Maddox Adjusting To Sharing His Mother's Love

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

While Angelina attempts to create a home that represents the religions and cultures of the entire world, first son Maddox grapples with learning to share his mother.

“There was a little kid the other day, and he put his hand on me and asked me to read him a story and Maddox got very upset,” Angelina tells ’20/20.’

Maddox, who has now seen three additions to the family – Zahara, Shiloh and Pax Thien – is now reconciled to sharing his mother with his new siblings.

“Maddox is getting over his initial jealousy little by little,” she adds. “And he and Pax seem to be becoming good friends. Now Maddox has a playmate and they are learning to love playing together.”

It is certainly understandable for Maddox to have trouble adjusting to his rapidly expanding family, but I am sure he will enjoy having a big, boisterous family!


  1. leanne says

    so she says shes going too add in evri religion in her family i dnt see any pakistanis or indians or bangladeshes, i hav too say she is so mad for adopting so many kids but its all gd, n it luks lyk brad dnt hav no say in anyfink ,………. poor fing

  2. ???* says

    Ok team Aniston,
    But calling a 5 yr old boy a brat?
    Do you know him??
    Have you ever even seen him in person?
    4 all you know he could be the most sweetest little boy ever!!!
    Shame on you..
    Your such a bitch.

  3. says

    I’ve raised five kids of my own- 2 out of my tummy and 3 stepkids- their mom died. No matter how much love you have and commitment to raising the kiddos, it is not an easy task balancing everything. What Brad and Angelina are aiming for is a good thing. There mistakes and imbalances unlike ours are splashed across the headlines . Not easy for any of them. In spite of it they seem to be doing a pretty good job. This pic reminds me of my love for my eldest son. It is real and wonderful. she appears to have a good heart. So does Brad.

  4. ???????????? says

    Every one stop picking on them she has 4 wonderful children and she is a wonderful mother. Her kids smile all the time. Wouldn’t you be scared if people were following you all the time and never giving you space. You have to put the pieces together. Angie loves children she wants to help them if they don’t have parents she wats to give them parents. she loves her children with all her heart.

  5. oriana says

    I think that she can be a loving mother to these kids, I do think it is good to have childen somewhat closer together than far apart, and I think for any adopted child she brings home will have a better life and will love her very much. I just have an issue with her saying she will be a stay at home mom and how important being a mother to her is, and then in just a few short days sign on for movie roles that will take her thousands of miles across the world, now either she is going to leave them with Brad, or take them with her, and I don’t see much stability in doing either one so soon after bringing a child into the family circle.

    And I really don’t see Brad as a strong enough man to keep her in check with any ideas she comes up with, I think she will continue to do as she pleases and he is there as her right hand in all her endeavors.

  6. clarisa says

    Angelina, I feel sorry for all the children you are adopting, is it the thrill and all that attention you get. You did say you were going to be a stay home mom. You sign up for a movie and a few days later only Brad(which he deserves) is the one staying home???Is this the way you figured to keep him with you…..

  7. MizLiz says

    Believe me, having children close together is far, far better than waiting 8 years between children like my parents did. I found out decades later that I was an “accident” and deeply resented, especially by my sister. We live 1000 miles apart, and that suits us both just fine.

    Kids close in years will learn to depend on each other, and that’s as it should be.

  8. oriana says

    Well to me she has definately shown a difference in not ignoring the needs of her other children from Shiloh. And since she is over six months she should have a personality for Angie to enjoy. I guess she can’t connect with a newborn, don’t most mothers when their baby is first placed in their arms feel a surge of materal love, that is when the first bonding starts, and especially when they are breast fed as Angie said she did, it doesn’t take six months to feel close to a baby, what is her problem?

    Which goes to say there is a strong bet she won’t ever adopt a newborn then, too much trouble for her, would be another blob!

  9. Brennan says

    never mind, i found the article:

    “I think I feel so much more for Mad and Z because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her… I met my other kids when they were six months old, they came with personality. A newborn really is this… yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality… I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

  10. Brennan says

    i heard that angelina said she loves her adopted children more than shiloh, but where can i read about it, cuz i dont really believe it….she probably meant something else….

  11. says

    What is that little brat Mad worried about, it is Shiloh that should be worried, after all Angelina LOVES her adopted children, not her biological one!!!! ANGELINA SAID IT, NOT ME!

  12. oriana says

    Nicki, I am amazed at myself for agreeing with you on a lot of what you said, simply amazed!

    Yes, he did an excellent job in Sling Blade, I did read that he had some weird habits about him, heard him talking about it on Jay Leno one night, he has turned out to be a doting father to his youngest child, I guess he just wasn’t ready to adopt Maddox! I never saw them as a match as a couple, I did with her and her first husband after reading about them, and I think they are probably good friends like she has said.

