Hugh Jackman With Oscar & Ava

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman took a break from filming the movie Australia (in which he plays a cattle driver opposite Nicole Kidman’s British aristocrat) to spend some time with his adopted children with wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 6-year-old Oscar and 1-year-old Ava.



  1. Nats says

    I absolutely agree, whenever you read a news story regarding a family with adopted children, it is always stated repeatedly that the children are adopted. Why is there any need for this clarification? They are a family like any other and should be recorded as such.

  2. says

    Agreed, the adopted thing is way uncool. They’re his children, whether the product of his sperm or not. Give the descriptor a rest, it’s demeaning.

  3. DJ says

    Again with the “adopted children!” What a wonderfully sensitive person our moderator is…I can only hope her children turn out to be more caring of other people’s feelings than she is.

  4. RA says

    Totally agree with you, AEM. Both Hugh and his wife have said in interviews that they never think of their kids as “adopted”, that from the moment they held the infants, they were theirs. I don’t understand why the reference has to be made!

  5. AEM says

    Awww – his son is a cutie!….Hmmm I dont know if I like that the webmistress has to put “his adopted children”…i’m sure hugh jackman doesnt introduce his kids as saying “hi this is my adopted son and my adopted daughter”….or maybe thats a common things for people to do? I’m not sure because I have no experience with adoptions but it just doesnt seem right to me….anyone else’s thoughts?

  6. BabiesRBeautiful says

    I wish I could see the one-year old Ava…but Oscar looks like he’s enjoying the day out with his father.

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