Is It Baby Joy For Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen?

Isla Fisher

This morning on “On-Air with Ryan Seacrest” on 102.7 KIIS FM, Seacrest’s sidekick Ellen K reported that Isla Fisher is expecting a child with Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen (to whom she is engaged to be married).

Adding to the rumors that Isla is pregnant is the fact that the petite actress showed up to the March 26th NYC premiere of her new film The Lookout, sporting a jacket and loose-fitting frock.

So far, her camp is mum on the subject. “If or when Isla becomes pregnant, she and her fiancé will decide if an announcement is necessary,” says her rep.

There is no way to be 100% certain obviously, but I think she is pregnant as she has too fantastic and petite a figure to wear such a baggy and modest outfit! It looks like she is trying to disguise her baby bump until she is comfortable sharing her baby joy with the world!

More compelling evidence:

British funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen and his Australian fiancée Isla Fisher are set to become first-time parents after blurting out the exciting news at a Los Angeles bar.

The couple made a special announcement to friends at the Cat & Fiddle on March 11th.

Actress Isla felt she had to reveal her big news after sparking suspicion when she turned down alcohol and just drank water.

An eavesdropper tells Life & Style magazine, “Isla said, ‘We’ve got good news – I’m pregnant!’ The couple just kept kissing and hugging!”

And below Isla is pictured at The Late Show with David Letterman on March 28th.

Isla Fisher
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  1. Lauren says

    Yeah, she totally looks pregnant. Her belly button already popped out in the second pic. Congrats to both of them. They’ll have a gorgeous babie. Isla is beautiful and Sacha is HOT.

  2. peep toe pumps says

    Yeah She looks pregnant totally.You can see her belly button popping out in the second picture. I still can’t over that Julia Roberts is pregnant. Makes me wanna have a little baby again.

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