How You Can Support The Vision Charity

Katie Price

The above pic is of Jordan, 28, (Katie Price) on the day of her wedding to Peter Andre. What a sweet pic of Jordan and her four-year-old son Harvey! Jordan, who is expecting her third child in July, also has a one-year-old son named Junior.

The London Marathon is next month, and Jordan’s brother is running it to raise money for The Vision Charity. You can support him in his quest to save Harvey (who is blind) and other disabled children.

Here is where you can view his donations and help out.

Many thanks to ONTD


  1. bogie says

    Just because Harvey is disabled it does not mean princess and junior are special and people love them but they don`t love Harvey.It is not his fault or Jordan’s fault hes the way he is.



    CALLING HIM FAT . . ..


  3. oriana says

    Thank you again Granny and God Bless! I am sorry for the little boy’s disabilities, I am equally as sorry for blurting out and calling him a Fattie that needed to be put on a diet! All I saw was a Fat child not a disabled one for the picture heading or statement underneath never said anything about his glandular problems.

    Most of the women on this post act like they are all perfect and never in their lives have made a thoughtless remark like I did, and I think some of them, deliberately don’t want to acknowledge that so they will keep harping and bickering about it.

    I hope they will feel led to donate some money to the Vision Charity to help maybe find a cure to prevent other children suffering the same disability that this child does but doubt very seriously if they will.

    You have a good evening too and please say a prayer for me!

  4. Granny says

    If I had a dollar for everything I wish I could take back I would be a rich woman. : ) And I believe one apology which you gave should do it. You have a good evening.

  5. oriana says

    Thank you Granny, and I have said I was sorry and didn’t realize the extent of his problems.

  6. granny says

    Like most verbal errors, it was said and now in the past. Most of us say something we wished we could take back. Best forgotten and moved on.

  7. oriana says

    And please stop lying! You said I called him fat and various other things I said about Harvey? What VARIOUS other things? The first post said he was a fattie and should be put on a diet, that is all I ever said about him. After I read up on his condition, then I said I spoke out of ignorance and blurted it out, you can’t find anything I said bad about him at all other than the first post, so what are you trying to lie about when you say VARIOUS other things?

    Again, don’t focus your energy on me, send some money to the charity since you are such an Angel and saintly person as you are!

  8. oriana says

    Saint Carleigh, put your money where your mouth is! I do!

    And where do you get the word “bitter” from me speaking the truth? He is cute, he is fat, I am sorry about it, the picture didn’t designate anything wrong with him other than being blind, so where do you get your assumptions from?

    After I read up on him it did say he was partially blind, I didn’t make that up! So lay off, let it go and I agree that ending this thread by wishing this family well is a good idea.

  9. carleigh says

    You just never quit do you Oriana? You are a pathetic individual for saying mean things…I hope to GOD above your children if you have any at all, never face such heartbreaking physical disabilities. If this were your own son would you be so cruel or would you love him unconditionally and accept his physical limitations and all? Or would you call your own child “fat” and various other things you said about Harvey?
    I donate enough of my time and what money I can manage to scrape together while I am attending school full time and work p/t so don’t preach at me about donating anything, I do what I can and it makes me feel good to give to others, you should really try it sometime, maybe you wouldn’t be so damn bitter.

  10. oriana says

    THANK YOU LIBRA, all it said under the picture was he was blind, I had no idea he had the other problems and didn’t think to go on and google about either of them until it was brought to my attention about how horrible I was to call him fat and say he needed to go on a diet!

    Again, no one was able to tell me by looking at his picture, where the pointers were to show he had glandular problems, was autistic as was stated in a later post or any other severe problems he has. And when I read up on him it said he was only partially blind, so thankful for that at least.

    He is cute, he is fat, and I am sorry about his problems.

  11. Libraesque says

    I don’t know y’all, my first thought when I looked at this picture was sweet jesus what a fat ass!!!!
    I certainly wouldn’t spend hours researching what conditions this kid suffers from before commenting, it’s not like you’re saying it to the kids face, or his mothers.

    And why didn’t the webmistress list all of his conditions

    Face it, every one of you thought What a porker when you first saw the picture, don’t lie!!!!

  12. oriana says

    Saint Carleigh, I guess you chose to overlook or not read #56 and #70? So why are you choosing to keep this nonsense going and act like you are OH so high and mighty? I am not projecting, I am just responding to what you write after reading your words.

    I did admit that I said something that was insensitive and said I was clueless. I am not going to grovel to you or to anyone, I spoke without thinking and without knowing the whole story of why this child was so fat, and he isn’t skinny, so I didnt’ lie! I am sorry for blurting it out like I said earlier and I am sorry he is in the condition he is as I also said earlier, so why keep harping at me unless you want to continue to draw attention to yourself?

    And again, like I said earlier, why waste your energy on me, why not use your valuable time to contact the Vision Charity and donate some money to them since you are Miss Goody Two Shoes and you are so Grown UP?

