Bono With Elijah


Couldn’t resist such a cute pic of Bono, 46, with his son Elijah (pic taken when Elijah was 2)! What a rockin’ leather jacket! Elijah is now 7. Bono’s other children with wife Ali are daughter Jordan, 17, (who was born on Bono’s 29th birthday) daughter Memphis Eve, 15, and son John Abraham, 5.

Bono and Jordan were recently spotted taking a tour of Harvard University. Wow!


  1. Jenna M. says

    I love the name Elijah. Not sure about the rest of his name though (its something like Elijah Patricus Guggi Q)!

  2. jane says

    I don’t understand why pictures that are so outdated get posted here. I mean really, the kid is now 7 so that picture is 5 years old.

    You say that Bono and Jordan “were recently spotted taking a tour of Harvard.” Well, here’s a thought, post a picture like that, instead of something that is 5 years old.

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