    And yes, I do believe also that the mags will use old quotes and make up false ones, stretch the truth about the real ones to sell magazines and have a story to write about!

  13. Nicki says

    oriana-Most of the things they said and did were for laughs, because most people expected them to be wild, weird and provocative. They laughed at what people wanted to know aboutt them. I’m sure 50 % of what was said, from them, was true, but I also think the other 50% was just for chuckles (or to f*ck with peoples head). JMO. Nothing that was reported that was true always came out of thier own mouths.
    I like BBT as an actor, I watch most of his movies and find him a very good actor. I didn’t care for thier relationship (she too young for him,jmo) but it was Angelinas choice and her life.
    He isn’t a A-list actor in the Hollywood standards, but I can say I’ve seen almost all of his movies and find him a very good actor. He gets lots of jobs, just not paid as much as the “hunk” A-listers do. He can play very different charaters quite well. From Slingblade, which he starred in, and wrote, to Arrmaggedon, which he had a minor part, but was very good. I like BBT as an actor, Pushing Tin with John Cusak (and Angie in a minor part) was very good, old movie 1999, but I enjoyed him in it.

    Yes but the problem about the tabs is they quote old quotes and fit them into thier stories now, to make it look like it was jsut said.

  14. ORIGIN says


  15. Nicki says

    #35-you are ignorant. If he marries Sahara who cares? His children are Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. So who cares about Sahara?? So, HA, what about that?

  16. oriana says

    NIcki, I saw one interview from BBT, and he said that a lot of things are made up about them but in his and Angie’s case, a lot of it was TRUE what has been reported. Now this was when they were draped over one another on the Red Carpet, a long time ago, and maybe you don’t consider him an A-List star, but she apparently did! So yes, eventhough lies are told to sell magazines, there are also statements made from them, out of thier OWN MOUTHS that reflect how they do think and feel on some subjects! As you have said before, they are human and people too!

  17. lacucapeluaconcuatropelucas says

    ShiftingSands you are such and ignorant, all those kds are not blod related, if they wanted too they could easily get married, how can you say it’s a sick question, it could happen. And let me remind you they are not brother they are ADOPTIVE BROTHERS , meaning, they are not blood related you ignorant woman!
    And to be honest I see more possible that Brad in the future marries Sahara, what about that! HA!

  18. Nicki says

    First off this is an old quote from Angelina. It was from before they adopted Zahara.
    Us weekly and all the other tabs like to throw in an old quote here and there so all there lies seem like they actually talked to them. Never in a million years would any of those rags get anything from any A-list star, so they make up evil twisted stories, hoping the whole time to get one of them to refute the lies…….So they can claim in giant bold letters “EXCLUSIVE from so and so.”
    Yes she did say that, but it was years ago, before Zahara was even in thier lives. Us just made it look like she said it recently, and most of you believe it.

  19. ShiftingSands says

    Okay Monica but WOODY ALLEN was the STEP DAD NOT BROTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you would have said Brad Pitt then it would be different !!!!

  20. Lauren says

    Poor Maddox. He had his mother to himself for 3 or 4 years and now he has seen 3 siblings added to his family in under 3 years. Angelina needs to slow down and consider her elder child’s feelings.

  21. oriana says

    #13, Carleigh, first of all, Brad hasn’t had enough time to get to really know this kid or even bond with him on any level after just a week or so! If someone you have known for a week, tells you they LOVE your kids, then they are lying! Now he may feel compassion, he may feel protective and he may really, really like him, and I think one day, he will grow to love him, but he doesn’t even him in this short span of time!

    As for what am I basing my opinions on of Angie, well, I have always heard a picture is worth a thousand words and they don’t lie, so I guess I am basing my opinions on the pictures I have seen, or rather, NOT seen, of her showing any type of affection towards Shiloh, forget a kiss or an embrace, just the look on her face is different when looking at Maddox and sourpuss Zahara than when she does at Shiloh. And we won’t even go into the comments she has made, and I am not referring to the Blob statement either, for yes, she didn’t make the statement, the interviewer did, but she “agreed” with him!

    So if someone tells me, your son is ugly, and I say, yes, you are right, then I am making a statement, same damn thing that she did.

    She has done good deeds, she is not a Saint and that is my observation and therefore my opinions are formed, I don’t live in a Wonderland when it comes to either of them! Sorry!

  22. Alyssa says

    ..Maddox not smiling in pics.. what thats 2 seconds out of the whole day ??

    its so sad people judging by pictures ect that they arent happy. get over it i doubt your smiling and happy 24 hours a day! NO ONE here knows them personally. therefore no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    they are a beautiful family, their children are healthy and growing and being able to explore the world around them. thats what matters the most.