  13. carleigh says

    And as far as “Throwing stones” and being w/o sin…no I’m not perfect but when I am wrong I will readily admit it and won’t try to divert attention away from the fact that I screwed up and said something vicious. Why can’t you just admit you said something callous and insensitive and stop trying to throw the attention onto me?? Because you are projecting, but not doing a very good job at it either.

  14. carleigh says

    Oriana, why don’t you just admit that you made an insensitive comment and learn from it? It’s not called a difference of opinion when someone makes a rude comment, not their opinion, a RUDE comment! It’s kind of hard to attack a RUDE comment if you think about it, you can attack someone’s opinions or whatnot, but you can’t excuse, debate or argue w/ a RUDE comment except to say how RUDE it was. I think most on here would agree that you did make a rude statement and should have been a bit more sensitive. Hopefully you have learned a very valuable lesson and won’t make the same mistake again. Grow up Oriana and realize you were wrong, you said something extremely rude and insensitive and no amount of attacking me or calling me St. carleigh or whatever is going to change the statements you made.

  15. N says

    The point is there are ways to say things without being rude, mean , and disrespectful. Learn to use tact when addressing certain things.

  16. says

    ok, for some reason, my post didnt post, and i dont feel like writing it over again.
    but, im gonna end this thread saying, my prayers are with that child, and i hope he can grow up to lead a very happy life, and be able to avoid the ignorance of some people.

  17. lauren says

    she should get rid of her big boobs! i read in a magazine that she regrets getting larger boobs and she wishes to deduct them! i think she should so she looks natural otherwise good luck for their family oh yeah i think her husband is gay just like her sister said lool to his face

  18. says

    Cyber Kitten, that is my favourite saying! LOL
    Lisa, thanks and I was thinking that too but just didn’t write it. No child should be demeaned in anyway, no matter what…
    Oriana, yes then those overweight children become overweight teens (usually depressed by this point), and reach adulthood with no confidence. es parents get very defensive and for no reason often just because of guilt, I worked for a Dr once that weighed everbody (she was a runner herself) and I actually had a mom question my need to weigh her child, and went off on a tyrant as this innocent over weight child looked at me with such sadness in her eyes. If only her mother put her energies into other areas… More parents need to be accountable because we enable our children to make poor choices.

  19. CyberKitten38 says

    @ Orianna…

    U know the old saying *don’t assume anything as it just makes an ass out of u and me*…

    U ASSUMED by the picture that there wasn’t anything wrong with that child. That’s the point..u DON’T know.

    And get over myself? I never once claimed to be *ms perfect*..but i can ASSURE u I wouldn’t stoop to childish and rude name calling like that..whether to a child’s face or not.


  20. oriana says

    Carleigh, since you are able to cast stones at me as you yourself are so perfect and without sin, why waste your time with me? Why don’t you, and the rest of the irate do gooders, donate some money to the Vision Charity! Why not focus on that instead of someone as Evil as you say I am?

    And yes, it is good to know that I live in a country that we still can have freedom of speech, or else Saint Carleigh would have me beheaded by now! And Carleigh, if you think I made that comment without thinking about it first, and you are exactly right, was to get attention and everyone in an uproar then you are really delusional!

  21. Miapocaa says

    The interesting this about this site and some regulars are that they get mighty upset if one person epresses an opinion opposite to theirs

    As long as I am concerned fat is not an insult , if you tell someone in Africa that they are fat, the will thank you for it , because fat is associated with being rich

    Wether or not Orainna is ignorant or stupid or a witch or whatever word you choose to call her, I beleive she is entitled to her opinion, even if they are wicked and contrary to yours.

    You all judge her and are so quick to call her names, exactly what you accuse her of doing.

    I sincerely hope that child can have some semblance of a life and hope his parents lifestyle didnt lead to this issue.

    Now people need to relax on here…

  22. carleigh says

    You could have even went further into reading about the Vision Charity by clicking on the link provided in the WM article…..there’s no excuse for the comments you made and I don’t care how feebly you attempt to divert the fact that you made a mean comment and wrote something before even knowing the whole situation. Maybe next time you will further investigate something before rushing to be the first person to post on a thread.

  23. carleigh says

    Oriana since you were comment #1 on this thread you obviously didn’t think about what you said before you said it! You stated he was a fatty, he looked “well fed”, and various other things, that I interpret to be you trying to defend yourself and your callously made remarks. I also thought Harvey was a bit large in body size for an average 4 y/o child, but before I went off spouting and making hurtful comments about him, I searched and read about his condition. I think by making the “fatty” comment you have gotten all the attention you desired and more than enough, am I correct? I am the first to admit that I am very opinionated and will say what I want to the extent that I may make someone angry or whatnot, but I do temper my comments when it comes to small children because they should never be a target of ridicule or harsh remarks. Children are innocent and shouldn’t be subjected to such comments like the one’s you made above in your previous posts. Say what you want to your friends and family, but I surely hope that you will spare your friends and families children the harsh comments and judgements that you passed so easily onto little Harvey.

