Jennifer Garner Is Va Va Voom In Allure Magazine!

Wow…Jen looks amazing in this photo from the April issue of Allure magazine!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck


  1. mram says

    i thnk jen is a very /prettyattractive/sexy star. she is always glowing.

    someonehow, ben does not look like he is totally into the game, in my opinion. he seems to just be going through the motions, from from the times i’ve seem him in the media.

    not sure what’s his take on that. he looks tired and within himself, not very outgoing, very reserved, as oppose to jen, she is like in all her glory, whenever you see her.

  2. lauren says

    i know that she is very good at motherhood but she could still you know try to look a bit better i mean common the kid aint an infant anymore. wow the pictures are great though

  3. boo says

    She looks stunning!
    I agree # 8, there is sooo much discrimination in the world right now, people don’t care how their words can affect anothers ego…Why else do you think we have so many 13 year old girls starving themselves to be skinny and dressing like little prostiteens so the boys will like them. It’s sad really, why can’t people just accept everyone for their each individual self, I don’t get it.~*

  4. says

    Too funny the comments about this picture. Jen looks sexy and probably feels sexy in that picture, but she’s a mom first and makes that known as it should be. Feeling good about yourself makes you a better mom irregardless of your physical appearance, and helps your children to accept and love who they are. Kudos to Jen for being real and when she needs to be can look amazing!

    Sammy’s mum, Jen can take the makeup off and still be beautiful unfortunately for you, it’s more then makeup to change your ugly heart!

  5. Julie says

    She looks fantastic!!! I think she looks great whether she’s at the park with Violet, or in photos like these. I agree, Mommydearest, she has certainly not let herself go, and here’s the proof!!!

  6. babySugs says

    ok, the image of housewife is transformed a little as it is related to this metallic realm, which implies technology, something has been convetionally done by men. anyway, still doing dishes though. god, doesn’t this remind me of my bloody chores 🙁

  7. babySugs says

    hahahahahahhahaha…. this is hillarious. what these women have to be up to in order to keep alive their sex symbol image, images which invoke the submissiveness of women by the way as they take on the classical idea of the woman in the kitchen, the housewife who has to be able to satisfy her husband’s desires and better do so by being, oh, damn hot. good to know though that just like jen can be transformed into a hotie – given her shabby, commoner appearances with violet in parks, etc. Gives us hope no amy? ok, mabe we have not the exact physical assets of jen – and i have a hard time seeing she has any exceptional qualities other than height and a lot of gym work under her belt – but it seems like an okay piece of human being can be transformed into a piece of sex symbol, if that’s what matters so dearly.

  8. peep toe pumps says

    She looks sexy! That’s a nice setting she was put in. Her body looks amazing. Not a big fan og the hairdo though. Violet is beatiful. This years she’s going t be 2!

  9. ?? says

    I would really like to see what some of you people look like in real life. And, I have seen some of you over on Hellorazzi and ya ain’t that great…so you people need to get up and go look in the mirror….go ahead…get up….look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re ugly. Do you think just because you are a star you’re supposed to be made up all the time. That went out in the 60’s people. Even people who aren’t stars can take off their eye liner and look bad….. Stop critqueing people. That’s whats wrong with this country now. Everyone telling somebody they are fat, ugly, skinny, too black, too white, too asian. No wonder our kids have problems with trying to fit in to our society. What are you mothers and fathers doing to your kids if you say things about people and their babies on this site? Have you gotten up and looked in the mirror yet? Do any of you truely know how your words can affect people? One mean word can throw a person into a lifetime of turmoil…..I just don’t get some of you.

  10. Little Sammy's Mummy says

    Just shows what make up can do!! She doen’t look like this in real life, she’s on here a lot and she’s ugly !

  11. freddie says

    she look’s like a damn alien look at that forehead and yes make-up and touch up can look terrific i seen her in passing she was right next to me yeck her forehead is even larger in person yes she look’s cute in some pic’s but she is very plain very boring.

  12. fee says

    wow. She looks so gorgeous. Motherhood has done the woman well. of course she was always pretty, but know she just…glows.

  13. Paula says

    Ok, what’s with all the celebrity women posing provacatively in the kitchen? Is it supposed to make you look more suductive the same time your being a homemaker? Too funny!

  14. MommyDearest says

    Great idea…wear rubber clothes when doing dishes! I’ll have to remember that the next time! 🙂

    To all those that said Jen is “letting herself go”….think again! She just proved you wrong! Va-va-va-voom!

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