  23. Monica says

    why not ShiftingSands?? Recuerdas con quien se caso Woody Allen???? Con su HIJASTRA!!

    Y no tengo mas nada que decir te lo dejo a tu imaginacion!!!!!!!

  24. ???????????? says

    They each had 2 years of angie except Shi but she will always have a special bond with her mother that no other child will have with her

  25. Clare says

    Dori, Brad who? Mr Pitt cares for no one in this world but his selfish ass. He got with Angelina just to use her as a breeder and had no intention of loving her. He may like the kids but strictly out of the novelty of the situation and when that wears off, Angelian is going to be alone and depressed.

    Brad is the most selfish character ever. Look at how Angelina takes all the crap and he cannot even in an interview offer any support for her or come out and say she is the most compassionate person I know or atleast make it clear that his marriage had ended before they hooked up.

    He has messed up Angelina’s life and when the time comes he will walk without a backward glance with his next co-star.

    Brad Pitt?

    Look at the way he treated a wife he was married to for five years and lived with for 7 years. She was left humiliated while he run off for a holiday in Africa with the next target.

    I like Angelina and despite her past, I think she is doing good for these kids but She is going to curse the day she met Brad. He is going to return her to her self hate days if he has not already. She takes all the media crap yet Brad is older and was the one who was married.

    All he likes is the publicity that comes with the whole Brangelina thing. What foundation for charity has he started, he is just a tag along and Angelina is better off without him if you ask me.

  26. dori says

    I have no doubt that Angelina is trying to do the right thing,adopting these very needy children,it is admirable. I am glad to hear that she consults an expert on these matters.
    I also believe her absence will have it’s affect.
    Brad will certainly have his hands full.

  27. Liz says

    Check out all about Dr. Jane Aronson who saved Zahara’s life. She advises Jolie on everything about adopting. The website is fantastic. It will break your heart. This doctor watches thousands of videos of children all over the world from people who want to adopt from Russia, China, Guatemala, Vietnam etc. She can tell by the child’s behaviors how difficult it will be for American parents to care for them. People call her from orphanages to describe how the child they are considering acts and looks. She has built many orphanages through her
    foundation and staffs them and visits them. Jolie is very friendly with her. Dr. jane has two adopted sons of her own. Dr. jane started in this area of medicine because she realized there were so many Americans adopting from overseas and the doctors here had no idea how to diagnose or treat them because they had never seen their diseases like rickets and scurvy, malnutrition and psychological disturbances from lack of touch and stimulation. This doctor is THE specialist in the USA and maybe the world in adoptions and orphans. She is available to adopting parents freaked out with a new child in foreign countries in hotels where the kid is flipping out. She counsels them by phone. She helped Angie through a life or death crisis in a NY hospital when she brought in Zahara. It lasted a week. They all bonded big time. The stories on her website are inspiring, terrifying and fascinating. So many people in USA adopt foreign children and bring them back to life. Sometimes it takes years. These are heroic and sad stories about how these kids live.

  28. Jackie says

    Carleigh, I think you are just assuming that Brad loves Pax after a week of being with him. We don’t even know whether he has met him.

    Shortly after Z was adopted, her name was changed to Jolie-Pitt even though Angelina adopted her alone. I have not yet heard Brad’s publicist saying that Pax is Jolie- Pitt or that Brad Pitt has adopted him too.

    Brad has been quiet and was busy biking away in West Hollywood pretending to be busy instead of going to give Angelina moral support during the adoption like he did with Z despite the fact that only Angelina was adopting Z at leat fly to Vietnam for the adoption ceremony then return to his biking (aka filming).

    Lets wait and watch. My guess is that Brad did not want to adopt anymore children this soon.

  29. Clare says

    Oriana and Dori,

    I totally agree with you. Most of the Brangelina fans just concetrate on defending Brad and Angelina regardless of the situation. When she said she was becoming a stay home mother, they were quick to praise her selflessness and say that she has enough money to do so and the children need her. Then she went to test for a movie and now they are quick to insist it is alright to leave a newly adopted three year old with new surroundings.

    My problem is not even the fact that she is going back to work, losts of women do that but why say what you do not mean? Or if it is not what you meant, why let the media and public believe it? I insist she wanted to look good and she is a queen of misleading and lying to the public.

  30. dori says

    Carleigh your optimism is admirable but perhaps misplaced. You have a lot of confidence in a couple whose life style you can’t possibly comprehend. And I’m not saying I do either but a woamn who adopts a child and brings him into a family and consider 30 days enough time to have her children adjust is being unrealistic. The nanny is being more of a mother to these children as she is. She spends more time having herself photographed all around the world adopting children than actaully raising them herself. I question her sincerity in really being a mother to these children. She has herslef totally booked up on movie after movie. Maybe Brad will be the mother.
    But don’t Give Angelina credit where credit is not due.