  24. oriana says

    Kellymay, I am sure in your career, you have seen many examples of small children, from toddlers on up, who started out just by being a little overweight with no other health issues, and then as time goes by, the weight escalates, more and more severe illnesses crop up stemming from it. Being overweight, FAT, obese is not pretty, it is not healthy and it is discrminated against in the world today. A fat baby is cute, but when they start school and still continue to balloon up, the same people that commented on, Oh what a cute darling little girl or boy, they look away or think to themselves, what in the world is that mother thinking about? And some, like me, blurt it out, that Fattie needs to go on a diet. I am not excusing myself from using an unkind choice of words, and all these LADIES who are so righteous, they know they have not been perfect their whole lives in actions or thoughts and I know it as well.

    I know that parents get defensive, they get angry, not only at relatives or freinds, much less strangers, but they get furious with their health care workers if told something that touches a nerve they don’t want to hear.

    I am sorry for any child that can’t see, walk or enjoy a normal life in any capacity, and my first thought and comment was blurted out just by my speculation on seeing a picture of a child that was way, way overweight! I admit I was clueless and unkind, but that doesn’t make people evil, bitter, mean spiritied, a bitch, retarded, all the names I have been called, and they may all be true, I had rather someone that I care about, and I am talking about my own family and friends, be mad at me for calling a child a Fattie, if it gets their attention, than be sitting by their bedside watching them struggle to breathe, hooked up on wires and tubes, or even getting four injections a day of insulin because someone’s feelngs may be hurt or getting pissed off.

  25. Nicki says

    67. oriana – No if you had said that “oh the little beautiful boy looks like he needs to lose 1 or 2 pounds” you wouldn’t have gotten much attention at all. Someone would have pointed out his problems and that would have been pretty much that. But the fact is you didn’t say anything remotely like that, you were just mean spirited in what you said.
    And you got the reaction you did because even though he is only a 4 year old child, you shouldn’t say that about anyone, least not a child. You said what you did to get a reaction, and you got it.

  26. oriana says

    I am not denying one bit that I said “fattie”, that dreaded word, FAT, is such a stigma in today’s society you might as well say two headed monster! I do think if you read several posts I admitted to saying he was fat, isn’t he?

    If I had known by looking at his picture, as you obviously can, that he had these other disabilities then NO, I would not have said he needs to be put on a diet but I would have still thought it.

  27. oriana says

    Carleigh, read #3 and #7,since you are trying to twist my words around! Calling a Fat kid a Fat kid may be unkind and not nice, but Evil, Please! Go on Megan’s Law, then you can see what Evil really is!

    And yes, being blind is a very tragic disability but again, and AGAIN, where in the picture does it show where he has his other severe disabilities at? All blind people aren’t overweight! That is why I said side effects from meds can cause swelling and he looked very healthy to me! My eyes aren’t X-ray machines, maybe you can, but I can’t tell by looking if someone has glandular problems, blood disorders, high blood pressure, etc. and even if I had said, oh the little beautiful boy looks like he needs to lose 1 or 2 pounds, most of you would have still been on the warpath about that too so own up to up!

  28. Nicki says

    oriana-See # 63. CyberKitten38.
    It doesn’t matter if you could tell from the picture. He is a four year old boy. And what you said was not right, you can try to say now you said overweight child, but the fact is you said “fattie” and not much else. You certainly didn’t voice your concerns about overweight children and the problems they face. (Oh yeah and you keep saying American children, Harvey lives in England)
    The point is you said it, and that is that, you can try to change it around with your long posts, but doesn’t change what you first said-“She needs to put this fatty on a diet.” He is a 4 year old child.

  29. oriana says

    #62, I do believe that it said under his picture that he was blind, and I never said I didn’t know that, READ the posts, what I said was, by looking at the picture I didn’t and couldn’t tell he had any kind of gland disorder or disability that would make him so huge! So don’t try to put words in my mouth and twist around what I stated! That is why I said this kid needs to go on a DIET, he is a “Fattie”., I didn’t say he needs to wear glasses!

    Chubby, Fattie, Tubby, they are all the same things that could have been said.

    And NO, I wouldn’t call someone developmentally disabled a “Retard”, mental retardation whether mild, moderate or severe is retardation, I didn’t create the words and I didn’t set the scale, and there is a big difference of someone being retarded, mentally challenged, developmentally disabled, than someone who is overweight and FAT due to parents who are not in control and are too submissive when it comes to the health and safety of their children!

  30. oriana says

    Get over yourself Lisa, are you so Miss Perfect that you have never made a comment that wasn’t exactly the kindest thing in the world to say? You act like saying a child was a “fattie” was the most derogatory thing in the world! Wake up, apparently you live on Mars, there are worse things that have said about overweight children!

    And since you are so fragile, can you, or some of these wallflowers that are sooooo offended, none of you have yet, to point out to me where in the picture shows any signs of him having anything wrong other than being obese and one “eye” not looking straight like the other one does!

