Britney Celebrates The Finalization Of Her Divorce

Britney enjoyed a night on the town with friends last night to celebrate the finalization of her divorce.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

“C’mon give the kid a break! Just let her whiten her teeth. Britney came in here on Sunday. She had a tooth she wanted me to check. Unfortunately her driver accidentally went to the emergency room in Century City instead of my office. It’s right in front. We checked her teeth. We did Zoom whitening. Everybody in Hollywood whitens their teeth.”

– Britney’s dentist, on her recent trips to his office

Hmmm…Zoom is an effective way to whiten your teeth (I did it a few months ago to remove coffee and diet soda stains), but what they don’t really tell you is that it hurts…A LOT!

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  1. Monica bella says

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    By the way…… I love burritos, tacos, tortillas y toda la suculenta comida MEXICANA!!!!!!!

  2. anon says

    is there anything about all these brittany posts that has ANYTHING to do with babies? I can look at this stuff other places and im gettin tired of brit brit brit shit

  3. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

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    PS: Dori I wrote this is English so you can understand.

  4. dori says

    wow their gighting in spanis or something similar to spanish. This is an english speaking sight please send your comments in English so we may better understand what you are saying
    por favor.

  5. Monica bella says

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  6. soy de nuevo leon mexico says

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  7. dee says

    omg who cares about her anymore i think she has no more talent and all she is doing is trying to make publicity and people should not care she needs to go home and take care of her kids!!!!

  8. Jamie67 says

    Honey YOU’VE GOT KIDS!!!
    Go Home and get youself another F**king hat for christsake!!
    I am really sorry for those babies!!
    She’ll never ever change :((
    Crazy B**tch!!

  9. Monica bella says

    te perdimos Britney solo deseo que algun dia logres encontrar el camino de vuelta!!! Trata de encontrarlo haslo por tus hijos que te necesitan ellos no tienen por que pagar tus LOCURAS!!!! En un futuro ESCOJE BIEN A LA PERSONA CON LA QUE TE VAS A RELACIONAR. SE MAS SELECTIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. says

    getting bold doing tattos and dugs what kind of gril and mom are you ? do you whant that for your babies to do the same thing you did like get tatto or get bold do you?????you better act fast before your babies are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. says

    if you are in a night with your friends why not go out for a night with your babies.we are talking about babies not real grown up that you cut your hair,go to a rehab,and made a tatto what else could you wish, wish that your childrens were gone?!!!!!!!!!!you also lose your look,your man and your millions that you HAD!!!!!what else could you lose,your house ur even your family!i really hope jamie doesn`t get so crazy for a men!!!!!!!!i wish you get better bui REALLY don`t think you will get better at all!!!!!!and i also don`t believe you ARE GOING TO MAKE UP ALL THE BAD THINGS TO THE GOOD THINGS!!!!!!!!!!WE ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR babies that use diapers and cry not about grown up babies that goes to a rehab,do drugs and get bold!!!!!!!!!

  12. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    HEY teppiwood why don’t you shut the fuck up!!! You can’t tell us what to say, we don’t care. If you are a snobby piece of shit maybe you should get out of the site. HILLBILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. betty says

    Everyone whitens there teeth, dont they? Your all right. If I had two beautiful kids I’d spend every minute with them.

  14. Sandra says

    It would suck in a sense to be a celebrity, you can’t get drunk and act stupid without the whole world making fun of you. Thank god my Cruise wasn’t publicized LOL

  15. Julie says

    Hey, most of the time there are babies on Babyrazzi, but sometimes there is gossip about celebs who have babies and that’s good enought for me!!!

  16. kim says

    she needs paparazzi attention WAY more than she needs her babies’ love, and that is truly SAD! Remember that ridiculous Matt Lauer interview?? She’ll never get this time back with the boys.

  17. gw says

    I do like Britney, but I think she has her priorities completely mixed up. She needs to be taking care of her children! For the past month she hasn’t been able to be doting mother so you would think she would be rushing home to be with her two babies and maybe go out for town every now and then!! She should be celebrating her divorce finalization by knowing that she is able to be with her babies again!! Not going out and drinking it up again!!! I am seriously beginning to loose all respect for Britney Spears. She really needs to do a reality check and apply any principles she learnt growing up before she became a pop star…

  18. kitty says

    we’ll bee seeing this bitch all messed up this weekend back to her same old shit. what is up with the cake on her head or is that a bike helmet? fucking grandma. tomarrow well see her all whored out. the thing she should whiten is her vagina, by the looks of her famous photo shoots it sure needs to be whitened.

