Michelle Williams With A Toddling Matilda

Michelle Williams, 26, and 16-month-old Matilda (Dad is Heath Ledger) were snapped on the set of ‘Incendiary’ in London on March 28th. Matilda is so cute toddling about with mom!

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger

‘Incendiary’ sounds like the feel good movie of the century…it is about a woman (Michelle Williams) whose life is torn apart when her husband and infant son are killed in a suicide bombing at a soccer match. Oh, and she was cheating on her husband at the time (with a journalist played by Ewan McGregor). Oh no…this movie sounds intense! More info can be found here.

RANDOM NOTE: Has anyone seen Children of Men? I hear that it is out on DVD now and I have heard it is good. I didn’t see it when it was at the theatres because it sounded too intense and depressing.


  1. Sonia Stowe says

    I really really need to know where I can purchase the brown with while neckline dress Matilda (michelle williams amd Heath Ledger are the parents) was wearing in Brooklyn Sept 1 in the recent US magazine Issue 657, September 17, page 54. I just adore that dress and I can’t get any info and it’s driving me crazy.

  2. Linda says

    She is so beautiful and looks just like Heath. I like Michelle’s petite size and she always looks good. I like her hair both long and short. Not everyone can wear their hair that short but she can.


  3. says

    16 months old and she understands that mommy has a job and what it is??? My 4 year old still doesn’t “get” why mommy has a job and she has to go to daycare every day.

  4. ShiftingSands says

    So cute !!! Walking and what not !!!

    Children of Men – it’s a great movie, it really takes you in and makes you think about the world that might be. It’s kind of “left” but it’s still really good.

  5. Danielle says

    I love how Natural Michelle always looks. She always has the calmest smile on her face when shes with her baby girl!!!
    It’s really nice to see 🙂

  6. Jackie says

    OMG Matilda looks so much like heath and smiles like the mom. I cannot believe she is already walking like a champ!

  7. emma says

    or maybe she’s old and smart enough to understand that her mummy is an actrice that just has to do her job

  8. says

    That’s funny, my name is Emma too so I just added a j to differentiate between us. I think the baby is lovely and I like her mom’s hair better long. But wouldn’t it be a little frightening for a small child to see their mother all bloody? Maybe Matilda is too young to really see anything but mama?

  9. celine says

    cute child. one can sense she has an assertive character. mom has that calm air, which i love given her young age and her actress status, and her legs are sexy! i like both of them.

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