    And I have seen 2 year olds, 4 year olds, 10 year old children look terrible in pictures due to obesity and you can “roar” all you want too about it, you know it is the truth and it doesn’t change the fact that the parents are not being responsible. Those same parents, like you, are the first ones to cry bloody murder if a doctor tells them something they don’t like about their child, and will even change doctors. Would you put a spoonful of poison in your child’s mouth? Same thing with giving them a case of soda a week, and that is exactly what is happening in the world today whether you like it or not!

  31. CyberKitten38 says

    @ Orianna

    What really pissed me off is the fact that u said *fatty* My point u call a mentally handicapped person a *retard*? It wouldn’t have been offensive at all had u said *overweight* or heck even *chubby little fella*..but FATTY?
    That’s just rude 🙁

    Not that u seem to care anyway..I just hope u’re not teaching your children to speak of others like that 🙁


  32. carleigh says

    Oriana-you obviously KNEW from seeing his picture that he was blind…but prior to making your scathingly cruel comments perhaps better to educate yourself before opening mouth and inserting a foot?? You can’t excuse away your comments with a simple I didn’t know, blah, blah, blah, your comments were unjust and very cruel. I do however, agree with your comments regarding obesity in children today. I think it is partly parents and partly due to the fact that people today are fast food junkies, don’t exercise nearly enough, everything is made for convenience and we as a population are spoiled on the gadgets of convenience. There are cellular phones, portable phones, fast food, drive-up windows, food delivery services, remote controls, escalators vs. name it and society has invented a convenience for it! Everything today is geared towards instant gratification and nobody even wants to get off their butt’s anymore and go across the room to change a TV channel??? What’s wrong with this country?? Many things, but childhood obesity is a growing epidemic as it is among todays young adults as well. When I was growing up it was about my mother kicking us outside to play when the weather was beautiful and we rode bikes, went swimming, my aunt had a huge farm to explore, it was all about acitivies to keep us busy and on the move. My 11 y/o daughter wants McDonalds and would eat it daily if I would let her, but I don’t we save that for one Sunday a month and that’s it. When she says she’s bored she wants to play on the computer or play her game station or listen to her I-Pod…none of these things requires an expenditure of any type of energy so I make her go on a bike ride, walk the dog, go out and bounce on the trampoline and take her swimming when the weather permits. I don’t want to see her sedentary or getting used to being sedentary because then she will become lazy and develop a weight issue, I want her to be lean and muscular like she is now. I just think it’s to darn easy for kids in today’s society to have every reason and convenience to be lazy and if the parents don’t set an example and make their children seek out alternatives to TV, junk food and computers we are setting our kids up for a lifetime of laziness and all of the physical ailments that come from being overweight. I took high offense to what you said about Harvey purely because it was evil and you shouldn’t have said it, it was cruel, plain and simple. This child has disabilities and cannot help the cards he was dealt in this life, so it struck a big nerve when I read that you actually called him a fattie. FYI, because these are Jordan’s wedding photo’s and you wondered why you didn’t see any other obvious signs of a disability in Harvey, it’s maybe possibly because the photo’s were “retouched”. I don’t know but I just felt it was meanspirited and wrong for you to call this poor little boy a mean name when he can’t defend himself or help his condition.

  33. Sandra says

    It is actually funny to read all of the ramblings. Actually my son has quite the opposite problem. He is actually very underweight for his age, has been for several years. It is NOT what you feed a child, it is HOW MUCH you feed a child. It has always been HOW MUCH not WHAT. An oreo cookie a week isn’t going to make a child fat, a correct portion size of kraft mac n cheese isn’t going to cause obesity, you just have to be aware of how much they are eating. But for my son he gets anything and everything he wants (well within reason of course) all so he can gain weight. *sigh

  34. lisa says

    it may be true about childhood obesity kellymay, but like you said, its the parents fault, not the child. calling the young child fattie, is what hit the nerve of these women, not the fact that childhood obesity isnt a problem.
    how anyone could justify calling a 4yr old child “fatty” is beyond me. whether they have a medical problem or not. its not their fault. And not JUST that he was called fatty, but the fact that a grown adult would call a 4yr old child fatty.
    its hard enough for these kids growing up, having other children make fun of them.
    there is no justification for this. none.
    not trying to get on your case kellymay, cuz you made a good point about parents being the cause often.
    but a grown adult should still know better then to make fun of a 4yr old.

  35. says

    Oriana, as a nurse whom has worked with the public for 10 years, yes your 100% correct about childhood obesity and the cause! There are startling statistics available to all, that almost 60% of our children are now overweight! We as parents are to blame but as we see here not many are willing to be accountable so these poor innocent children continue to suffer and will battle this until they become adults and possibly learn better then what they were taught. It is always interesting to see people get defensive, obviously you’ve hit a nerve. Good for you girl, someone has to be real here! Perhaps atleast one of them will look at there beautiful child tonight and make a better choice, God knows they deserve it!

    I only wish Jordan and Harvey the best. This world is difficult enough without having to worry about disabilities! As parents we should embrace this situation and maybe next time Oriana when you see a child whom is overweight, it just may be your chance to help. This world has fed us junk to get richer, it’s about time we are made aware of what is happening. Kraft Dinner is not a good choice!