  31. carleigh says

    Oriana–just what do you base your opinions on? You question mine, well I also question yours. You are entitled to make assertions, but how can you postulate to mine and not expect me to do the same.

    I make mine from the fact that AJ has adopted children in the past and she’s not a newbie to the adoption scene. She adopted Maddox when he was an infant and has raised him since I believe he was about 6 months old, so of course he would feel a twinge of jealousy when his mother adopted another child, had a biological child and then proceeded to adopt another child. It’s normal, only children do tend to feel a sense of being usurped when new people and siblings enter into a picture where there was once only one.

    How do you know Brad has no paternal loving feelings towards Pax? From the begininng of their relationship Brad was very aware and involved with M and Z, so why should Pax be any different? Just because he is adopted doesn’t mean that it’s going to be any different than it was with the other two children that are also adopted.

    As far as Angelina consulting a child phsycologist to assist Maddox with adjusting to this situation?? How do you personally know whether she did or not??? Just as I can sit here and say OH she probably did that, I can’t say that with 100% certainty, so I didn’t say it.

    I believe, not think, I believe that this family is going to be just fine and all the children will thrive, grow and be loved equally.

  32. oriana says

    They may love these kids equally, eventually, they don’t now, Brad doesn’t even know the new one, how could he love him equally like he does Shiloh or the other two he adopted? And if Angie loves them equally, she doesn’t exhibit any “equal” behaviors to demonstrate it. Their fans live in a dream world and idolize them to the point of not even using common sense.

    I doubt very seriously if Angie consulted a child psychologist to get pointers on Maddox coping for she hasn’t gotten one to help her own self cope with anything, at least not lately!

  33. ShiftingSands says

    Monica – why would Shiloh or Zahara marry their brothers ???? That was just a weird opinion if you ask me….(yes I speak and write spanish). Actaully it was a SICK question. So Angelina adoptng in less then 2 years is any different then people who have there kids in less then 1 year apart ??????(like britney)

  34. Meme says

    Hollywood lives by different standards and values than us normal folk. To them this is most likely normal. What seems bizarre to us is the norm for them. I just hope that these kids have some kind of shot at a semi normal family life at some point.

  35. carleigh says

    Love has no boundries or limits. It’s normal for an only child to be initially jealous or feel a bit I dont know for lack of a better word, “neglected” or left out. It’s normal and children have the wonderful resiliency to adjust. Mad will be fine and is fine, their family is blessed! AJ and Brad have big hearts and all their kids are loved equally.

  36. Essie says

    You people make me sick!!! You act as if Angelina and Brad are the only parents to ever have children close together!! And the only parents to work after having children. What idiots!! You all sound so foolish!! Ridiculous.

    Bitch about what you know and you don’t now these parents or these children.

  37. Jackie says

    I have always felt sorry for Maddox in all this. While Angelina has gotten 4 more people to obsess about, Madd has had to share a mother with her four new loves. Remember they used to share a bed and everything. nOW There are more people to share with. He definitely looks less happy in the last two years. He was always a happy jolly chap but I have not seen a picture of him smiling since 2005.

    Poor soul, and all for calling Brad Daddy, look at what he has had to pay for that.

  38. Just me says

    I think I saw this article (and the rest of it) in Us Weekly. Oh, Angelina’s so wonderful because she has vowed to be a stay-at-home mom. However, the article also says she just signed on to do a movie that starts filiming in April, and a whole other host of projects. I applaud Angelina for trying to give the kids a better life. Yeah, they’re being taken care of by her money. But she’s not there and that’s what’s most important. Oh well, I guess her kids have more adjusting to do.

  39. Monica says

    Dare mi opinion en mi idioma. Por ahora todo es felicidad pero cuando esos ninos sean adultos que pasara cuando comiencen a hacer preguntas? Que pasara con la pequena Shiloh tal vez termine casada con Maddox o Pax. O tal vez Zahara termine casada con uno de ellos. Que opinas de esto Angie???
    De todas formas les deseo lo mejor del mundo

  40. dori says

    When you think about it Maddox has had to adjust to 3 siblings in 2 years. Thats a lot of adjusting. I believe there will lonf term affects of this quickly expanding family. Each child needs time to adjust and Angelina in her rush to have a big family in such a short time could have it’s consequences.
    Not that she’s not trying but I wonder if she consulted with a child psychologist to determine how to expand a family so that everyone turns out ok. Zahara didn’t look all that thrilled with Shiloh I wonder how she’s adjusting. She was screaming all the time before Angelina added Pax I wonder what she’s doing now????

  41. ShiftingSands says

    Ahhh I remember when my mother has my little brother I was LIVID !!!!!!!!! I thought I was being replaced !!!!!

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