking care of the baby? She doesn’t look at him like she used to? What??? Wasn’t’ it people on this site saying she always acts all thrilled if he is around. She is the one who was quoted as saying nothing made her happier than seeing the man she loves holding her baby. Who the hell do you tink she was talking about? I feel so sorry for them and for other Hollywood couples who only have to stick their heads out the door or walk down a street and then all you vicious people get started with all your negative opinions and theories. Someone should follow you around with cameras and put up a website analyzing every expression on your face and making up theories that make no sense and contradict themselves.

  6. freddie says

    she look’s like a damn line-backer toned or not and her baby look’s scary and nothing like Ben and I’m not being mean i’m just telling my side why do you people have to stick up for her no-one’s trying to be mean it’s the way i see her and yea she has to try hard to look good like alot of us.
    But it’s the truth Ben and her are like sorry she’s the mom and he’s the son she even has to leave him a list on how to take care of the baby and she doesn’t look at him the way she use to he’s a spaz and as for Angelina j hooking up ha she wouldn’t give him the time of day.
    i feel for Jen

  7. Winter says

    Wow, Jennifer has really well defined muscles in her arms hasn’t she? Must be all that lifting and horsing around with her daughter. Jen seems to be a great Mother, and the two of them always look so content and happy. Lovely! : )

  8. tricia says

    Jen Garner has to really work it to look pretty, like most of us. I agree there isn’t much chemistry between Garner & Ben but wow I thought Lopez & Ben were amazing together!

  9. Tia says

    what the heck did I do? i just said i didn’t like her…jeeze!
    please don’t be one of those people who start crap on here. I usually don’t comment for that very reason. Besides, i gave her a complement!

  10. babySugs says

    nooooooooooooo: angie and affleck? never. pls Jackie, you’ve ruined my evening 🙂 jlo was hot as ever but too much for ben’s sensibilities 😉 angie’s heat, beauty, and radicalness – of course, by hollywood standards – will never suit affleck i think. but i agree, it’s hard to sense chemistry with this couple garner and affleck. they’re sweet but not hot.

  11. Jackie says

    I like Jen and I really think Violet is very cute and a mini me of her. What totally bothers me is that when Ben is with Jen, there is no chemistry at all. They look like best buddies and comrades who have fun around each other . With Ben’s history, I can see a mid life crisis when he is around 40.

    I must say Jen was good for Ben’s life. At least now you can say he is a sensible chap. Though Angelina Jolie is more his type and Jen should be careful if those two even got together for a movie.

  12. Lisa says

    Tia I don’t know you so I don’t hate you. I find Jen Garner and Ben Affleck to be just one in a long line of Hollywood Shotgun Weddings ( a la Reese and Ryan ) so it will surprise me if they last together for that long.

  13. maggie says

    I cant believe that violet is growing so fast, but still shes a doll, and jen your right that kid needed real shoes I mean her shoes now musnt be just to wear, shes walking now,
    and there are other cute pic where jen is kissing violet foot, it looks adorable as always

  14. Tia says

    I totally cannot stand Jen..but i must give her props for being a hands on mom…you really dont see much of that in hollywood anymore.

    that baby is alll Jen!! She looks just like her!!

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