  36. Ruthyroo1 says

    Read her autobiography!! It states everything about Harvey’s illness and what caused it. Drugs and drink was not a factor!! Harvey spends a majority of his life in hospitals undergoing tests and Jordan and peter are there with him.
    Sorry but I just finished her book and it’s completely changed my views on Jordan I am now a Jordan Fan all the way!!

  37. oriana says

    WEll Anna, believe it or not, but I feel sorry for him too, now that I know all the facts that I do wholley admit I was ignorant too, I don’t know what the life span is of someone with his disabilities but I hope and think he will have a good life for as long as he can with all the money they have to provide the best doctors and medical care with.

  38. Anna says

    This woman took drugs during her pregnacy and was a celebrity hooker. I feel sorry for the poor child but I cannot stand her for doing this to a child. Now the child will have to suffer all his life! Shame on her.

  39. oriana says

    N, you still don’t like me? That does it!

    I feel a banana split coming on and maybe a bag of M & M’s and Oreo cookies, after all, they are nutritious for you! I certainly won’t have any carrots and lettuce in my fridge! No sirrreee Bob!!!!!

  40. oriana says

    I am going to sue Johns Hopkins Hospital, Stanford, and all of the other Universities and Hospitals around the world for publishing these blatant out and out lies about Childhood obesity becoming a problem of epidemic proportions! How dare they! They know it is all made up lies, and I am the ONLY one that is twisted and sick enough in this world to spread such outlandish propaganda! This has really GOT TO STOP!!!!!!

    I will become a Billionaire and can hire plenty of good looking strong men to lift my 500 lb. frame up, Oh, who am I kidding? I weigh 750 lbs., but anyway, I don’t have much time left, bring on the KFC and Popeyes too! Since I am the only Fat, Fattie Witch in the world, then I can eat what I want too!

  41. N says

    your crazy arent you? O, you make me laugh….. I have enjoyed talking to you today………. : )

    But dont get it twisted…. I still dont like you!

  42. oriana says

    Forgot to add that the Study being done for the Standard Law Safety Car Seat shows that it isn’t big enough for most of the kids today, I did that Study all by myself and I apologize, it was another lie on my part, totally untrue! So I apologize again!

    And of course I would have to be a Hater, have had a Bitter childhood and weigh 500 lbs, only me, no one else in this world, Why couldn’t I have been born like the rest of you Saintly Angels? Why am I the ONLY Witch in the world? Why?

  43. oriana says

    N, there are no witches in this world, only Angels, this is a perfect world, don’t you know that?

  44. oriana says

    #39, how could I get offended if it was the truth? And especially if I had something to with it with my lack of good judgement and my child didn’t have any health issues he or she was born with?

  45. N says

    It is so hard sometimes to restrain from commenting …… I dont like you! Sorry! : ) and I know you dont like me either. But life goes on……

  46. oriana says

    Sandra, I don’t think I walked up in his face and said, You’re fat! I didn’t call him on the phone and say it to him. My first impression was here is another overweight fat kid heading for trouble, why doesn’t his mother put him on a diet and feed him healthy foods? So yes, I thought it and I said it.

    But to make everyone happy, Okay, I lied, there isn’t an epidemic of obesity in America, doctors, school health nurses, none of them have never have any concerns about that trend in today’s society, it is all lies and I made it all up!

    There is no such thing as a fat child, there is no such thing as heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure, all that is more lies made up only by me!

    There aren’t any health problems that overweight kids are facing, there is no such thing as diabetes, I lied and made that up also, Sleep Apnea doesn’t affect children and has NOTHING to do with being overweight, I made that up also, children do not tease and make fun of other kids that are fat and can’t run, or play any sports in school, made that lie up also, fat children don’t grow up to be fat adults, and they stay healthy all their lives, made that lie up also, McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, all Fast Food places are the most nutritional and healthy to eat at, please, all Saintly mothers reading this, take your kids there to eat three times a day, I made that lie up also about those restaurants not serving healthy foods, Exercise is bad for you, for God’s sake, don’t encourage your children to get any, made that lie up also!

    And there haven’t been any TV shows with the focus and discussion on overweight children, that never happened, all lies made up by me, and I am the only person in the world that has seen an obese overweight child and commented on it, I am the only one! The rest of you are loving, kind hearted, caring individuals with all beautiful healthy children and will all grow up to not have any health problems, be movie stars, star athletes, Miss America and will live to be a 100! Good luck to all of you!

  47. N says

    Oriana, I can say whatever I want to your ignorant ass. You are not concerned about anything. If you were concerned about this child you would have called him overweight…. not a “fattie”. Read posts #39 and 40….. they couldn’t have said it any better!