  19. says

    Britney is the mother of two celebrity babies hence the reason she’s posting about her? My God someone people complain just to hear their own voices!

    Thanks Dianne, I was going to ask the WM to share more about her experience! Wow, I’m not fancy about pain and I’ve always thought about whitening my teeth but I’m not sure anymore. Is it the sensitive feeling? Thanks for your input!

    Now on the topic at hand, I sure hope she was celebrating with sense! Sandra, I agree about being able to go out and have fun without intoxicating yourself. If only people realized how stupid they are when there under the influence LOL It certainly never makes for a boring night!

  20. teppiwood says

    My goodness most of you ladies are so rude if you are so interested in babies and calling Britney an unfit mother dont you think you should have a little more tact and class. A person with class and sophistication, as well as respect for those around them do not call others names like cunt, trashy, redneck, inbred, skanky hillbilly, and they absolutely do not gripe at someone for relating their experiences with the topic on hand!!!! If you do not like the site GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!

  21. Sandra says

    Why do people associate a night on the town as if she went out drinking the night away. Ya know people can go out with friends and not drink. I do it all the time, and hell if my divorce was finalized from Kevin I would want to go out and celebrate too!

  22. Brandy says

    BABYRAZZI – I thought the name meant this was a sight about celebrity BABIES! Not washed up crack whore’s who happened to give birth to two children, but are NEVER seen with them!
    Why are you so obsessed with this piece of trash web mistress?
    Any woman who would just push her children aside to go party and snort up line after line, while downing drink after drink should not be considered a “mother” nor should she be honored on a baby web blog!
    I know first hand, my mother partied hard every day until finally even acknowledging she had given birth three times came in the way and she left us! I was ten, the youngest was three!
    This is the kind of cunt you seem to idolize! What is wrong with you people?

  23. Think About It says

    OH MY GOSH!!! If someone wants to talk about whitening teeth, than go for it. The web mistress for the site was talking about the time SHE got it done, so why can’t anyone else?! Freedom of speech PEOPLE!!! Freedom of speech!!

  24. N says

    This is old news…. happened on march 29th! Try x17online…. or perezhilton …. or dlisted …. or thatotherblog…. or …. or …. or …. justjared …. ….. newyorkpost. eonline… There are many more …..

  25. N says

    Because I know how to read…. thats how I know. Why dont you go to other sites besides this one before you make dumb ass comments. There are about 5 sites at least that are talking about this same stuff. Thats why!

  26. Monica says

    14. N – how do you know – are you close friends w/ Britney and Kevin?? Why do you call everyone dummies?

  27. N says

    Dummies the kids are still with Kevin and the place she went to for a 1/2 hour was a restaurant not a club.

  28. EveLina says

    Britney look’s so much better! She finally look’s much more her age/mature, like a real woman! Good for her.

  29. Jane says

    Britney just got out of rehab and now she is out celebrating her divoroce. Am I missing something here? Why isn’t she at home w/ her kids? She definitely has some emotional issues!!

  30. NIcki says

    I am so sick of reading about Britney Spears. She is back out partying again right after rehab. She is an unfit mother!!!! Those babies should be taken away from her

  31. says

    isnt this a baby website???? i see no baby here!!!!lol. i really dont care about britney. stop partying and go home to ur babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Molly says

    #6 Dianne – this is about Britney Spears, not about you. When you become famous we’ll talk about you!!!

  33. Dianne says

    Zoom must be similar to Brightsmile. Yes it does hurt. Your teeth are so sensitive after sitting in front of that light. I remember having mine done for my wedding and I walked out of the dentist crying. I had so much pain but it was worth it!

  34. Janie says

    Britney just got out of rehab. Why would she be going “out on the town” already? I feel sorry for her little babies. This woman is hopeless!! Grow up Britney!

  35. Lauren says

    What is Britney even going out for? She just got out of rehab. She needs to spend this time reconnecting with her boys.

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