  48. Sandra says

    It really sounds like someone had such a bitter childhood, that they are now trying to save “obese children of America”! Get off your soapbox woman and just admit that you were ignorant, rude and immature. If I see a child overweight the words do not even come into my mind, why because they could be hurtful to a little child and I don’t know the child’s health history. It is one thing to call someone of your own age a fattie but a defenseless 4 year old isn’t right, well unless you really are 4.

  49. lisa says

    its more about the fact that you would even call a young child “fattie”. whether its to their face, or behind their back. that child can’t help it.
    honestly, if you had a young child who was overweight, and you were out walking with your child, and a grown adult whispers to their friend “look at that fattie”, your telling me, you wouldnt be offended? not just offended, but disgusted that a grown adult would stoop to that level?
    yeah, its the way of life, kids get teased, but by other KIDS, that have yet to learn how hurtful these things can be.

    im not trying to attack you or anything, just trying to show you the reasoning for so many were angry about that statement.

  50. oriana says

    #35, Thank you for giving me the name of his biological father, I just read about him, guess he isn’t Samoan after all.

  51. oriana says

    MommyDearest, last night I did go and Google after reading #13 post, I didn’t know his full name so I typed in her name and read about the background history of this family. And saw more pictures of him, in the other pictures it was plain to see that he does have some disorders but in this wedding picture to me, they weren’t so prominent.

    I did read also that he is only partially blind so I guess he can see out of one eye? Don’t know if that is the case or not but I am glad he isn’t totally without sight.

    I realize calling a child a “fattie” touched a nerve, but the facts of life are that there are a lot of fattie kids in poor health in today’s society, I didn’t lie and I wasn’t making up anything, so again, sorry, but all children aren’t beautiful, we don’t live in a perfect world, all kids don’t make the Honor Roll, they don’t all become cheerleaders and play on the NBA teams when they get older, or make it to the Olympics, and they certainly aren’t all in good health, I feel for the ones that are born with disadvantages for they are innocent, as for the others, I blame the parents for their poor eating habits, and eventually a highway to bad health as they become older adults, by then a lot of the damage has been done, so all you Goody Two Shoes out there, stop being in denial and acting like World War III because I made a statment of calling a child a “Fattie”!

  52. oriana says

    MommieDearest, I really think you are the only one that gets where I was coming from! And Thank You! I did not know anything about her, never heard of her, just looked at his picture and saw an overweight child, and if any of you have children that are this size and there is nothing physically wrong with them, then go ask your doctor what he thinks about childhood obesity, it is becoming a serious epidemic and most mothers, make up excuses, are in denial and like most of you, get upset! Then when your childen have hard times breathing, teased in school by the other children, develop diabetes, then you groan and moan, why did this happen to my child? Why my poor child? Look to yourselves, and stay out of McDonalds and KFC!

    I didn’t take a look into his illness because I didn’t know he had an illness, other than his eyes not looking normal, and one of them does to me! Again, where does his picture, show he has anything wrong with his glands, or being autistic as was previously also?

    As for the rest of you, I could care less if you call me a bitch, I can be at times, I don’t care if you think I am ignorant, you can think whatever you want, this is a free country, but again and again, WHERE in this picture of him, does it show that anything is abnormal about him as far as any disabilities goes? His hands and head are not deformed, he isn’t being propped up, he looks like he is sitting up without assistance, so all I saw was an extremely overweight child!

    And NONE of you can say and be truthful that you haven’t seen an overweight child when you have been walking down the street, going to the gro., or to school, or shopping and not realized it was not healthy to be that way. And I am not talking about 5 or 10 pounds, so before you jump on your soapbox, and attack me, or anyone that says a child should be put on a diet, ask your doctor! Do you think it is fun for kids to be teased and ridiculed by their classmates? Do you think it is fun for kids to take insulin shots and be so out of breath they can’t play sports because they are so FAT? Yes, I said that horrible word, FAT, FATTIE!!! And the U.S. is high on the list of any country for obese children.

    I actually thought he was Samoan for he looks like that to me, and a lot of the children are large and have his features.

    N, why are YOU even talking to me anyway?

    I am not trying to justify anything, ask the doctors and nurses to justify about childhood obesity and the health school nurses.

  53. says

    oriana u should be more certain of things before u say them…. he is blind and has other disabilities that have side effects that contribute to him being overweight… i read somewhere where jordan said something like that…poor child…..and besides, u should not say things like that towards a child……she’s a really good mom, i admire her strength alot and her husband is a wonderful dad to both kids….his biological dad is dwight yorke

  54. MommyDearest says

    Oriana, thank you for apologizing and stating why you said the things you did! It takes a big woman to do that in a somewhat hostile enviroment! I also apologize for “jumping down your throat” last night! It just struck a nerve with me. For my own personal reasons, I am a huge champion for kid’s with disabilities! Anyway, enjoy your day! Thanks again! 🙂

  55. N says

    Oriana, maybe you need to think about what you are saying/typing before you do it. Basically ….. Think before you speak…. You sound ignorant trying to justify your comments!….

  56. boo says

    And Oriana How long have you been posting on here??? because in the Mar 15th thread “Jordan gets british mom of the year award” it states in there about Harvey having a Growth disorder…. although I didn’t see a comment from you that doesn’t mean you didn’t read through it….I have a hard time believing you didn’t know about it….or Maybe you didn’t, I don’t know…. But you can stop making excuses for yourself about ” How can tell you something is wrong with him by looking at that picture and blah blah blah”…doesn’t change the fact that you were cruel towards a 4 year old boy, even if he wasn’t sick with all his disabilities and he was just “fat”, that is still no way to speak towards a child.~*

  57. boo says

    KayKay- As a mother myself and I’m sure all or most of the women posting on here are… with the select population being 6th graders…But I myself don’t appreciate hearing a woman (or so we think) calling a “child” with a “growth disorder”- “fatty and get him on a diet”…It struck a nerve with All of us, and that is why everyone has something to say…Harvey has to live with this the rest of his life and with people like Oriana speaking the way they do to or about him, it is going to make his life that much harder…which is why everyone has asked her to do her “research” before commenting the way she did.~*

  58. CyberKitten38 says

    @ Orianna…

    Jeezus I hope u don’t have kids of your own..and if u do i pray to God u don’t teach them to say things like that. THAT is the most rude and ignorant..and most of all IMMATURE thing to say about ANYONE..regardless of whether or not u know their medical condition.
    U just DON’T say things like that!
    How would U like to be called a BITCH? Ooops..sorry..i don’t know anything about YOUR medical history, other than what I’ve just read. Were u born like this?


  59. kaykay says

    I think everyone needs to quit their bitching , you hear people talking like oh and how do you know what he’s got? honestly do you really know him personally? and people who says he looks fat well yea he does but why do you need to judge. everyone is so judgement the conversations I hear in here are so childish bickering back and forth. Grow up and just be happy for her family and wish her and her kids every happiness and healthyness.

  60. Anzhelika says

    I admire Jordan,she is very self-confident and take care of her kids,not like silly cow Britney..

  61. peep toe pumps says

    Oriana, what a horrible thing to say. Lisa, well said. Jordan looks a bit pretty there. I wish Harvey the best treatmenthe can get. I think he also suffered from burns in Jan. and had to on into the ER.

  62. lisa says

    All that matters is that beautiful little boy is in a loving family, and well taken care of.
    its obvious that oriana is just trying to get some attention for her posts, and getting pleasure from the responses to her post. dont feed in to her ignorance. if she truly feels that way, then she is a sad indivdual, enough said.
    my prayers go out to that wonderful little boy, and his family in doing a great job taking care of him

  63. Shelly says

    Harvey has multiple pituitary hormone deficiency so before you judge him I suggest you take a look into his illness.

  64. oriana says

    MommyDearest, I have looked and looked at his picture since I got scolded. I see his hands, they look normal, I see his face, nice smile, he is holding his head up okay to me, the only thing I can see that doesn’t look 100% to me are his eyes, and I really truely don’t see any disability or conditions as the kind that he has that is so severe! This is the first and only picture I have ever seen of him, so to me he just looked like an overweight child! Honestly, I had no idea he had any disabilities wrong that are as severe as they are!

    I had just seen one of those “talk TV” shows about obese kids and he looked children that had been featured on it, he is dressed nice in this picture, his mother is holding him in a very loving manner, so once again, I am sorry, but I guess there is something wrong with me for I can’t see any signs pointing out all his problems by looking at this picture! Sorry!

  65. MommyDearest says

    I’m sorry, Oriana, but if you can’t tell that there is something wrong with this child by looking at him, then there is something wrong with you!

    Now, it’s getting late! Stop stressing out and go to bed! Perhaps after a good night’s rest, you will wake up with a better attitude. Sweet dreams, my friend…..

  66. oriana says

    Carleigh, if you think someone saying a child needs to be put on a diet and called a “fattie” some of the most hands down, hateful, evil, wicked things ever said about a child, then what world have you been living in?

    And once again, by looking at his picture, where does it show any disorders, afflictions, disabilities, that he has? I would like to be able to see them and recogonize them? Where are they?

  67. oriana says

    Yes Sandra, I weigh 500 pounds!

    MommyDearest, Boo Hoo to You!

    And again, exactly what medical conditions can you tell by looking at his picture?

  68. MommyDearest says

    Carleigh, I sometimes don’t agree with everything you say, but I must applaud you in your defense of this innocent child! Thank you!

  69. Sandra says

    It seems pretty immature and idiotic to make a comment about a child being a “fatty” if you don’t know as you have stated his other medical conditions. Just goes to show how ignorant you really are. Maybe upset at your parents for making you obese as a child? Oh wait, I don’t know anything about you other than seeing your name oriana, but I am guessing you’re a “fatty”!

    Good Luck to the lil guy! I hope he can have a little normalcy to his life, even if it will be difficult! Thank god for loving parents!

  70. oriana says

    And that is why I asked if his father was Samoan, because Samoans are large individuals (most of them, not all) and I was just wondering. I don’t know anything about his father or his mother for that matter, I assume she is a singer, but have never heard a song by her, or is she a model? Don’t know.

  71. oriana says

    #12, Carleigh, since your tirade was directed towards me I will be very happy to answer you.

    First of all, you used the word, Obivous, a number of times, now for me, just looking for the first time at his picture, I don’t see anything that is so obvious to anyone to pick up on about all his conditions that you have stated he has! Without doing research as you did, or knowing the history, what is it about his picture that would have alerted me to all his disabilities? I would like to know? I am sorry he has all these illnesses but once again, please tell me where in his picture would alert anyone to knowing about them? I still see a healthy looking little boy, so call me all the names you want too, I didn’t know any of the facts about him, or her for that matter, and I certainly don’t see by looking at him that he is as severe as he is.

  72. carleigh says

    Oriana particularly and specifically just WHAT types of medical disorders did you read so much about that you can make a statement saying that this child was only blind??? He has a pituitary disorder, go back to google and read further…and you will become more familiarized. A diet will NOT do one thing for this child’s weight, it’s involving his pituitary gland and his GROWTH hormones, it’s a disorder and no diet in the world is going to treat that. Please inform yourself and know what you are talking about before pontificating because it doesn’t make you look very informed when you make comments and have little if any knowledge about the health conditions that this poor little boy faces in his life…it’s very sad and tragic. Read up on it, educated yourself and then come back and post some relevent, rational, informed comments once you truly know what this little boy deals with.

  73. carleigh says

    OK, I did a search on little Harvey’s condition and for ANYONE to call him a fattie and say he needs to be put on a diet because of it, is very severly misinformed: here’s the information specifically for those IDIOTS who shall remain nameless but know damn good and well who they are…Harvey has a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia which is also known as Mosier Syndrome. In severe cases it can result in hypoplasia of the optic never hence the blindness, hypopituitarism (which is a disorder of the pituitary gland–this gland is the one responsible for growth hormones and developement), the only treatments for pituitary disorders are to replace the hormones that Harvey may be lacking and another option is STERIODS!!!!!!! Steriods would be the most likely culprit of his swelling and what you all so loving referred to as his being “obese and fat”. This child has a variety of medical issues which makes him predisposed to hormonal issues, mental retardation, abscence of the septum pellidicum (which is the midline part of the brain), his body could produce to much billirubin which would effect his liver and possibly cause ostructive liver disease. For anyone who has NOT researched and familiarized themselves with just all the plethora of issues this poor innocent little boy faces, needs to do some research and then come back educated and know what the hell you are talking about. Those are some of the hands down most hateful, evil, wicked things I have ever heard said about a child with obvious medical conditions and obviously this child faces struggles that most of us if we are fortunate will never be exposed to. To all of you who made those comments—you are beyond mean and should be very, very ashamed of yourselves because by all accounts this little boy is very, very lucky to be alive, he is if anything a little miracle and inspiration. Shame on you all for saying those rotten things–I won’t wish bad things on you but you should really have a heart before you make such ill informed and hateful comments. I don’t care for his mother, but this little boy cannot help the hand he was dealt in this life, he’s sick and to be picked on by a bunch of narrow minded, heartless cretins is just appauling and makes me ashamed for them, they don’t know their own ignorance…stop it, it’s wrong and hurtful. Be thankful that your children are healthy and don’t say one more unkind or ignorant thing about this little boy!!! Sorry, but it got me fired up and really pissed me off!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t apologize for my comments either because the remarks made above makes me realize just how sick and unbalanced and uncaring some people can be. Shame on all of you!!!!!!!!!!

  74. oriana says

    #6, Calling a child a “fatty” is an awful thing to say about a child? How awful is to call a child a “diabetic” and have “sleep apnea”, due to being overweight! Have you heard about the epidemic now in the whole world practically of childhood obesity? Wake up and see what numerous kinds of illnesss and disabilities a child can have that last a lifetime, due to obesity! That is what I meant when I said he needs to be put on a diet, and if it was my own sister’s child, I would say the same thing!

  75. oriana says

    Autism is a very tragic disability indeed, but he looks like he is well fed to me, and not just from swelling from medications, this kid is huge to be four years old!

  76. oriana says

    As I said, the only Apparent disability I knew of was his blindness, and again, I know lots of disabled children, they are on meds that some side affects cause swelling, but none that I know of that would cause them to be obese.

    I am sure he eats very healthy.

  77. MommyDearest says

    #1..what an awful thing to say about a child…especially one with apparent disabilities! Shame on you!

  78. AEM says

    Oriana – you shouldnt judge so harshly without knowing the entire situation…Jordan’s son not only suffers from partial blindness but also from other disabilities which some may link to the pregnancy etc….i’ve also read that he’s on all these kinds of injections and such – poor kid…and then there’s you calling him a “fatty”…i think you should try to be a little nicer and compassionate, dont you?

  79. oriana says

    Seriously disabled? I read he was blind, I didn’t know he had other problems, I have read up on a lot of disabilities but haven’t read where they make a child overweight unless side affects from medications.

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